Robin Roberts, Amber Laign share 18-year love story ahead of upcoming wedding

The love story of Roberts’ and Laign started 18 years ago when they were introduced on a blind date by mutual acquaintances.

Laign and Roberts said that they had planned several first dates with each other over the course of the year before they became friends, but they ended up canceling them.

Laign recalled saying, “That’s it, you both are going to be introduced,” ultimately referring to Bert and her friend Alex, who is also my friend. Reflecting on their initial encounter, Laign mentioned, “I distinctly recollect approaching her and being captivated by her exquisite appearance, and she continues to leave me breathless.”

She recalled that Roberts told her they should stay for dinner, but if they were to go, she wanted to meet Laign under the table and kick him well, only to have drinks with their mutual friend.

Roberts stated, “And we inquired if they would be interested in remaining for dinner, and her companion was unable to stay, but she did.” “Shortly after [the date] commenced, I discreetly nudged my friend Bert beneath the table.”

Roberts had recently transitioned officially from ESPN to “GMA,” assuming a position at the anchor desk alongside Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer when they first met in 2005.

At the beginning of their relationship, Roberts provided her and Laign with a special chance to see each other on a daily basis, a novel position for them.

Laign said that each day, she changed her walking route to work in order to learn more about the different areas of Times Square where “GMA” broadcasts live. She also mentioned that she didn’t have time to follow sports coverage and didn’t learn more about Roberts through Google.

Recalled Laign, “I would traverse Times Square and Sam [Champion] would be providing the meteorological updates.” “And we would coordinate our actions, she would greet with a wave and Robin would approach the windows when Sam would present the weather.”

“It simply added a bit of extra enthusiasm to my stride,” she carried on. “I’m unsure of how we eventually synchronized our movements, but that continued for a considerable duration.”

“[Towards the window]. I simply sprinted, I had the option to simply depart, and I would stroll past when she eagerly anticipated that time in the morning, expressing, “I distinctly recall eagerly waiting each morning for the moment to arrive to greet Laign,” recollects Roberts.”

Overcoming health obstacles, personal loss together

As their relationship grew stronger, Roberts and Laign encountered a challenge early on, in 2007, when Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I hadn’t even been dating Roberts for two years. No one would have blamed her if she had bailed early on in the relationship.”

“Laign, the early nickname given to Roberts, embodied it with sweetness. Instead of being stuck by Roberts’ side, Laign helped her recover from surgery and treatments.”

“Roberts exclaimed, ‘and it was incredibly natural,’ Roberts stated. ‘It’s simply the atmosphere surrounding her. She’s extremely benevolent. She’s genuinely, sincerely kind, and it’s truly authentic, you know? She’s not attempting to portray anything other than her true self. People inquire about how I began referring to her as ‘Sweet Amber.”

In 2012, Lucimarian Roberts, the mother of Roberts, mourned the death of her husband, Col. Lawrence Roberts, and together they overcame personal and health obstacles while enduring the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in their home state of Mississippi.

At “GMA,” Roberts experienced an absence from the screen for almost half a year, necessitating her to undergo a life-preserving bone marrow transplant and receive a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome shortly after her mother’s passing.

Roberts expressed that the challenges they have encountered can either cause division or foster unity, and fortunately, it has brought them closer together. “We are allies. We are willing to do whatever is necessary, and I believe that the illnesses we have experienced, and are currently experiencing, have only reinforced our bond and made us more empathetic towards one another, leading to a deeper comprehension of each other.”

In 2022, Laign underwent surgery and chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Roberts took over the role of caregiver for Laign when her father died in 2020, as there was support for Laign.

We have supported each other’s roles on both sides, but unfortunately, we had to go through that. We’re pretty fortunate,” said Laign, “Our roles as patients and caregivers.”

Roberts mentioned that while they were fighting to survive, there were instances when they had to struggle to endure and attended couples therapy. She and Laign acknowledged that their relationship has faced challenges amidst the various difficulties they have encountered concerning their health and personal setbacks.

She stated, “We had the opportunity to depart at any given moment, and we chose not to.” There was no justification for our obligation to remain. There was no document present.

A decision to say ‘I do’

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the bond between Roberts and Laign, just like countless others, faced a unique challenge.

The producer unexpectedly filled in for Laign when she appeared on “GMA” from their basement at home, and Roberts stated that she no longer had to travel for work. They both mentioned that the pandemic proved to be the longest stretch of uninterrupted time they spent together.

I woke up suddenly at 4:45 in the morning, and it was not a great start to my day. It was a challenging experience for me. “Whatever it takes, I will do whatever I can to make this whole process smoother,” I said. “I will help you,” replied Laign. “Okay, when we heard that she would be filming in the basement, I immediately got up,” Laign recalled.

The period of time spent at their residence united the couple, they declared, and converted their conversations regarding matrimony throughout the years into a concrete result.

Roberts stated, “due to various factors, it did not materialize and throughout our relationship, we had discussions about getting married.” “We were practically inseparable, constantly spending time together, but unfortunately, things changed after the lockdown,” he added.

In Connecticut, the pair exchanged bands of squid on one another’s digits while dining at a beloved eatery and sealed the deal with a suitably relaxed marriage proposal towards the conclusion of 2022.

Roberts uttered, “Let’s do it. Let’s go.” We decided to go to a quaint Mexican hole-in-the-wall spot and hang out. It was just perfect for proposing to the person who was going to propose to us, and it seemed like a fitting idea. Now, looking back, it was another person who was going to propose and we slapped the rings on each other’s fingers and took them, along with the calamari rings.

Shortly after the wedding news was announced by Roberts, she revealed in a live interview on “GMA” that she was indeed saying yes to marriage in 2023.

Sharing it live, the timing couldn’t have been better, as I was diagnosed [with breast cancer]… But we had already made plans to get married last year,” Laign expressed. “Naturally… And filled with a mix of anxiety, thrill, and a surge of emotions, I experienced that sensation,” she added, “When she proposed, ‘Let’s tie the knot.'”

As they count down the final days to their 18th wedding anniversary, Laign and Roberts said they appreciate each other more than ever.

Laign expressed, “She is a person who treats everyone with kindness, like having someone by your side as a gift. She always speaks the truth.”

Many people go into marriage, experiencing the highs and lows of life together, and after all these ups and downs, we have happily celebrated our journey. Amber and I already know what we’ve been through, and we are looking forward to the future with hope, as Roberts stated.