Steve Harvey’s Ex Wife is Coming For Him….AGAIN

Steve HarveyThe ex Wife of Steve Harvey, Mary Harvey is at it again. We all remember her from her publicity rounds back in 2005 after their messy divorce. She went on a smear campaign against her Ex Husband. She claims Steve cheated on her with his current Wife, Marjorie and that she is the reason for the demise of their marriage. It is to be noted that Mary has confessed that she began finding pure evidence of Steve’s infidelity on their 2nd anniversary. They remained together for 16 years.

Steve Harvey’s 1st Wife, Marcia and daughter Brandi

Here’s a Fast Timeline so that you don’t get too perplexed:.

From 1980 to 1994, Steve Harvey was married to Marcia Harvey, his first spouse.

In 1982, Steve and Marcia welcomed twins into their family, Brandi and Karli.

In 1991, Steve and Marcia welcomed their son, Broderick.

In 1990, Steve first sees Marjorie, his third wife.

From 1996 to 2005, Steve was married to Mary Shackleford Harvey, his second spouse.

In 1997, Steve and Mary welcomed their son, Wynton.

In 2005, Steve and Marjorie reconnect and start a romantic relationship.

From 2008 until now, Steve has been married to Marjorie Bridges Harvey.

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Marjorie and Steve still want to call her from a mobile phone and she admits that she wants millions of dollars. She is sadly waiting for people who have made their business put her out of their minds and lives to notice. She simply wants to be acknowledged by Harvey Mary. It is apparent that this woman is hurting. I have watched all four of these gut-wrenching videos to see them scroll down.


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Steve and Mary and Marjorie

Mary is quoted as saying, Steve took everything from me. I got evicted from our home. He’s turned my son against me and he took my wealth.

Mary and Steve Harvey
Mary and Steve Harvey’s son with Stepmother, Marjorie

Following the divorce, Steve obtained custody of their son. She lacked Steve’s legal representation, whereas Mary possessed the determination to engage in a legal battle. Regrettably, she provided them with ample evidence to establish her unsuitability as a mother during that period.

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Some might wonder why Mary is popping up after all these years. It has been 12 years since they divorced and split, and she is still broken and scorned. Is she truly bitter?

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If Mary was to see Steve, her new husband, looking at Instagram, she would be extremely angry. Marjorie, his wife, is a top fashionista and a jet setter. She runs her own businesses and hosts a talk show during the day, while Steve hosts two prime-time shows. Unfortunately, Marjorie has become a victim of identity theft. She has genuinely made herself a victim of Harvey and Steve. This woman is completely broken and devastated. Although I suggest that you form your own opinions, I haven’t watched the four new videos that Mary posted just two days ago.

She was awarded 1.9 million dollars in 2009. She received $480,000 per year and $40,000 per month from 2009. Additionally, Mary was given three of Steve’s homes. Unfortunately, divorce happened to her as a celebrity. Her A-list friends no longer wanted to go to brunch with her. She no longer had access to the money she once had. The designers who once begged her to wear their fashions no longer answered her phone calls. Mary says that she had to cut off the lifestyle she lived with Steve after the divorce.

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Wynton, her estranged son, with whom she has no communication whatsoever, and currently a legally imposed restriction on discussing the matter, purportedly had no knowledge of a child support mandate that Mary has been repeatedly apprehended for throughout the years.

Mary Harvey speaks after being jailed for contempt charges involving her divorce from Steve Harvey
Mary Harvey speaks after being jailed for contempt charges involving her divorce from Steve Harvey

Are you Harvey Shackelford Lee Mary? Let’s focus on what would consume your brain space and erase this man from your mind, if you like. What day is it now? Who are you in 2017? Let’s look in the mirror, but I know deep runs your pain. Your son calls her mother and she frequently sits in the front row at every couture runway show, responsible for Marjorie’s vacations and you. Your son has been alienated from you by such an expectation. Since Harvey’s money allotted 12 years ago, your disappointment in the future has only deepened! Your divorce was settled in 2005, but you are not allowed to live. However, you were given this life. You have a task ahead of you that feels nearly impossible to heal, which makes your mind captive. There is no longer salvation and redemption in Steve’s life, which ultimately judges you and serves a higher power in court. You may never win justice as an embattled woman in the legal system. You have morphed into more. You are not only Harvey’s ex-wife, but your past is not your own. She is living her own hard life, thinking that YOU are the one making it hard. While they have been on their own journey since 2008, these people are okay with that. You must learn to be okay with that too. You may never get the acknowledgment for your longing from his wife. You may never see and hear what you want. Here’s what I would say in this Black and Blended council session, if I could.

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These are the words of Mary. Let’s hope she discovers what she so desperately desires.

I want JUSTICE. I want what I worked 16 years for. I was with him when he had nothing, so I earned her stake in the wealth. I want everything back that Steve and Marjorie took from me. They think they can leave me to die, but I want what’s mine. I want what I worked for, I want my share. Half of everything that they both have since 2005 is MINE. I want them both held accountable for it. I would not wish this life on them. We can all talk and settle this. I want my money. I just want what I worked for. I am not going to stop talking about it until I get the lifestyle that I deserve. When we met, we had nothing and now after all these years, I have nothing and he has everything. They just go in their day to day like I am nothing. Why is God is not telling them this is ok to do to Mary? It’s always in my head and in my sleep and in my dreams. I have to live with this trauma and they are living lavish. How can they call themselves Christians and be out shopping and vacationing and living the good life knowing what they are doing to Wynton’s mother? It would be easier for all of us to sit down and talk, but they don’t want to do that.