Taylor Swift announces ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ at Eras Tour show in Los Angeles

Taylor Swift made a grand announcement on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, concluding the 2023 U.S. Portion of her iconic Eras Tour, about “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” which is her re-recording project and the fourth installment.

After playing a few tracks from her live album “1989,” the pop superstar approached the center stage with an acoustic guitar in hand and suggested to the audience that something big had been working on, including an abridged take of “Blood” and “Bad.”

She enthusiastically indicated a numerical hint – the 9th day and the 8th month of the year – exclaiming, “‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ will be released on October 27th!” As she spoke to the audience, the screen behind her lit up, and she shared, “Instead of solely describing it to you, I believe I’ll demonstrate it to you.”

Throughout her global journey, she delivered a debut performance of the heartfelt piano ballad “New Year’s Day” from the “Reputation” era, along with the rising track “New Romantics” from the unexpected “1989” showcase. Subsequently, she enthusiastically launched into the performance.

The release of Braun’s Scooter manager’s “Version Taylor’s” sparked early sales and subsequent purchases, catapulting it to become the woman’s most-recorded album in history. Swift claimed the record for herself soon after and just last month, she released a re-recording of her album “Speak Now” titled “Now.”

Swift fans were offered a career-spanning collection of tracks, including a celebration of her artist veterancy, as well as a live performance of her greatest hits. The event took place at SoFi Stadium and lasted for over three and a half hours, providing fans with more than just breaking news.

Regularly, choreographed surprises were observed during Easter. Taylor Swift would imitate the dance routines from her iconic music videos while also making humorous remarks about her emotions and playfully explaining to men how they should apologize to women.

Openers — and “besties,” as Swift described them — HAIM joined her on stage for the “evermore” cut “no body, no crime.”.

Across more than 40 tracks reflecting 17 years of recorded music, “1989” is known for its A-line skirts and sequins, “Reputation” for its snakeskin prints and black leather, and “Lover,” Taylor Swift’s 2019 album, for its pink dresses. This album filled Taylor Swift’s house with light, as fans, both cosplay enthusiasts and avid supporters, screamed along to the rapturous sound of her music, shaking the ground as if it hit them deep.

She sang, “I was young when I knew everything”, twisting the line in the third verse, she sang, “assume they know nothing, when you are young”. Taylor Swift performed an emotive single from her album “folklore”, before launching into the era of her “1989” tracks.

Being someone who wrote in her 30s, a song that she composed at the age of 16 can evoke a similar type of reaction. This is the reason why a song that she penned at the age of 16 can elicit a comparable response to one written in her 30s. Even in those early songs revolving around fantasies and fairytales, she showcases a type of practical wisdom. Throughout her career and her numerous sonic experiments, Swift has been an astute observer of the human condition and heartache. In a performance focused on revisiting the past while also celebrating the present, it felt like a declaration of purpose.