The Best and Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies in Kansas for 2023: Rankings, Reviews and Rates

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The Cheapest Renters Insurance in Kansas

State Farm Insurance.

State Farm Insurance.

Renters Insurance in Kansas: What You Need to Know

Renters insurance offers an affordable method to safeguard your belongings. In case of theft, fire, or damage caused by extreme weather conditions, it can prove to be useful.

The average monthly premium for a standard policy, which includes $20,000 in coverage for personal property, $100,000 in liability coverage, and a $500 deductible, amounts to $11. This premium accounts for approximately 1.24% of the monthly rent price. In the state of Kansas, where nearly 29.8% of the population consists of renters, the average monthly rent stands at $862.

What Renters Insurance Typically Covers in Kansas

Before buying renters insurance in Kansas, it is crucial to comprehend what is included and what is not. Standard policies typically provide coverage for personal property, liability insurance, additional living expenses, and medical payments. Some policies may also offer additional features such as identity theft protection.

Renters can benefit from purchasing smart coverage to protect against substantial damage caused by wildfires and tornadoes, as well as to safeguard their personal property from burglary in Kansas’s unpredictable weather events.

What Renters Insurance Typically Does Not Cover in Kansas

Take the time to read the fine print and understand what your policy covers, so you have a better chance of being accepted and not having to ask your agent all the relevant questions about what it does not cover.

The Output: Renters insurance has the ability to safeguard your possessions, although it may not offer protection in all circumstances. Typically, there are several occurrences that are excluded from coverage under renters insurance. Here is

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You can approach the Kansas Insurance Department to learn more about Kansas renters insurance, even if the state law does not mandate renters to obtain insurance. You may inquire about obtaining renters insurance, the coverage it provides, what actions to take if insurance companies decline your application, and how to file a claim.

The Kansas Insurance Department can be reached through any of the following methods:.

  • Office Location: 1300 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604, Kansas Insurance Department.
  • Phone: 785-296-3071.
  • Consumer Hotline: 800-432-2484 (within the state), 785-296-7829 (outside the state).
  • Email: kid.Commissioner@ks.Gov.
  • Auto Insurance..

    Auto Insurance..

    Cheap Renters Insurance Companies in Kansas

    Nationwide and State Farm are the two least expensive companies in Kansas, on average. When selecting a policy, the primary consideration for the majority of individuals is the price of rental insurance.

    The average cost of a State Farm policy for a typical renter in Kansas is approximately $100 per year or around $8 per month. On the other hand, a Nationwide policy with similar coverage costs roughly $109 annually or $9 per month.

    The average monthly and yearly premiums are based on quotes across several ZIP codes in Kansas, with a deductible of $500 and coverage for personal property liability up to $20,000.

    Coverage for Personal Possessions:

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    MoneyGeek analyzed the best renters insurance providers in Kansas based on affordability and quality, and ranked the firms according to their financial stability and customer service to help you get the most value.

    Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Kansas

    Renter’s coverage is equivalent to the mean.

    The average monthly cost for renters insurance in Kansas is $128, which is less than the national average of $159. This cost includes a deductible of $500 and a liability limit of $100,000, as well as a property personal limit of $20,000. The average yearly cost for these policies is $1,536, which is less than $31 per month.

    You can use the calculator below to estimate how much it will cost depending on the amount of personal property coverage you choose and the insurance coverage you need. Increased rates resulted in increased personal property coverage. Also, remember that the coverage of personal property in your rental insurance policy influences its costs.

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    When looking for renters insurance in Kansas, it is beneficial to shop around and compare rates from different companies. Our study found that on average, renters in Kansas save around $5 per month, which adds up to approximately $60 in annual savings. Instead of going with Farmers or Farm State, consider exploring other insurance companies for better rates.

    What Factors Impact Renters Insurance Cost in Kansas

    The amount of coverage for renters insurance in Kansas can be influenced by several criteria, including where you live and factors that are on your mind when shopping for insurance. Additionally, you may need to consider how much you will need to pay for renters insurance each month.

    Largest Renters Insurance Companies in Kansas

    Buying renters insurance from a financially stable and customer-focused insurer in Kansas, which processes claims swiftly and efficiently, can result in improved customer experience and can save both time and money. Moreover, it is considered the best option due to the insurer’s substantial presence in the share market.


