The Last of Us Quotes on HBO (TV Series)

Our list comprises the finest quotes from the HBO television drama based on the video game “The Last of Us,” which takes place in a post-apocalyptic America where survival depends on each other and both Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, and Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting her, embark on a heartbreaking and brutal journey.

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1. When You’re Confused in the Shadows.

Tweet To Click. (Use of The Last) Marlene – spray paint Only. You are not in a rebellion, and you will not get anywhere if you fight for twenty years.

Suddenly, the entire world falls ill. Pan, which means “all”, leads to the emergence of a worldwide pandemic. If a new virus emerges in Madagascar, for example, it could spread to Chicago in a matter of weeks, according to Dr. Schoenheiss in 1968.

In the end, we consistently emerge victorious. However, in a real conflict, there are instances where millions of individuals lose their lives. Since the beginning, humanity has been engaged in a battle against the virus, Dr. Neuman.

‘Three nails, in addition to one cross, results in four-forgiven.’ – Mrs. Adler (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

To control, but not to kill, there are some fungi who seek otherwise. Many species know enough, fungi seem harmless. Dr. Neuman.

The fungus, like a puppeteer with a marionette, starts directing the ant’s behavior, telling it where to go and what to do. It begins by replacing the ant’s flesh with that of an ant, its host, in order to feed and stay alive. The fungus prevents the ant from dying, but it doesn’t let its victim live either. It floods the ant’s brain with hallucinogens, bending its mind to its will. This fungus, which infects insects and gets inside an ant, travels through its circulatory system and infects its brain. Fungi have the ability to alter our minds, but viruses can also make us sick, according to Dr. Neuman.

‘Humanity has been engaged in conflict with the virus since the beginning.’ – Dr. Neuman (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

So in the event that occurs?

2. Infected.

Based on the limited information provided by Ellie Williams’s tweet, it seems that we are either running out of time or facing a significant challenge. According to Servopoulos, also known as ‘Tess’ Theresa, “It’s a freaking dead end.”

Please listen attentively. I have devoted my time to studying these aspects of life. There is no presence of medicine. There is no presence of a vaccine. What should we do in this situation? The bombing has commenced. This city is being bombed, affecting everyone in it.

Ellie Williams: Obviously not. Joel Miller: And she didn’t shoot you. Ellie Williams: She discovered me after I was bitten. Theresa ‘Tess’ Servopoulos: What was Marlene doing with a contaminated child?

I didn’t transform into a monstrous creature, but, you know, I believe what truly amazed them was the fact that they would instruct me to count to ten and extend my hand and then maintain its stability. Ellie Williams.

Ellie Williams: There won’t be anything negative in here? Joel Miller: Only you. Ellie Williams: Oh, amusing.

3. Long Long Time‘Paying attention to things, it’s how we show love.’ – Frank (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet

It’s not my fault, so don’t hold me accountable. You made a decision and required a truck battery or something similar. Nobody forced you to go along with this plan, nobody forced you or Tess to take me. I’ve been reflecting on what occurred, and I wasn’t going to apologize. I was going to express that to Joel, Ellie Williams.

‘I’ve had a lot of bad days. But I’ve had good days with you too. Just give me one more good day, Frank – the last one of ‘Tweet To Click’ Us. Anyone else with more good days than you, just had more good days with me.

Ellie Williams: Are Bill and Frank friendly? Joel Miller: Frank is.

‘Love me as I desire you to.’ – Frank (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Ellie Williams: Typically. Joel Miller: Because you’re not skilled at shooting, or like generally? Ellie Williams: It occurs more frequently than you imagine. Joel Miller: No, I also failed to hit the target. Ellie Williams: Did you manage to hit him? Joel Miller: Yes. Ellie Williams: Look, that’s impressive. Did you retaliate? Joel Miller: I was targeted and the shot missed.

‘I’m old. I’m satisfied. And you were my purpose.’ – Bill (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.Output: ‘I am elderly. I am content. And you were my reason.’ – Bill (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Joel Miller: You ask a lot of goddamn questions.Ellie Williams: Yes, I do. So, are you going to answer me, or what?

