Pool boy who had affair with Jerry Falwell Jr’s wife Becki says he ‘showed him a nude pic of a female Liberty U student’

Falwell Jr., The president of Liberty University, witnessed a boy being caught up in a sex scandal at a pool on his family’s Virginia farm. The scandal involved a female student exposing herself, and Falwell sent him a photo of the incident.

Becki, Falwell’s wife, is rumored to have engaged in a sexual relationship with Giancarlo Granda, 29, which Jerry occasionally observed, spanning from 2012 to 2018.

Giancarlo Granda, 29, claims that he had sex with the wife of Liberty University’s former president Jerry Falwell Jr. – accusations that caused Falwell Jr. to resign on TuesdayCredit: Reuters
According to Granda, Jerry occasionally watched as the former pool boy and his wife had sex, during an affair that lasted from 2012 to 2018Credit: Refer to Caption

Allegedly, Falwell will assertively demand $10.5 million while departing, leading to his voluntary departure from his role at the Christian institution due to the accusations.

Despite Jerry, who is 58 years old, and Becki, who is 55 years old, admitting to the incident, they deny Granda’s claims that Jerry was implicated.

Granda stated on Tuesday that Falwell, the former president of the university, had sent a photo of himself to a student and described him as a “predator.”

Said Granda, “It was important for me to step forward and expose the truth about Falwell’s efforts to discredit and lie to the world, which is why I felt compelled to do so.”

We expect people who abuse their power and authority to come from positions of influence. Unfortunately, they often resort to victim-blaming tactics in an attempt to save themselves, peddling fiction.

He shared with me a picture of a female student from Liberty University revealing herself at their farm. It must be acknowledged that Jerry Falwell is a predator, that’s the truth he emphasized.

It is not appropriate for someone who has been charged with overseeing the well-being of thousands of vulnerable and impressionable students to conduct themselves in this manner.

Granda further stated that he is not benefiting “in any manner, shape, or form” from the controversy.

$10 Million Departure

Jerry stated that the occurrence might have taken place when neither he nor Becki were present at their residence in Virginia, in response to The Washington Post’s inquiry about Granda’s allegations.

One of them lifted her skirt, and, while being recorded, the ex-president alleged that his daughters-in-law were utilizing a guesthouse on the premises.

Falwell stated, “She was wearing, I’m unsure of how to articulate this, underwear for older ladies,” and additionally mentioned that he subsequently shared a picture of it with multiple individuals as he found it amusing.

He further stated that Granda is a “wrongdoer” and a “deceiver.”

The trio reportedly met in 2012 when Granda was working as a pool boy at the Fontainebleau in MiamiCredit: Refer to Caption
Falwell Jr.s’ father, Jerry Fallwell Sr., set up Liberty University in 1971, with institution going on to become a power center for conservative Christians and politiciansCredit: AP:Associated Press

Jerry informed the Washington Examiner that both his wife and he were being extorted when the revelations about Becki’s affair started to come to light on Sunday.

Jerry indirectly referred to Granda, expressing that Becki had engaged in a romantic relationship, and he had chosen to grant her forgiveness.

According to reports, Granda and Jerry operated a hotel that welcomed the gay community while they were in Miami. After the scandalous relationship, their attorneys recommended that they maintain a friendly relationship.

However, in the days that followed, Granda started asserting that the ex-college lecturer had observed him and Becki engaging in sexual activity.


The three individuals crossed paths in 2012, according to Granda, during his employment as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau in Miami.

Becki informed Granda that he needed to have sex with someone more experienced, so she brought him to her hotel room where they watched Jerry and met young girls at the pool.

Granda mentioned that they proceeded to engage in sexual activities with Becki at hotels in Florida and New York, as well as at the family’s residence in Virginia.

Reports suggested that in 2015, the couple endeavored to acquire Granda’s share in their hostel, nevertheless, the 29-year-old objected to the conditions and they persisted in running the enterprise.

According to Granda, the trio’s relationship turned sour in 2018.

Claims of Denial

In the released audio late on Monday night, Becki appeared upset that Granda had moved on from their romantic encounters with other women.

Becki mentioned that she spent a day weeping over her grandfather.

“Ninety percent untrue,” stated Falwell on Monday, referring to Granda’s account, further stating: “Simply review the information we provided to the Washington Examiner to ascertain the accuracy,” However.

On Tuesday, Jerry Falwell Jr., Who was the president of Liberty University, a major evangelical institution that was conservative and politically influential, stepped down.

Jerry’s father, Jerry Falwell Sr., Established the university in 1971 and was renowned as “Big Jerry” on campus.

Falwell declared that by stepping down, he would receive $2.5 million over the course of 24 months, which is equivalent to a two-year salary.

In July 2019, Falwell Jr. Executed a 20-page agreement, which, according to him, encompassed his retirement package of approximately $8 million that he will be entitled to after a period of two years.