Road Trip to Pawnee: Parks and Recreation Filming Locations

In spite of its flaws, the fact that Leslie Knope loves the town of Pawnee, a fictional small town from the show Parks and Recreation, probably makes it wishful thinking that it was a real town. Among other things, the town has a history of mistreating the Wamapoke Indians and constantly battling raccoon infestations. It’s also known for being one of the most obese cities in America.

Photo of Westfield Topanga Mall

Leslie Knope marvels at the fact that filming the show took place in Eagleton, specifically in some locations set in Eagleton. She also remembers that while filming in LA, they didn’t try to hide the fact that some scenes were filmed in LA, which had palm trees, unlike Eagleton.

Photo of Kountry Folks Restaurant

Leslie’s preferred restaurant in Pawnee, JJ’s, is an ideal spot to enjoy a portion of waffles topped with whipped cream (or perhaps I should say whipped cream accompanied by a side of waffles?). Certain scenes set inside the establishment were captured at Kountry Folks Restaurant.

Photo of Four N' 20 Restaurant

Other indoor scenes for Leslie Knope’s favorite eatery were filmed at Four N’ 20 Restaurant.

Photo of Sullivan Street Pit - Parks and Recreation

The pit, which played a significant role in the show, was located on the corner of Hazeltine Ave and Van Nuys Street in Southeast Collins. In real life, it was neither a park nor a pit, but rather a garden planted by Tom Sullivan on Pit Street nearby. Whether it’s Tom staking it out in the garden, Andy living in it, or Leslie Knope falling into it, that’s where it all started.

Photo of Ann Perkins' House - Parks and Recreation

This is the reversed version of the paragraph: The pair chilling here, we sometimes spotted Ann’s residence, where she previously resided with Andy, is actually situated close to the former quarry. Leslie Knope’s top BFF.

Photo of April, Andy and Ben's House

Ben and April have a couple of house rules. One of the rules is that there should be no noise or crying allowed in the house, especially after 6:00 PM. Another rule is that you are not allowed to watch sad movies during breakfast or on Mondays, as it may require you to wear mascara. Additionally, there is a rule stating that you cannot use electricity after 6:00 PM. If you want to speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal form “usted.” Personal phone conversations are not allowed. Furthermore, you are not allowed to climb through the back window; you must use the front door.

Photo of Serra's Dine & Dance

It’s the perfect place to dance and enjoy a few shots of Juice Snake. Shots Inside were filmed at Dance & Dine Serra’s. Of course, Pawnee’s preferred club was The Bulge, which is a gay club.

Photo of Clifton's Cafeteria Brookdale

Jerry’s favorite restaurant is Jurassic Fork, and it’s easy to understand why – it looks amazing! Unfortunately, there is currently no quirky dinosaur-themed restaurant in Indiana or anywhere else. The closest option would be Clifton’s Cafeteria, which is currently closed for a major renovation to enhance its retro vibe. Clifton’s has a unique theme that combines elements of a jungle, a forest, and a beach scene, making it truly awesome. Surprisingly, the food is also delicious, despite the emphasis placed on creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Photo of City Hall - Parks & Recreation

The fourth level is likely secure, but thankfully there are no paintings portraying the vibrant past of Pawnee within. Leslie and the other members of the Parks Department were situated at the Pasadena City Hall, which stood as the exterior of the structure. The majority of the show’s events occur at Pawnee City Hall, which is like a second home to Leslie.

Photo of Leslie Knope's House - Parks and Recreation

The exterior shots of her home on Highland Avenue in Altadena were captured on film. Justin, Ann’s attractive lawyer friend, made a lasting impression at a dinner party she hosted. It seemed like Leslie was always at home, never taking a break from work, unlike the few occasions when we would see her.

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