Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs 3: Which is Better

Can this article help you see the similarities and differences between these two Ring Video Doorbells, so you can decide which one is best for you? But, the 3rd generation Ring Video Doorbell is better than the previous one. The 4th generation Ring Video Doorbell is the latest smart video doorbell from the company, which works with any type of home. One reason why Ring started this category and helped it grow is because it can fit any type of smart home and has unique security features. When it comes to smart video doorbells, Ring is a popular choice among buyers.

Ring Video Doorbell 3Ring Video Doorbell 3 Ring

Commonalities between Ring Video Doorbell 4 and 3.

Both the Ring Video Doorbell 4 and 3 are compatible with enabled devices, as well as with Amazon Alexa. They also share the same 160-degree field of view (FOV) and offer a 1080p video resolution. Additionally, these two video doorbells can be used with either a 2.4 GHz or 5GHz wireless connection. Depending on your preference, you can choose to install them as battery-powered or wired devices (8-24 VAC), regardless of whether you have a wired doorbell or not. Furthermore, they have identical dimensions, measuring 5.1″ x 2.4″ x 1.1″.

The GearBrain, our compatibility search engine for intelligent devices, enables you to effortlessly locate these devices. Additionally, you have the option to establish connections with compatible devices such as intelligent locks, smart garage door openers, and other security cameras and systems. Users can designate personalized motion areas by choosing the specific regions within their field of view that they desire the Ring Doorbell to monitor for motion detection and notifications. The Ring app offers customizable motion areas and alerts for these two video doorbells.

Another comparable function is video retention. Ring Doorbells offer a complimentary 30-day trial for the Ring Protect Plan. The pricing for these plans varies, starting from $3 per month for the Basis plan and going up to $10 per month for the Plus plan. For further information on Ring Protect Plans, please visit the Ring website.

Finally, the video doorbells from Ring come with quick replies. These smart responses are pre-audio recordings that can be used when you can’t answer your doorbell. It’s like having an answering machine at the front door.

Quick Replies screen in Ring appSetup Quick Replies in Ring appGearBrain

Variances between Ring Video Doorbell 4 and 3.

They will be white and black. The previews will not be in color. If you have the Ring Video Doorbell Plus 3, you will get the Pre-Roll feature. However, this is not available in the Ring Video Doorbell 3. When a motion event is triggered, you will see a Pre-Roll window that shows a 4-second preview of what is at your door. On the main screen of the Ring app. Ring was the first manufacturer to come to the market with this unique feature, the Video Doorbell. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 comes with the new Pre-Roll feature. They have several similarities and the same size, even though these two smart video doorbells are different in features that might or might not interest you.

Ring Pre-Roll Feature in Ring appRing Pre-Roll Feature available in Ring Video Doorbell 4 and not Ring Video Doorbell 3.GearBrain

The disparities between Ring Video Doorbell 4 and 3 include cost, duration of battery usage, motion sensing capabilities, and nocturnal visibility. Ring Video Doorbell 4 offers enhanced motion detection and a lengthier battery life. Moreover, it surpasses Ring Video Doorbell 3 in terms of night vision quality.

The decision relies on whether one of these intelligent video doorbells is worth the extra $20 compared to the other. Prior to making a purchase, consider this query: Does Ring Video Doorbell 4 offer enough additional value to justify the $20 price difference from Ring Video Doorbell 3? Ring Video Doorbell 3 is priced at $179.99, while Ring Video Doorbell 4 is priced at $199.99.


Both Ring Video Doorbells are excellent smart devices designed to protect the outside of your home. We don’t think there are minimal differences between the 3rd generation Ring Video Doorbell and the 4th generation Ring Video Doorbell, but we don’t think it’s worth upgrading for an additional $20. In conjunction with a Ring Video Doorbell, you can use either the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt Lock to speak with a visitor as you unlock your door or integrate them into the Ring Alarm home security system if you have the corresponding app.

If you want a smart video doorbell with the latest innovative features and are willing to pay extra money for it, then the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is your smart home’s bell door video smart. However, if a homeowner wants a reliable and good smart video doorbell, our choice would be the Ring Video Doorbell. Although the Ring Video Doorbell 3 doesn’t have this feature, it is only available from Ring and is unique. When it comes to the Pre-Roll feature from Ring, it’s available only in a certain amount.