Suspect in mass shooting at July 4th parade in Illinois, has been taken into custody

During a news brief on Monday night, authorities said that more than two dozen people have been taken into custody and that a mass shooting at a parade near Lake Forest, Illinois has left six people dead. The suspect in the shooting has been identified as Robert E. Crimo III.

On Monday morning, a fatal shooting took place in Highland Park, where he will be moved to the police station. He was apprehended without any trouble. Prior to being apprehended, Crimo led the officers on a short pursuit. According to authorities, a North Chicago officer attempted to make a traffic stop after spotting Crimo.

The FBI and local police were investigating his alleged involvement in the shooting of multiple individuals during the Independence Day parade in Park Highland, Illinois. Earlier, law enforcement had labeled him as a person of “interest” and had been searching for him as a suspect.

The capture ended an intense manhunt across the Chicagoland area after the shooting upended Independence Day festivities in cities throughout the region.

The shooting in Highland Park, Chicago started shortly after 10 a.M. On July Fourth, and parade-goers along Central Avenue enjoyed the sunny parade. The parade was located about 25 miles north of CT.

Christopher Covelli, the spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, stated that the assailant utilized a ladder connected to the edifice on a boundary in an alleyway to reach the top. Prior to this, Police commander Chris O’Neill mentioned that ballistic evidence was discovered on the roof of a commercial establishment in close proximity to the incident.

According to Covelli, the firearm was a “high-powered rifle” and the assault seemed to be “random” and “deliberate.”

According to authorities, Kim Nerheim, the representative for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, is currently engaged in efforts to track the weapon in order to determine its purchaser and its source.

Covelli told reporters that SWAT members and other officers have been evacuating people from buildings within a certain radius of the shooting.

The five individuals who perished at the location were grown-ups, as stated by Jennifer Banek, the Coroner of Lake County. According to her, one individual passed away in a medical facility, although she lacked further details regarding that particular victim.

Chief Joe Schrage stated that 23 individuals were transported to medical facilities by his department, while other victims were taken in police vehicles or the personal vehicles of bystanders.

As per Temple, four or five individuals were youngsters – the patients varied in age from 8 years old to 85 years old. Dr. Brigham Temple, the medical director of the NorthShore University Health System, disclosed that Highland Park Hospital received a grand total of 26 patients.

He added, “There were injuries caused by bullets to both the limbs and the core areas of the bodies.” He mentioned that out of the total of 25 individuals who were shot, 19 have received medical attention and have been released from the hospital.

On Monday afternoon, there were individuals positioned on rooftops with long-range rifles, and streets of Highland Park were patrolled by heavily armed law enforcement officers. A significant police presence, which involved the FBI and officers from local, state, and federal agencies, was activated as a response to the shooting, causing hundreds of parade participants to flee.

According to Zoe Pawelczak, who attended the Independence Day parade with her father, the spectators initially mistook the assortment of pops for fireworks.

She recounted, “I witnessed a young woman being shot and fatally wounded. I glanced behind me, estimating a distance of approximately 20 feet. Suddenly, the individuals trailing us began sprinting. I tightly grasped my father’s hand and joined in the hastened retreat. In that moment, I sensed that something was amiss.”

She recounted, “They concealed themselves behind a trash container for approximately sixty minutes until law enforcement relocated them to a sports equipment store and subsequently guided them back to their vehicle.” She mentioned, “She witnessed an individual with a gunshot wound in the ear, with blood smeared across his visage, and another young woman who had been shot in the leg.”

“It appeared as though a war had taken place, and it is repulsive. It is truly repulsive,” she expressed.

As per information gathered by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that monitors such occurrences, this incident represents at least the 308th mass shooting in the United States in this calendar year. The organization’s definition of a mass shooting involves the occurrence of four or more individuals being shot, excluding the individual responsible for the shooting.

The Gun Violence Archive reports that, in Richmond, Virginia; Chicago and Highland Park, there have been 11 instances of mass shootings in the initial four days of July, which includes three solely on July 4.

The carnage of an American spring and summer is already punctuated by a shooting at a school in Texas, where 19 teachers and students were killed, and another shooting at a supermarket in New York, where a racist attack by an 18-year-old claimed the lives of 10 individuals.

Just nine days ago, President Joe Biden signed into law the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades, marking a significant bipartisan breakthrough on one of the most contentious policy issues in Washington. This comes in the wake of those massacres.

Witnesses say gunshots caused stampede

Witnesses at the scene who spoke to CNN described a peaceful parade pierced by the sudden ring of gunfire and ensuing chaos.

Miles Zaremski said that he heard what he believed to be 20 gunshots in two consecutive spurts of gunfire, at around 10:20 a.M. CT shortly after the start of the parade. He told CNN that he saw a number of bloodied people on the chaotic scene.

The video shows a heavy presence of police, with a police car and an ambulance turning around on the parade route. People have gathered on the grassy sidewalk as the parade route is abandoned. The video, taken by a witness named Hugo Aguilera, shows aerial footage from a CNN affiliate WLS.

Warren Fried, who attended the parade with his wife and 7-year-old twins, witnessed a range of gunshots and then saw an ambulance and police pass by as he and his family quickly fled for safety, yelling “run” and “shooter”.

“People were concealing themselves, children were roaming the streets in search of their guardians, completely overwhelmed,” he expressed.

He was told by CNN that he arrived in Highland Park just when shots were fired and he was fired, and Schneider, a Democrat who represents the area, was also told.

Everyone scattered and ran. While I was going around, I came across a group of young children who were attempting to contact their parents to let them know they were safe,” he stated. “I offered my phone to use and stopped to assist them. Since I couldn’t move, I helped in directing traffic for a short while as there were numerous vehicles.”

Jeff Leon, 57, told CNN that he didn’t know anything had happened until he saw police officers reacting. He described the sound of the shots as similar to firecrackers, like garbage cans being set on fire.

Leon said, “As some people witnessed me falling, the police started reacting.” “We quickly got away, hiding in the cars behind us, and folding our way into the car next to us.”

Alamar, Jose, an employee at a nearby gas station, said that approximately 20 people ran into the gas station and took shelter after the shooting started.

Based on data from the U.S. Census, Highland Park, a suburban area, possesses a per capita income of approximately $90,000, which is almost three times higher than the national average. Additionally, it is home to a population of roughly 30,000 individuals.

The website mentioned that the city’s special entertainment and community entries were expected to feature novelty groups, marching bands, and floats in the 4th of July parade. The city announced that the parade was set to continue from Sunset Park to Central Avenue, then head west on Avenue Johns St., And north on Avenue Johns St. To eventually begin at 10 a.M. At the intersection of Avenues Johns St. And Laurel.

The shooting resulted in the cancellation of events in other neighboring towns. The July 4th parades in nearby suburbs like Deerfield and Evanston were called off following the incident.