The Forbidden Reach Zone Guide for Dragonflight (10.1)


In Patch 10.0.7 of Dragonflight, players are introduced to the Forbidden Reach zone, which brings new quests, activities, and rewards. This comprehensive guide will provide all the details you need to navigate the Forbidden Reach and make the most of your adventure.

Starting the Journey

Upon logging into the game after Patch 10.0.7, players will automatically accept the Forbidden Legacies quest, which serves as an introduction to the Forbidden Reach. To proceed, seek out Kazra at the Seat of Aspects in Valdrakken. Kazra will provide a report, and players can then accept the Return to the Reach quest.

Once ready, head to the Flight Master in Valdrakken, who will offer transportation to the Forbidden Reach. Prepare for an exciting and challenging exploration of this new zone.

Exploring the Forbidden Reach

The Forbidden Reach offers various features and activities for players to engage in. Here are some of the highlights:

Zskera Vaults

One of the main attractions in the Forbidden Reach is the Zskera Vaults. These are randomized treasure rooms filled with puzzles, monsters, and mysteries. Each vault is unique to your character and can be completed until the next weekly reset. It is recommended to run the vault at least once to obtain the Onyx Annulet ring, a Best-in-Slot item from Zskera Vaults.

For more information and guidance on Zskera Vaults, refer to our detailed Zskera Vaults guide.

Dragonriding Glyphs and Perks

In the Forbidden Reach, players can collect eight new Dragonriding Glyphs. These glyphs can be used to unlock two Dragonriding Perks, enhancing your dragonriding experience.

Additionally, new Dragonriding Racing tracks are available for those seeking thrilling challenges and competition.

Catch-up Gear and Upgrades

If you need to catch up on gear, the Forbidden Reach provides an opportunity with Item Level 385 Bind-to-Account catch-up gear. This gear can be upgraded to Item Level 395 using Untapped Forbidden Knowledge.

Researcher Baneflare, located in Morqut Village, is the go-to vendor for upgrading gear. Make sure to visit them for all your gear enhancement needs.

Primal Storms and Elemental Overflow

A new Primal Storm type has been introduced in the Forbidden Reach. Engaging in these storms rewards players with Elemental Overflow, a valuable resource in the zone.

Make sure to participate in Primal Storm events to acquire Elemental Overflow and take advantage of the various rewards it can be exchanged for.

Rare Elites, Treasures, and Events

The Forbidden Reach is home to new Rare Elites, treasure chests, Pet Battles, and various events. Exploring the zone thoroughly will lead to exciting encounters and valuable rewards.

Keep an eye out for the Rare Elites, as they have a chance to drop Primalist gear tokens, Zskera Vault Keys, Elemental Overflow, and Untapped Forbidden Knowledge.

Embarking from Morqut Village

Morqut Village serves as the main hub for Patch 10.0.7 in the Forbidden Reach. Here, players will find important vendors and NPCs offering various services and items. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key figures:

Researcher Baneflare

Researcher Baneflare is a crucial NPC located in Morqut Village. If you need to upgrade your gear, whether it’s Primalist gear or other items, Baneflare is the one to seek out.

They can assist in upgrading Primalist gear to Item Level 395 using Untapped Forbidden Knowledge, which can be obtained from random activities in the Forbidden Reach.


Another important vendor in Morqut Village is Mythressa. She specializes in Primal Storm Gear, which can be acquired using Elemental Overflow.

Make sure to check out Mythressa’s offerings for potential upgrades and enhancements to your gear.

Faction Envoys and Reputation

In Patch 10.0.7, players have the opportunity to gain reputation with the Dracthyr faction. This reputation can be earned by completing quests and activities in the Forbidden Reach.

Quartermaster Treysh, located in Morqut Village, offers various items for sale in addition to Dracthyr racial mounts. These items include Emboldened Dracthyr’s Tabard, Maruuk Maul, Morqut Club, Dragonscale Expeditioner’s Rifle, Journal of the Forbidden Reach, Valdrakken Pocketknife, and Valdrakken Talons.

Make sure to visit Quartermaster Treysh to check out the available items and enhance your gameplay experience.

Faction Envoys and Rewards

The Faction Envoy system in the Forbidden Reach allows players to align with one of the four Major Factions each day. Choosing a faction as an envoy grants a 10% reputation increase for that faction.

Envoys may also offer quests that provide extra reputation and Elemental Overflow, which can be spent at Envoy traders for new rewards. These rewards include Dragonriding Customization options, the Time-Lost Timbertooth battle pet, and the Noble Bruffalon mount.

Each major faction has its own envoy, and they can be found in Morqut Village. The vendors and their respective rewards are as follows:

  • Cataloger Daela (Dragonscale Expedition Envoy)
    • Reliquary Scroll of Perception
    • Sack of Oddities
    • Dragonscale Surplus Crate
  • Kraxxus (Valdrakken Accord Envoy)
    • Highland Drake: Taperered Nose
    • Windborne Velocidrake: Exposed Finned Neck
    • Azure Scrying Crystal
    • Valdrakken Surplus Chest
  • Storykeeper Ashekh (Maruuk Centaur Envoy)
    • Maruuk Surplus Bundle
    • Noble Bruffalon mount
    • Essence of Divination
  • Turik (Iskaara Tuskarr Envoy)
    • Iskaara Surplus Bag
    • Time-Lost Timbertooth pet
    • Morqut Hearth Totem

To select your Envoy for the day, simply click on the missive on the table in Morqut Village.

Building Reputation and Earning Rewards

There are various daily and world quests in the Forbidden Reach that contribute to increasing your reputation standing with the Obsidian Warders (Alliance) or Dark Talons (Horde), in addition to providing Elemental Overflow.

