Sweet Valley High star Brittany Daniel reveals she had baby using twin sister Cynthia’s donor egg

Daniel, the star of High Valley Sweet, revealed that after Cynthia’s twin sister, Brittany, was unable to conceive due to cancer, she used an egg donor to have her own baby while she was pregnant.

Cynthia, who is 45 years old and a twin, mentioned that her sister Brittany, who is also 45 years old, was informed that she may never be able to have children after going through a difficult battle with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The two women rose to fame after they starred as Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in the 90s TV series Sweet Valley High.

And according to Cynthia, it was a no-brainer to donate her eggs to her twin sister, who she already ‘shared everything with.’.

In a recent interview, Cynthia informed People Magazine, “I perceived it as such an uncomplicated present I could bestow upon her. I am aware that Brittany would accomplish it instantaneously for me. Furthermore, we have consistently divided everything, so why not this?”

‘We are so interconnected. Everything that belongs to her is mine and everything that belongs to me is hers,’ Brittany added.

Brittany and her spouse, Adam Touni, joyfully greeted their baby girl, Hope Rose Touni, on October 24, 2021.

Sweet Valley High premiered in September 1994 and went on for four seasons before it went off the air in October 1997.

After concluding her role in Dawson’s Creek, Brittany continued to act in more TV shows and movies, such as The ’70s Show and White Chicks.

Cynthia decided to step out of the spotlight after the show came to an end, as she could focus on starting a family.

She and her husband, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser, share three kids of their own — Ryland, 17, Colt, 13, and Steely, 8.

Brittany confessed, “I constantly believed that I would be the initial to tie the knot and begin a family. However, I was genuinely committed to my profession, and I was enjoying myself.”

Cynthia pondered, “Will I be separated from my sister?” When she received a cancer diagnosis in 2011, abruptly interrupting whatever plans lay ahead.

She remarked: ‘She was incredibly resilient, but it was extremely difficult to witness.’

Brittany said that her outlook on life changed after going through intense chemotherapy for six months, but she fully recovered.

‘Find a companion and start a family,’ she expressed. ‘I was prepared to believe that I had a fresh start, I recall.’

Unfortunately, she was informed that she was unable to conceive on her own as her eggs had been depleted as a result of the chemotherapy.

Despite making attempts with Cynthia’s eggs, Brittany and her spouse experienced three unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. However, regrettably, she subsequently sought out Cynthia, who responded promptly without any hesitation.

Feeling disheartened, Brittany expressed her belief that she would never become a mother in her lifetime.

They decided to use a surrogate to have Cynthia’s egg, and it was a successful decision. They knew what they had been through, so when Hope was born last fall, the entire room was filled with tears of joy, as Brittany said.

Eventually, in December, they managed to have a personal encounter, however, Cynthia was unable to physically meet her niece during the initial months of her life because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cynthia confessed, “Initially, I was uncertain about my emotional state and what feelings would arise.” “However, I simply experienced a sense of being the aunt. And that is truly significant,” she expressed.

On Instagram, she expressed, ‘We adore you, Hope Rose Touni. Last week, I was completely captivated when I had the opportunity to meet my niece for the very first time. It was undeniably one of the most joyful moments I have experienced.’

Brittany stated that she is considering the option of growing her family later on by using an alternative embryo that was created using Cynthia’s egg.

My sister, who is true, has made her dreams come true. She expressed that it’s even better than she ever thought it could be. Although she is now enjoying new motherhood.

‘I cannot put into words how thankful I am to her,’ she concluded.