South Carolina’s most-prolific serial killers

For certain crimes, the extent of their unknown remains true, and this list is not conclusive. Additionally, mass shooters were not counted. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most prolific serial killers with connections to South Carolina.

Quincy Jason Allen.

Operational: July-August 2002.

Victims: 4….

In 2010, he was initially scheduled to face the death penalty. Subsequently, he attempted to murder a correctional officer while trying to escape from prison. Following the shooting of his victims, he proceeded to ignite either their corpses, vehicles, or residences. Additionally, Allen took the life of an acquaintance of an employee at a Texas Roadhouse, and later killed a fourth individual during the commission of a robbery at a gas station. Prior to engaging in a gas station robbery in North Carolina where he killed two individuals, Allen first shot a homeless man in Columbia, who miraculously survived. Presently, Allen awaits execution in North Carolina for the murder of four individuals during a crime spree in 2002.

Dallen Forrest Bounds.

Operational: June to December 1999.

Victims: 4….

He killed himself after his ex-husband and an acquaintance shot and killed him. He then slit her throat and stabbed the flower shop clerk before tying him to a chair at Radio Shack.

Patrick Tracy Burris.

Duration: June-July 2009.

Victims: 5.

Burris, who had recently been released from prison after serving several years, was shot and killed by the police in response to a burglary call. Authorities said that Burris had a long history of criminal activity, including the alleged killing of five people within six days in Cherokee County. The victims included the teenage daughter of a furniture store owner, a peach farmer, and a woman who was the mother of the accused man.

Donald Harry “Pee Wee” Gaskins Jr.

Active: 1969-1975.

Victims: 8-200.

In 1991, he was executed after another prisoner killing. Although it is unknown how many he actually killed, he confessed to avoid death sentences by adding to his tally of claimed murders, which reached 100. His victims included both strangers and friends. He went on to murder and torture people along the highways of Carolina for years. His first murder took place in prison. Gaskins started his criminal patterns by sexually assaulting children, committing insurance fraud, and burglarizing homes – both young and old. From Florence County, he is South Carolina’s most prolific serial killer.

Lee Roy Martin.

Active: 1967-1968.

Victims: 4….

While incarcerated for life, the “Gaffney Stranger” was eventually slain for sexually assaulting his victims and abducting and murdering four women, one of whom was a 14-year-old girl.

William Pierce Junior.

Active: 1970-1971.

Victims: 6+.

Gastonia and Sumter also witnessed the occurrence of his killings. Although authorities said there may be more, he admitted to six murders. He went on to shoot and kill two employees during separate robberies, shoot and kill a woman, and kidnap and shoot a gas station employee. He also suffocated and beat a teenager. Pierce began his crime spree after killing a woman in North Augusta while burglarizing her home.

Reinaldo Javier Rivera.

Active: 1999-2000.

Victims: Possibly four, found guilty of one.

He has been sentenced to imprisonment and death remains in Georgia. The deaths included those in South Carolina and Georgia. Rivera has been convicted for one murder and a total of four have been suspected.

Lesley Eugene Warren.

Active: 1987-1990.

Victims: 4….

It’s unclear how many people Warren killed. His known victims include women from Travelers Rest, Asheville, High Point and New York state.