Salario mínimo en Colombia 2023: cuánto aumentó y en cuánto quedó el subsidio de transporte

Keep reading! We are going to answer some important related questions in Poliverso today for some doubts. This news has generated some questions among Colombian workers. Recently, the government announced an increase in the national minimum wage for 2023.

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salario minimo 2023 colombia

In a specific period, this person has provided services that a worker is obligated to receive a minimum economic remuneration from the employer, which is the minimum wage amount. This is in accordance with the agreement of the International Labor Organization.

The Minimum Monthly Legal Minimum Wage (SMMLV) is recognized in Colombia and is regulated in Article 45 of the Substantive Labor Code.

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¿Cómo se calcula el salario mínimo 2023 en Colombia?

Specifically, the following are: Labor and Salary Policies of Permanent Agreement, a Commission of members who participate in the agreement establishes a place first. Every year, the same form is established for all the years and the minimum salary for Colombia is established for the years and 2023.

  • Government representatives, including the Labor, Finance, Commerce, and Agriculture ministers, as well as the director of the DNP.
  • Representantes de los gremios de empresarios.Output: Representatives of the business guilds.
  • Representatives of the workers’ unions, they are elected by the trade union confederations CGT, CTC, and CUT.
  • According to Portafolio magazine, these are some of the criteria that are taken into account: Once the table is set, the representatives discuss their proposals considering both economic and jurisprudential aspects.

  • Inflation rate and its projection for 2023.Output: Current inflation and its forecast for 2023.
  • Annual GDP and its projection for 2023.
  • Contribution of productivity to economic growth.
  • Contribución de los salarios al ingreso de la nación.Output: The contribution of salaries to the nation’s income.
  • Protection of work as a constitutional right.
  • Minimum and mobile remuneration.
  • Representatives agree on a raise, perform the calculations, and discuss their proposals with these criteria in mind. The government has until December 15th of each year at the latest to announce the increase in the SMMLV according to the regulation.

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    ¿Cómo quedó el salario mínimo 2023 en Colombia?

    From January 1, 2023, workers who want to receive a minimum wage of $1,300,606 will have to start. This would be 16% increase in minimum wage for Colombia in 2023, announced by President Gustavo Petro on December 15th, meeting the established deadline.

    If only the real increase (excluding inflation) is taken into account, this percentage increase is the second highest since 1985 and the highest of this century, according to Portafolio.

    In 2022, the minimum wage increase was 10.7% compared to the previous year, as a benchmark. It corresponded to a minimum wage of $1,000,000.00 pesos.

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    ¿Cómo quedó el subsidio de transporte 2023?

    $140,606 pesos corresponds to a total of a 20% increase in transportation subsidy, agreed upon by the representatives of the coordination table.

    For reference, the transportation subsidy for 2022 was $117,172 pesos.

    ¿De cuánto es el aumento salarial en el 2023 si gana más del mínimo?

    According to data from Portafolio, 15.7% of the country’s workforce corresponds to workers who earn a minimum wage, which applies only to the 16% increase. Understanding this is important first and foremost.

    There is no legal provision that requires the adjustment of salary for those who earn more than the minimum. This means that for workers who earn more than the minimum wage, which is 41.2% of the workforce in Colombia, this increase does not necessarily apply.

    The calculation of the inflation increase will also be necessary. It is recommended that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) be adjusted in order to prevent workers from losing their purchasing power due to salary increases. However, employers are not obligated to adjust salaries to the minimum wage, which means that some workers may not receive higher wages.

    It is important to remember that the employer should not unjustly enrich themselves by keeping the salary static year after year, which means that the remuneration for work should be mobile, as established in article of the Constitution Policy.

    ¿Cómo quedó el pago de las horas extras para el 2023 en Colombia?

    aumento del salario mínimo colombia

    With the increase of the minimum wage in 2023, the payment for overtime also increases in the country.

    The percentages according to the values let’s see. Additionally, you receive an extra percentage for every additional hour you work, as mentioned. The price per ordinary hour will be 4,833 pesos for 2023, with the percentage established by law at 100%. They calculate the extra hours by adding a percentage to it.

  • The ordinary hourly rate of work: $4.833 pesos.Output: The regular rate per hour of work: $4.833 pesos.
  • Daytime overtime (25% increase): $6,041.67 pesos.
  • Nighttime overtime (35% increase): $6,525.00 pesos.
  • Extra hours on Sundays and holidays (increase of 75%): $8,457 Colombian pesos.
  • During public holidays, you will receive an increase in pay with the nighttime increase, which should be calculated by multiplying the additional hourly rate with the number of hours worked each night during a holiday. It is important to remember that these increases are accumulative, meaning that they apply to other holidays as well.

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    ¿Cuánto se pagará de salud y pensión en el 2023?

    Irrespective of the rise in the SMMLV, Colombian employees are required to annually contribute 4% towards healthcare and 4% towards retirement. This implies that the contribution percentages for healthcare and retirement remain constant and do not alter with each minimum wage determination. It is crucial to bear in mind this information concerning social security payments in 2023.

    In 2023, the workers who earn the minimum salary will be required to make a total contribution of $92,800 pesos, which includes $46,400 pesos for pension and $46,400 pesos for healthcare.

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