Spice Slams LHHATL Co-Star Erica Mena On Instagram: “Safaree Is Your Karma!”

She claims not to take sides, but she has found herself in the middle of Safaree and Erica Mena’s feud. The Dancehall Queen, Spice, appears to be involved in some drama brewing on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL). An irate Spice took to Instagram to spill some tea and share the details with her followers.

Spice expressed, “And that’s what leads to the conflict and the issue, because some women are being fake and they don’t want me to tell them the truth.” “I’m simply stating the truth directly to their faces … Something that certain individuals are unable to do,” Spice stated passionately on an Instagram livestream while at the airport. “I don’t want people to accuse me of defending Safaree,” she added.

It is evident that Mena’s marriage to Legend and Safire ended in divorce last March, after 2 years of coping with many breakdowns. Samuels, Safaree, and Erica are reality stars who share children.

Safaree and I have bonded over our shared experiences, and I enjoy engaging in conversations with him every day. However, I am wary of some of the people in our circle who seem to be insincere. Mena, unlike her castmates and so-called friends, believes that it is necessary to cut off those who display fake behavior. Spice, on the other hand, has a different perspective.

“Before being interrupted by a fan who wanted to take a photo, Spice continued, ‘Nah, you go and get a divorce first, not me. Why are you telling me in my face like that? There are 7 billion people in the world, guess how many of them are single too, mother? We are a whole single bunch.'”

Safaree, who hails from Jamaica, appears to have developed a stronger bond with Spice, both on and off the show. The former couple has always maintained a strong and positive friendship.

Safaree turned heads on social media last month when he gifted his toddler twins, Negra and La Amara, Rolex watches. Erica Mena, his ex-husband, wasted no time slamming him for not doing anything close to lavish for their kids. Erica also called out Safaree for not providing enough child support.

During an off-camera moment, the trio burst into laughter while Spice was seen socializing with Safaree and Amara on May 6. It appears that Mena is not pleased with the Romping Shop deejay, as Spice and Amara are acquaintances, and there are now online rumors of Safaree and Amara being in a romantic relationship.

Spice asked, “Why did Safaree go with her before Amara was my friend? I am going to Miami to talk to Amara and she made me angry with you!”

“Safaree is the consequence you deserve!” Mena Spice was being told to let go of him, as she started dating Quintero Estelita and Baby Nikki, who were Safaree’s exes. Erica, who was friends with Safaree, continued to point this out to her.

Singer Deh Down Go The continued her rant, calling Mena “fake,” while behind her back she has been speaking negatively but still maintaining a cordial and kind demeanor.

Mena was observed having a heated dispute with Safaree on the LHHATL camera while expressing her emotions about Spice. In light of Spice’s recent health scare and hospitalization, Mena assured Spice of her prayers for a swift recovery.

Erica was presented with “The Key To The Region” of Florida in a meaningful ceremony after being seen at the Fort Lauderdale Marriot North showing her support for Spice up until last week.

In the midst of their intense argument, the ex-model/video vixen turned the table upside down. Erica finally exploded on Spice, in one of the latest recordings of the show. Now, according to the Dancehall singer’s claims.

Spice stated, “Listen to the truth and the reality that I am about to express. I will not keep my mouth shut because I am the owner of a franchise called Hop & Love, and I want everyone to know. I am not remaining silent because I never want to communicate with you or flip the table over because of you. I want to talk and express myself, not because I want to flip it over, but because I want to address the situation we witnessed earlier.”

Get out of here, jerk! You’re so fake! You act and laugh like you want to, but when I see you, I can tell you’re not genuine. You always talk crap about me behind my back. Why do you do that? You should stay away from me.

Spice also revealed that Erica lost her temper because she inquired about the location of her eldest son.

“So me and you a talk, and you couldn’t talk to me because mi ask you where is your son,” Spice said.

“You scream ah, placing the children down, you need the energy! Ah, you have three. You are vexed because your oldest son is behaving like you. Now, go back and pick him up, don’t drop him off again because you have had enough of his behavior.”

“Hey, let me tell you something, don’t mess with me … Erica, you pick a fight with the wrong individual!” Spice continued.

I am extremely excited to bring the latest news about Safaree’s Instagram rant, titled “Up It Send”. In this footage, the singer expresses his frustration towards Erica Mada, using strong language. Safaree clearly does not want to associate with her and calls her out for being fake. He also mentions his desire to laugh in her face on TV. This rant was posted on Instagram on May 16th, Tuesday. It seems like Safaree is not holding back his emotions and wants to move on from this situation. Perhaps he should consider buying some Canesten to alleviate the itchiness caused by this drama.

Erica Mena, one of the castmates of LHHATL, has not yet responded to Spice’s recent post, although she had something to say about it.

Today, Kirk Frost penned a message on an Instagram video post, expressing, “I experienced a brief period of time…, @Spiceofficial 💙💙💙 🇯🇲.” The television personality mentioned that he felt obligated to endorse Spice for bravely expressing her honesty.

He exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, you are truly incredible and amazing, my dear friend Spice. I must say, I have never witnessed such extraordinary talent before. Although I have never experienced the thrill of watching you perform live, I can only imagine the pure excitement it must bring.

Spice responded to the post by saying, “I’m going to mention all the things and people who are actually still real out there. It’s not everyone who realizes that I made it live on IG. I saw this when Boss Man was kind of having a different Live session on IG. Dam, no one knows what’s going on and we shouldn’t be talking about frost117 @that in the world.”

Supporters have also expressed their opinions:.

“I’m worried about Erica 😂,” one remarked.

Another person added, “Is Erica’s coffin prepared? Because Spice just finished her 😭😭😭.”

Others continued supporting Spice.

“Safaree is her retribution. It just took you to express it, but everyone has been contemplating it 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“👏👏Spice stated all truths and indeed Safaree is Erica’s comeuppance and I never felt sorry for her even once.”

“I was observing her humiliate Cyn on Love & Hip Hop the other day and had the same thought.”

“I concur with everything .. She portrays the victim skillfully.”

Erica reaped the consequences of her actions, as she destroyed relationships and had the nerve to say things about other people’s wives and how she was treated. She made fun of fertility issues faced by women, but now she acts as if it didn’t happen.

Another revelation about Erica’s past provides more details on the malicious and evil actions she has engaged in over the years. She has been known to intimidate and insult people for years, as well as break up marriages and relationships by having affairs with married men. Wendy Williams mocked her and physically abused her, while Safaree and Bow Wow have had an affair with her. She has also created troll accounts to harass and burn Cyn for years. Everyone knows she is mentally unstable and has a vicious and unstable personality. She is the type of person who knows how to expect karma, as she has been involved in all the malicious and evil things for years. It’s astonishing how wicked and evil Erica is, and it seems like everyone has forgotten about it.

The premiere of the 12th season of Atlanta Hop: Hip & Love will be on June 13, 2023, on VH1 at 8/7C. The spotlight is on Banks Erica, White Jessica, Mena Erica, Yandy, Bambi, Rasheeda, and Spice as they juggle their social and personal, as well as professional lives.