Spectra S1 Breast Pump


Spectra S1 Breast Pump Features

Backflow Protection

● It aids in safeguarding the breast milk and the infant from mold, bacteria, and viruses during the pumping process.

● Backflow prevention guarantees that the tubing stays dry by obstructing the movement of air between the breast pump tubing and the expressed milk while pumping.

● There’s no need to waste time cleaning the slender tubing.

Customize Your Pumping Experience

There is a button for Let-Down that completely adjusts the modes of expression and suction in cycling. Don’t forget about phase 2 of the cycling,

Every time, you have the opportunity to discover the optimal configurations by adhering to your natural rhythm. Every mother has the ability to personalize the pump’s configurations based on her own body’s reaction. Engage in experimentation and ascertain the configurations that suit your individual needs.


  • Dual electric breast pump.
  • Internal battery that can be recharged.
  • Timer and bedside lamp.
  • Fastening bands and disks.
  • Backflow guards – (2).
  • Flanges of the standard size 24 mm – (2).
  • And Standard 28 millimeter size flanges – (2).
  • Bottles and caps for collecting milk – (2).
  • Duckbill check valves – (2).
  • Tubing – (2).
  • AC adapter.
  • Product manual.
  • Having Trouble With Spectra S1 Insurance? Contact Us!

    Our team makes it a little easier to get a Spectra breast pump, which lactation consultants and moms who absolutely love this pump know. In fact, the S1 is one of the best breast pumps for low milk supply, and it can make your breastfeeding journey comfortable and practical wherever you are. It’s only 4 lbs, and you can power it through a built-in rechargeable battery or an AC adapter.. If you’d like to know more about the differences between the S1 and S2 Spectra pumps, we’d be happy to help you out at The Breastfeeding Shop.

    Is the SPECTRA S1 for You?

    Before you buy a breast pump from The Breastfeeding Shop, you may be able to get a free S1 Spectra pump through your insurance. This pump is convenient and easy to grab when you need it, allowing you to express a sufficient amount of milk for your baby and relax. With this reliable breast pump, you can forget about trying to cram in pumping sessions before leaving for the day. Even though it is rechargeable, it is also comfortable, powerful, quick, lightweight, and quiet, making it a great find for moms.

    Why Should I Get a Spectra S1 Breast Pump?

    The hospital-grade S1 Plus has so many fantastic features. With its compact body, rechargeable battery, and built-in light — this powerful breast pump was designed to make life a bit easier for moms who need to pump on the go. There’s no need to worry. You can feel confident in this top-quality equipment each time you go out. And like all Spectra pumps, the S1Plus was designed with a closed system. Therefore, there is a physical barrier between the pump and the expressed milk. This way, mold and bacteria won’t get in the breast milk. So, you can have peace of mind knowing all of this when you safely feed your baby.

    Are you wondering how to use the S1 Spectra breast pump? This great breast pump has a maximum suction strength of 250mmHg and can be used as a double or single pump. It is adaptable and adjustable to meet your specific needs. The pump has adjustable settings for both expression and let-down mode, allowing you to freely adjust the suction to match your body’s soothing rhythm. Don’t forget that the Spectra pump is rechargeable, portable, easy to use with its nightlight and digital controls, and quiet. Whether you need to pump in the middle of the night or in the afternoon, your entire household waking up or drawing attention won’t be a problem.

    Features & Benefits

  • Backflow Protection technology assists in safeguarding the breast milk and infant from viruses, bacteria, and mold during the pumping process.
  • The two-phase cycling with Let-Down Button provides customizable suction and cycling in both letdown and expression modes.
  • Personalized pump configurations, enabling mothers to match their milk flow and discover their ideal settings on each occasion.
  • Can be utilized as either a single or double electric pump.
  • The pump is designed to be silent when in operation.
  • Any part that comes into contact with the milk is free of BPA.
  • Can be operated by an AC adapter. or rechargeable built-in battery (both are provided).
  • There is an LCD screen, timer, and dual-level lighting feature.
  • The maximum vacuum power is 250mmHg.
  • Adjust the pumping regimen to the tempo and pace that are most efficient for your physique.
  • The gentle “massage mode” provides a shallow, brief, pumping configuration that is intended to stimulate the mother’s letdown reflex.
  • The expression mode can be activated to experience a slower, deeper suction pattern that imitates the nursing rhythm of a baby.
  • Spectra S1 Breast Pump Paid For By Insurance

    If you’re trying to get more information about getting insurance through a breast pump, contact us. The pump works overseas as well, so you can always take this amazing breast pump with you when it fits into your busy schedule. You don’t have to stay by a car adapter or an outlet to express milk. In addition, it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to three hours of pumping. The S1 Plus has the same terrific features as the S1, and it’s true that the S1 Plus is a hassle-free breast pump. If you’re trying to get a free Spectra S1 breast pump without any hassle, you’ve come to the right place.

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