Rangers’ Josh Smith 6 stitches, but good after pitch to face

During the game on Monday night, the batter who swung with his left hand got hit in the face by a pitch from Danny Coulombe, a left-handed pitcher from Baltimore. He used his right hand to hold his bleeding face and used his left hand to support himself as he fell in the batter’s box, landing on the ground while Smith turned back to his left.

Smith was not released long after the end of the game, but was taken to the hospital and walked off the field.

Although Smith said he had been cleared of concussion protocol, he would still ensure that any issues were monitored. He also mentioned that he would likely go to see a dentist, but he assured that he did not lose any teeth.

Manager Bruce Bochy stated that there were no immediate plans for Smith to be placed on the injured list. Smith, who played in the left field for three out of the team’s first four games, expressed his hope of returning within a week.

Smith, the third baseman, was eagerly awaiting the left-handed pitcher who heavily relied on sliders. He took the first pitch from Coulombe, a slider, and hit it off to the bottom.

Smith said, “I was really trying to stay focused on just running into it and staying in the box with a two-seam pitch.”

Coulombe, the left-handed pitcher, threw four sliders in the last inning, resulting in a strikeout foul-tip to end the inning. After being struck by Jonah Heim’s liner, he had to leave the game due to a bruised right foot. Kyle Bradish, the Orioles’ starter, was replaced by Coulombe to finish the second inning in relief.

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said before Tuesday’s game that Bradish was sore, and that could possibly affect the right-hander’s next scheduled start.

When provided with an update on Smith’s condition on Tuesday, Coulombe replied, “Excellent, excellent, excellent.”

Coulombe expressed, “I am extremely relieved that he is doing well.” “That is the most difficult aspect of this sport… I had no intention of (hitting him), and they are aware of that. I have many close acquaintances on that team, and I spoke with them later on, reassuring that he is in high morale,” Coulombe stated.

Before discussing spirits, Smith discovered a new bottle of whiskey in his locker, seemingly given to him by the Orioles pitcher.

Smith said it didn’t bother him to see the replay. He had already watched it a few times, even in slow motion.

“Looks similar to a boxer, like when they get hit and their entire face comes off their body,” Smith stated.

Smith, even though he hasn’t worn an extended flap on his batting helmet in the past, is not overly concerned about getting hit again when he returns to the lineup this season.

He stated, “I don’t wish to tempt fate, but the likelihood of it occurring once more is likely quite minimal. Taking into account my previous experience, I anticipate encountering difficulties in gaining reentry. Therefore, to focus solely on reentry without dwelling on it, I believe it would be best to.”