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Medicare Can Be Perplexing, But We Can Assist!

Why struggle with complex Medicare regulations and risk making expensive mistakes? Save time & money working with Medicare expert, Rob Hess.

Medicare: Were You Aware?

Medicare: Were You Aware?

Medicare automatically provides coverage for some individuals. If you sign up for Medicare, you may automatically receive some benefits. However, Social Security benefits are not automatically received when you turn 65, unless you sign up for them.

There are specific periods during the year when you can enroll or modify your method of obtaining coverage.

If you enroll in Medicare Part B when you are initially eligible, you can evade a fine.

How can we inform you? You may be able to receive help with your Medicare costs, and you can choose how to get your Medicare coverage.

Seek Advice from a Medicare Specialist.

Seek Advice from a Medicare Specialist.

Medicare can be more confusing than many options and jargon-filled letters. Yes, every day we hear something about how Medicare works, let me tell you.

Sorting through all the facets of Medicare can be overwhelming, as it takes a lot of effort and time to find the better and cost-effective options with the expertise and consulting experience of decades.

Are you enrolling for the first time today and experiencing any problems with your Medicare coverage? Consultation with Hess Rob is available for free to schedule and address any concerns you may have.

Meet Rob Hess

Hess Rob is an independent insurance broker affiliated with HealthMarkets, one of the largest insurance brokerages. Rob specializes in assisting individuals with their health insurance, Medicare, disability insurance, and life insurance needs. He also helps small to mid-sized businesses with their insurance benefits.

Rob has been a member of the Chairman’s Club, which is the company’s top 5% ranking, and has been affiliated with HealthMarkets since 2004. He has also been among their top nationally recognized brokers.

Before joining HealthMarkets, Rob had ownership of multiple healthcare enterprises, which included medical clinics, ambulance companies, in-home medical care, and healthcare technology.

Rob obtained his MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and also studied at John Carroll University.

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Stacey Heimkes.

Now is the time I need to figure out Medicare. There are so many companies offering services that it became overwhelming for me. Rob called and took the time to walk me through the options and the process. I now believe I only have the best option to understand the coverage. Thank you, Rob.

Jayanthi Bhagavathula.

“He patiently explained the coverage and intricacies to my mom and worked with her. He went above and beyond in answering our questions. I met with Rob to discuss Medicare/Medicaid coverage in Arizona.”

I would like to thank Rob for alleviating our concerns at the last minute during our meeting. We have resolved a few uncovered gaps in our coverage.

Horst Schlembach.

“This man is amazing and extremely compassionate, making him the top healthcare representative in Arizona!

I would give him 10 stars,if it was possible! He did my health insurance and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Thank you once more, Robert!

Goulie Scheer.

“Rob is considerate, tolerant, and maintains a very high level of professionalism.

He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.

Rather than attempting to market to me his own desires, he provided me with the optimal choices that suited my preferences and attentively considered my desires.

I’m confident that he provides every customer with the finest choices for their specific requirements.

He consistently replies promptly and handles challenging customers with great effectiveness and kindness!

I highly endorse him as a healthcare coverage representative!

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