Renee and Phillip Beach: Where Are Mallory Beach’s Parents Now?

Here’s what we know: So, if you’re interested in learning more about them, viewers can discover information about the influential Murdaugh family from Lowcountry, South Carolina, and the various alleged offenses that resulted in their downfall on HBO Max’s ‘Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty’ and Netflix’s ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal’. Following these events, Renee and Phillip Beach, the parents of Mallory Beach, were devastated but remained determined to seek justice. At the time, Paul Murdaugh, who was 19 years old, was aboard his family’s boat with five other friends when it collided, causing the tragic death of Mallory Beach in February 2019.

Brought up without harboring hatred, we raised her. That’s her upbringing. She would share with me about them. Anyone who was marginalized, she took care of them. Phillip also disclosed that his young daughter consistently displayed genuine concern for others, whether they were her loved ones or strangers. She possessed a strong belief in her ability to accomplish things. She desired that test. “She expressed, ‘Daddy, I desire to hunt a deer with a bow because it is too effortless with a gun.’ He added, ‘She expressed, ‘Daddy, I desire to hunt a deer with a bow because it is too effortless with a gun.’ She desired that challenge. She possessed a resolute determination that she could achieve it.” The latter still holds dear the memories of how much his daughter adored hunting and eagerly anticipated a challenge in her younger years. Mallory Beach, born in April 1999 as the youngest of three daughters to Renee Searson Beach and Phillip Harley Beach, was the apple of her parents’ eyes.

Within just a few hours, three out of the six companions, with Mallory included, were expelled from the vessel, resulting in the boat colliding. Paul had purchased some alcoholic beverages using his elder sibling’s identification and set off in his watercraft prior to the gathering. Subsequently, on the very same day, Mallory and her partner, Anthony Cook, made plans to attend a social gathering at a residence alongside four additional acquaintances, including Paul Murdaugh. The most recent occasion Phillip conversed with Mallory occurred on the morning of February 23, 2019, when he had taken her automobile to an automobile workshop for fixes.

However, Mallory survived with some injuries and her mother arrived at the scene soon after. Phillip and Renee, Mallory’s best friend and cousin respectively, were driving them and they were praying to be somewhere safe. They couldn’t just see that they would arrive at a bar or on a sandy beach. However, Mallory’s girlfriend, Miley Friend, and Mallory’s cousin’s friend, Connor Cook, along with Mallory’s cousin’s girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, and Paul, a friend of Mallory’s, all reported that Paul was “belligerent” throughout the boat ride and refused to give up the wheel. In fact, it was later reported that Paul had been intoxicated with a blood alcohol level three times over the legal limit.

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Later that evening, regrettably, Mallory was not located. The rest of the group, excluding Anthony, were promptly taken to the hospital. Supposedly, Richard Alex Murdaugh, Paul’s father, had attempted to divert the investigation away from his son by urging the others not to disclose to the authorities who was operating the boat during the incident there. “On that night, I am concerned about locating my child, while they are preoccupied with concealing Paul’s involvement,” Renee stated. Approximately a week later, two fishermen discovered Mallory’s body, ultimately concluding the ordeal in a tragic manner.

The fact that Mallory’s parents, friends, or loved ones never directly contacted them or heard subsequent updates about the incident at the scene bothers them. However, we had to honor and defend Mallory. She was our baby, our life. Finally, starting to move forward was something that pleased Phillip. Paul, who was charged with boating under the influence, was involved in the accident two months ago. It felt like closure to find her body, but they never found her and they know that many people who go missing are never found alive. While the family had a feeling that Mallory wouldn’t be found alive, it was still like closure, saying goodbye to her.

Where Are Mallory Beach’s Parents Today?

In January 2022, the Mallory family filed a $50 million claim against their creditor’s estate. Despite the fact that Paul Murdaugh was indicted because he was found murdered with his mother, Maggie, in June 2021, he will never actually stand trial for the criminal case. Following Mallory’s tragic death, Renee, the personal representative of her estate and Mallory’s mother, filed a civil suit against the convenience store that sold alcohol to Paul’s older brother, Buster, who was underage at the time.

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Recently, the lawsuit filed by the Murdaugh family was settled, with Phillip and Renee Murdaugh, along with two co-receivers, being awarded $275,000 from the sale of the family’s property across Colleton and Hampton counties. Despite this, the fight for answers regarding their daughter’s death continues for Phillip and Renee Murdaugh.