    Market Share


    State Farm



    American Family



    Farm Bureau Mutual (IA Group)


















    Liberty Mutual





    FAQs About Renters Insurance in Kansas

    In Kansas, you can discover solutions to several frequently asked questions regarding tenants insurance. Tenants insurance might be unfamiliar to individuals who are new to renting.

    Best Renters Insurance Companies in Kansas

    MoneyGeek’s rating declares State Farm as the top-rated renters insurance company in Kansas, with an impressive score of 99 out of 100. Nationwide secured the second position with a commendable score of 93 out of 100.

    MoneyGeek evaluated the companies according to their affordability, customer service ratings from J.D. Power, and financial stability ratings from AM Best.

    When submitting a claim, you will desire timely and effective service at a fair cost. The ones that achieve a harmonious blend of excellence and affordability are the top-rated providers of renters insurance, as they may not always be the most inexpensive.

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    State Farm is the top-rated renters insurance company in Kansas due to its exceptional customer satisfaction rating and its outstanding financial stability and affordability scores. Renters can take advantage of the company’s personal injury protection, which provides coverage against claims of libel and slander, offering them added protection.

    Additional Information Regarding State Farm.

    State Farm’s mobile app also offers the ability to manage and pay bills for accounts. Renters interested can utilize the website to receive personalized quotes. However, State Farm’s website is comprehensive, allowing renters to file claims and manage their insurance accounts by paying premiums. It offers three optional coverage options and two discounts for renters, which are lower than the national average. Furthermore, State Farm’s renters insurance coverage extends to every state in the U.S.

    Check out MoneyGeek’s review of State Farm renters insurance.

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    Customer satisfaction and financial security are ranked second in Kansas compared to Nationwide. Nationwide offers coverage for fine art, antiques, jewelry, and other high-value items through their Coverage Extension Theft and Coverage Plus Valuables. Additionally, they provide Additional coverage for such items.

    Additional Information Regarding Nationwide.

    You can access Nationwide’s renters insurance policies in Washington D.C. And 43 other states, as well as in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Alaska, with the exception of. There are 11 optional coverages available, which is higher than the industry average. It offers four discount options, which are lower than the national average. It offers discounted rates to its current or retired associates. You can track claims, make payments, and obtain customized quotes through Nationwide’s online portal and mobile app using their website.

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    Despite its relatively low affordability score, American Family ranked third in Kansas due to its good customer service and financial stability, as well as the coverage it provides for damage caused by pets to other people’s property.

    Additional Information Regarding American Family.

    Only 19 states are covered by American Family’s renters insurance. However, the company offers more than the national average of seven payments that users may make to follow up on their claims and progress their claim through the company’s website or app. Additionally, American Family’s policies may pay their claims and make progress using the company’s website or app. It is worth noting that the company offers two optional coverages: scheduled personal property and liability for pet damage. Moreover, these two coverages are offered at a national average that is less than the average of five.

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    Farmers is the fourth-best insurance company for renters in Kansas, with good financial stability ratings and customer satisfaction. Its affordability ranking is relatively low. Policyholders who have added scheduled personal property coverage can easily increase their coverage.

    More Information Regarding Agricultural Workers.

    Farmers offers renters insurance policies in 41 states and Washington, D.C., Allowing policyholders to file claims, make premium payments, and manage their accounts through the website or app. New tenants can easily obtain online quotes, while the three most frequently included additional coverages are scheduled personal property, personal property replacement, and identity theft. Policyholders can take advantage of seven discounts, including being a responsible payer, installing protective devices, bundling policies, and having a claims-free or smoke-free history.

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    A company that provides excellent customer service ensures that customer satisfaction is a priority, and it is not guaranteed that the cheapest insurance plans will offer the same level of service. In order to have your claims handled by a company that prioritizes customer service and ensures high quality, you may want to consider paying a little extra for the best renters insurance. This way, you can save money while still receiving top-notch service.

    Renters Insurance in Kansas Analysis: Methodology

    MoneyGeek, in collaboration with Quadrant, conducted an examination of the prices of renters insurance provided by four leading insurance firms in Kansas. Our investigation encompassed quotations from various ZIP codes throughout the state of Kansas. We collected policies that offer personal property coverage amounts of $20,000, $50,000, and $100,000, in addition to liability coverage worth $100,000, all subject to a $500 deductible.

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