The internet had quite a lot to say about Kim Kardashian’s kitchen

When Kim Kardashian West shared a photo of herself in front of the mystified internet, it naturally caused a frenzy on social media. The photo contained nothing more than a series of see-through appliances, including bottled water and a variety of reduced fat milks (oat, almond).

The internet has picked up on enlightening experiences from Here. Needless to say, the whole situation is OTT, from the restaurant-grade cooking stations to the walk-in fridge. Taking viewers on a detailed tour of Axel Vervoordt’s designed spaces, West Kardashian-clad bottom tracksuit sauntered through two kitchens, highlighting her plant-based diet along the way. On Instagram stories, the mogul explained, “Guys, I’m going to give you a tour of my ‘fridge’ since I saw all these news reports and it’s so baffling inside my fridge, okay?”

The fridge in the Kardashian West’s home, which is a secret walk-in, boasts a rainbow-colored display of artichokes and lemons, alongside grapes, organic fruits, and vegetables. On the left side, you can find condiments and fruit drinks, while butter, cheese, and leftovers, stored in glass and bamboo containers, are placed on the right side. It requires a serious food preparation staff to feed the family of six.

The Kardashian Wests could run a frozen yogurt business

Before opening the secret door to the frozen yogurt machine, she says, “I got rid of my plastic containers, so the pantry entrance now contains a lineup of minimal glass canisters showing off a myriad of toppings like cereals, nuts, and sprinkles.” Kardashian West’s pantry is primed for low-fat dairy treats, making it the perfect success plan for her fashion/beauty-focused lifestyle.

There might soon be a Kardashian West family farm

According to the West Kardashian family, they are currently in the process of building an organic farm on their property, which they hope will provide the brood with homegrown produce. She previously discussed her efforts to swap to organic alternatives when it comes to snacks, as she really enjoys giving her kids fun and nutritious versions of classic Goldfish crackers, such as the Bunnies Cheddar.

Each Kardashian West kid likes a different kind of milk

Kardashian West mentions that every child has a preference for a specific type of milk. Are these options found on the primary shelf? Some of the options available include unsweetened vanilla almond milk, oat milk, vanilla oatmilk, reduced fat milk, heavy cream, Coffee mate french vanilla creamer, macadamia nut milk, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and many others. Pointing towards another transparent fridge filled with beverages, she adds, “If you desire a bit more disorder.”

Their condiments will last through the apocalypse.

The Kardashian Wests will always have their preferred condiments, no matter what happens in the world. The nearby fridge houses another assortment of sauces, including hot sauces and steak sauces. The menu includes teriyaki glaze, relish dressings, jams, ketchups, and mustards. The bottom shelves of the walk-in fridge are lined with a series of plant-based sauces for Kardashian West’s diet.