Spirit Dental Insurance

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The company also serves as a free online resource for dental insurance quotes, offering tools to help consumers search for low-cost individual and senior dental plans. Vision & Dental Spirit is underwritten and carried by Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation, rated A+ for financial strength by Standard & Poor’s and A by AM Best.

Spirit Dental Insurance

What is Included with Membership.

You can save 25-50% when you visit a dentist in-network. The insurance policy typically covers varying percentages of the customary and usual dental expenses while the reimbursements depend on the chosen provider. It is known as a fee-for-service plan where policyholders are not limited to a pre-approved network of dentists. Spirit Choice Plans give clients the option to visit any dentist of their choice.

Up to three dental cleanings and two exams are fully covered each year. Additionally, there is an annual maximum of $5,000, providing coverage for major dental services as well.

  • Maximum coverage of $5,000.
  • Lifetime $100 excess.
  • Up to three annual cleanings.
  • Full coverage for prevention.
  • Implants. and comprehensive services included.
  • 30-day guarantee of satisfaction.
  • How Does It Function?

    You can start your dental plan as early as the following day, as Individual Dental Spirit Insurance offers effective dates every day. Clients will receive a confirmation email following their enrollment to verify the submitted information. Enrollment may take 2 to 3 business days. The policy usually arrives within 10 business days after the enrollment date.

    Premiums for the customer’s chosen plan or network will be based on several factors, including the customer’s residency state and type of coverage. Premiums can be deducted from the client’s checking or savings account, using any accepted credit card. The initial premium will be withdrawn within three business days of the policy’s effective date. Dental Spirit plans also include a non-refundable one-time enrollment fee of $25, which is charged at the time of purchase.

    Clients can cancel their Individual Spirit Dental plans regardless of the reason and receive a full refund for the services rendered, with no coverage provided. These plans are backed by a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

    Spirit Dental Coverage.

    Spirit Pinnacle Network & Choice offers a lucrative Incentive Plan with options of 1,200/2,500/5,000.




    Max Benefit

    1st year





    2nd year





    3rd year





    Prophylactic (Type 1).

  • Three annual cleanings.
  • Two assessments annually.
  • Fundamental (Type 2).

  • Fillings.
  • One set of bitewing x-rays annually.
  • Space maintainers.
  • One annual application of topical fluoride is recommended for individuals under the age of 16.
  • Sealants for individuals below 16 years old.
  • Main (Type 3).

  • Implants.
  • One diagnostic x-ray, complete or panoramic, within a span of three years.
  • Simple extractions.
  • Oral surgery.
  • Endodontic treatment.
  • Services for artificial limbs, dental prosthetics, and dental bridges.
  • Services for restoring teeth, including inlays, onlays, and dental crowns.
  • Summary of Spirit Dental.

    Dental Spirit offers a variety of dental services that are both advanced and affordable, making it an ideal choice for consumers searching for their ideal dental care. They provide coverage for major services and dental implants without any deductibles or waiting periods. Additionally, Dental Spirit offers multiple plan options with a benefits list of up to $5,000 per year.


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    Vision and Dental, Life Ameritas products are issued by Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life) and may vary by state. Dates for Group and Individual products may vary (Rev. 02-19 to Rev. 03-16).

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    Customer Comments & Reviews

    Is this company not good. Why didn’t they even ask me when they called to cancel. I was told that I had to pay $900 to remove three teeth, then I was told to make monthly payments of $100 with a $40 co-payment. Plus, I was told by two dentists that I needed dentures and they felt that some teeth could be saved. Really???

    LOL! I always pay my dental insurance as a secondary option for myself and my mother, and as the primary option for my boyfriend. I have never had a rejection and I always fill out the online claim form properly. They always pay up, even if it takes a while. I have had fantastic experiences with Spirit Insurance and I highly recommend their excellent customer service. There is always a real person to talk to during regular business hours and they are pretty quick to respond.

    I have had them for a year, but they never covered anything. I had to pay for all services and pay them too. Every time something was submitted, they rejected it until the dentist told me that I needed to pay him and submit it to them. He couldn’t keep sending all the information they wanted, like an x-ray and why it was needed. They just turned down paying for an extraction on a broken tooth. They said they needed proof that the tooth was broken.

    I am impressed with what you tell me. I can’t even tell you how impressed I am. Dental Spirit is the best, hands down.

    Top Rated.

    Spirit Dental Insurance

    4 Reviews.

  • There are no waiting periods for preventive, basic, and major services.
  • Guaranteed acceptance.
  • Preferred Provider Organization plans allow you to select your preferred dentist.
  • Implants. and comprehensive services included.
  • A+ BBB certified.
  • 30-day refund policy.
  • There is no price hike based on age.
  • Lifetime $100 excess.
  • Choice to combine sight.