Pressure Washer Insurance Cost

Typically, individuals using pressure washers can anticipate paying approximately $103 per month for general liability insurance.

pressure washing driveway

Few things are more satisfying than watching stubborn stains and dirt disappear from decks, driveways, and homes. That’s why Insurance Washing Pressure is a factor you must take into account when budgeting for your business. If an accident occurs, you may be financially responsible, which is why Insurance Washing Pressure costs about $103 per month on average.

What does Pressure Washer Insurance cover?

Thimble’s Pressure Washer Insurance provides a strong safeguard for powerful force protection. Our general liability insurance for pressure washers covers everything from investigation to settlement and defense of third-party claims related to bodily injury of non-employees. It also includes coverage for property damage, personal injury advertising, and injury.

In this particular case, if you accidentally break a window of a nearby parked car and cause expensive water damage inside the vehicle by spraying water, you could be held responsible for the damages. Regularly washing the building facades using high pressure can help cover the costs of any potential liability through general insurance.

How much does Pressure Washing Insurance cost?

General liability insurance requires businesses to undergo pressure washing at least once a year. The type of general liability insurance policy you need depends on the cost of pressure washing, which is the most significant variable influencing the cost of insurance.

The majority of pressure washers’ schedules are dependent on seasonality, so it is not ideal to have to pay for liability insurance annually when you don’t work all 365 days of the year. It’s great that you can purchase insurance for pressure washing jobs, whether it’s for a month, a week, a few days, or just a few hours. We agree that it wouldn’t be great to only pay for insurance when you’re on the clock!

Below are the typical expenses associated with insurance coverage for pressure washers through Thimble:

Hourly $27.53
Daily $121.18
Weekly $76.69
Monthly $103.00

Many pressure washers also opt to purchase Business Equipment Protection, also known as equipment insurance. This coverage safeguards your equipment from damage, but does not extend to other individuals’ property. To protect yourself from potential financial consequences, it is advisable to have general liability insurance.

Thimble: taking the pressure out of pressure washing

If you are ready to safeguard your business, then purchasing coverage insurance for pressure washing is a savvy move that ensures the owner of the business is making sure they are purchasing the right insurance.

Thimble combines affordability with convenience to ensure that businesses can get the protection they need. It only takes 60 seconds to get covered. Simply download the Thimble app, click “Get a Quote,” and instantly receive your Insurance Certificate and COI to purchase your policy.

Pressure Washer Insurance FAQs

Can I obtain insurance for a pressure washer for a duration of one hour, today?

Yes! Thimble provides insurance coverage for pressure washers on an hourly, job-based, monthly, or yearly basis. We will assist you in getting started on your work even before the competitors contact you.

Will Pressure Washer Insurance provide coverage for my workers in case of work-related injuries?

If you employ individuals, the majority of states mandate that you obtain workers’ compensation insurance to safeguard your employees in case of work-related harm and sickness. However, this insurance solely provides coverage for claims originating from external sources, such as customers.

How can I demonstrate that I possess insurance immediately?

Through our mobile application, you can conveniently retrieve your Certificate of Insurance (COI). Upon purchasing your policy, you will instantly receive your COI in both your application and email inbox. Simply answer a few inquiries and select “Get a Quote” to effortlessly obtain evidence of insurance within a few minutes when you make a policy purchase with Thimble.