Completing daily quests in the Forbidden Reach rewards 450 Elemental Overflow, while world quests offer 100 Elemental Overflow each. Engage in these quests regularly to boost your reputation and earn valuable resources.

Gearing Up with Primalist Gear

The Forbidden Reach offers opportunities to obtain Primalist gear tokens, which can be used to create Item Level 385 gear for all slots.

Here are the various gear tokens available for each slot:

  • Helm Slot: Primalist Cloth Helm, Primalist Leather Helm, Primalist Mail Helm, Primalist Plate Helm
  • Neck Slot: Primalist Necklace
  • Shoulder Slot: Primalist Cloth Spaulders, Primalist Leather Spaulders, Primalist Mail Spaulders, Primalist Plate Spaulders
  • Back Slot: Primalist Cloak
  • Chest Slot: Primalist Cloth Chestpiece, Primalist Leather Chestpiece, Primalist Mail Chestpiece, Primalist Plate Chestpiece
  • Wrists Slot: Primalist Cloth Bracers, Primalist Leather Bracers, Primalist Mail Bracers, Primalist Plate Bracers
  • Hands Slot: Primalist Cloth Gloves, Primalist Leather Gloves, Primalist Mail Gloves, Primalist Plate Gloves
  • Legs Slot: Primalist Cloth Leggings, Primalist Leather Leggings, Primalist Mail Leggings, Primalist Plate Leggings
  • Feet Slot: Primalist Cloth Boots, Primalist Leather Boots, Primalist Mail Boots, Primalist Plate Boots
  • Ring Slot: Primalist Ring
  • Trinket Slot: Primalist Trinket
  • Weapon/Off-Hand Slot: Primalist Weapon

Primalist gear can be upgraded to Item Level 395 using Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. Visit Researcher Baneflare in Morqut Village to upgrade your gear and maximize your effectiveness in the Forbidden Reach.

Challenges and Rewards of Primal Storms

The Forbidden Reach is plagued by Primal Storms, which consist of varying elements. Engaging with these storms presents adventurers with both challenges and rewards.

Froststone Vault Primal Storms

One type of Primal Storm in the Forbidden Reach is the Froststone Vault Primal Storm. These storms are marked on the Forbidden Reach map with a skull icon.

Froststone Vault Primal Storms consist of two phases:

In Phase 1, players must defeat five Elite NPCs before the boss in the center becomes attackable. Once the boss shield is removed, players can proceed to Phase 2 and eliminate the boss.

Completing a Froststone Vault Primal Storm rewards players with Condensed items, which generate random Primordial Stones, such as Condensed Earth Magic, Condensed Fire Magic, Condensed Frost Magic, and Condensed Nature Magic. These Primordial Stones are essential for enhancing the Onyx Annulet.

Additionally, players receive Elemental Overflow and progress toward the Gooey Snailemental mount in the form of Leftover Elemental Slime.

Rare Encounters and Treasures

The Forbidden Reach is home to various rare encounters, treasures, and events that offer exciting opportunities for rewards. Here are the details:

Rare Elites

Within the Forbidden Reach, players will find 16 standard rare elites. These rare elites have a chance to drop Primalist gear tokens, Zskera Vault Keys, Elemental Overflow, and Untapped Forbidden Knowledge.

Tracking and locating these rare elites can be made easier by utilizing Tama’s Forbidden Reach Helper, a downloadable tool that keeps track of spawn timers and locations.

Treasure Chests

Throughout the Forbidden Reach, treasure chests surrounded by Elite NPCs appear on the map every 30 minutes. These chests guarantee drops of Zskera Vault Keys and have a chance to contain Untapped Forbidden Knowledge, catch-up gear tokens, and Elemental Overflow.

Trial of the Storms

Players can participate in the Trial of the Storms event on a weekly basis. Upon completing the event, players gain access to the locked Storm-Bound Chest, which contains valuable loot.

More information about the specific drops from the Trial of the Storms event will be added to this guide soon.

The Forbidden Reach Meta-Achievement

For those seeking an additional challenge and prestigious reward, the Forbidden Reach offers a meta-achievement called “You Know How to Reach Me.” Completing this achievement grants players The Forbidden title.

The “You Know How to Reach Me” meta-achievement requires the completion of the following 11 achievements:

  • Explore the Forbidden Reach: Explore the post-storm Forbidden Reach, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
  • Hoarder of the Forbidden Reach: Open 100 small treasures around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Forbidden Spoils: Open 10 Forbidden Hoards around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Scroll Hunter: Find treasures from 50 Sealed Scroll maps in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Door Buster: Unlock 150 doors within the Zskera Vaults using Zskera Vault Keys.
  • While We Were Sleeping: Deliver specific items to Scalecommanders at the Forbidden Reach, including journal entries, receiving stones, and sending stones.
  • Treasures of the Forbidden Reach: Discover the hidden treasures within the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Champion of the Forbidden Reach: Complete all special encounters in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Librarian of the Reach: Collect each of the specified books in the post-storm Forbidden Reach, including The Burden of Lapisagos, A Song of the Depths, Lost Expedition Notes, Living Book, The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated), A Soldier’s Journal, Return of the Nightsquall, Words of the Wyrmslayer, and Opera of the Aspects.
  • Under the Weather: Complete a Froststone Vault Primal Storm of every element.
  • Every Door, Everywhere, All At Once: Unlock every door in a single Zskera Vault within one week.

By completing these achievements, players will demonstrate their mastery of the Forbidden Reach and earn the prestigious title, The Forbidden.


The Forbidden Reach in Dragonflight’s Patch 10.0.7 offers a wealth of content, challenges, and rewards for players to explore. With this detailed guide, you are equipped with all the knowledge needed to navigate the zone, engage in various activities, and unlock valuable treasures. Enjoy your adventure in the Forbidden Reach!