Bill (The Last of Us) – Click To Tweet. ‘We are a team that aids each other, relying on divine assistance to fulfill our mission. Both you and I, like true men, possess the ability to carry out our duty. I protected him as a result. I accomplished the task of rescuing him. That individual was deserving of being saved.’

Ellie Williams: Is there anything negative in here? Joel Miller: Just you. Ellie Williams: Ah. Becoming more amusing.

4. Please grasp my hand.

‘You persist for your family. That’s pretty much the extent of it.’ – Joel Miller (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Pretty much nowhere. Joel Miller: [referring to the gasoline] This substance is nearly liquid. We used to travel for ten, twelve hours on a single tank of gas in the past. You had the freedom to go anywhere. So where did you travel to? Ellie Williams:

Joel Miller: I am aware that it functions. Ellie Williams: You are not aware. Joel Miller: It occurs when a fluid moves in opposition to the force of gravity due to pressure… Ellie Williams: Impressive! Can you explain the mechanics behind it?

Livingston Will by Intended Pun No stationery remains unmoved, the envelope pushes you no matter how much it doesn’t matter “It: Williams Ellie

He can’t do anything, you know. But he will be back. You can’t escape, Livingston, Joel knows. Feel free to wait in the truck, Miller. Then it dawned on me, I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went. “What did she wear to her math class?” “Something like a mermaid’s bra, like algae.”

5. Endure and Survive‘If you turn into a monster, is it still you inside?’ – Sam (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet

Now, Perry, you see, Kathleen: I used to be very afraid of these individuals. Look at them now. Did it feel good betraying your neighbors for FEDRA? Did it make you feel safe knowing that they could throw us in prison, hang us, and provide us with limited access to essential resources like food, alcohol, and medicine? Does it still make you feel safe now? How does it make you feel?

Henry could you tell me (Click to Tweet) the last time you clicked? I saw someone who could be your father, but you might not be her father. However, you understood it. I am the guy who did a bad thing because I am a bad guy.

Share. Informants. Are you Henry? Where is he? There is something you have to do for me first. But time, you can manage. And that’s the way it will happen, all of you are guilty. We can arrange a trial for you. Yeah, you are lucky that there is no one here to kill you. I am not affiliated with FEDRA. Kathleen: Okay.

‘It concludes the way it concludes.’ – Kathleen (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Kathleen: But things have gone fantastic, haven’t you heard? Kansas City is liberated.

Tweet To Click (The Last Use of Us) by Joel Miller – That’s hard part, relying on anyone else, you don’t have to. Anyway, I think it’s easier when you’re a kid.

It’s quicker. Incinerate the corpses once you’re finished. No. We’re not actually subjecting them to a trial. Perry: Are we truly subjecting them to a trial?

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages. Output: The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a captivating location for individuals of various age groups. Input: ‘”Endure and survive.” That s**t’s redundant.’ – Henry (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.Output: ‘”Persist and thrive.” That stuff is unnecessary.’ – Henry (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Henry: Underground passages? What’s the point? You can end your life right here. Eldelstein: How? Henry: Tunnels. Eldelstein: We weren’t using firearms to escape from this situation anyway. Henry: No. Therefore, we’ll stealthily find a way to escape.

6. Kin.

Be cautious when placing your trust in people who can betray us, as we are the ones who can click and tweet the last.

Miller Joel: I am searching for my sibling. Marlon: Well, I haven’t come across him. Miller Joel: I haven’t disclosed his appearance to you. Marlon: Does he resemble you in any way? Miller Joel: To some extent. Marlon: Then I haven’t spotted him.

“We knew only one way, the way we survived. There were no other ways that were good for them, just us.”

Ellie Williams: Joel, let’s go. They’re like a thousand.Marlon: Who is this little maniac?

“Having a negative reputation doesn’t imply that you are a bad person.” – Tommy Miller (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Joel Miller: I require you to inform us of our current location. Marlon: If you possess a map, how is it possible for you to be lost? Ellie Williams: It appears that we may have overlooked all of the street signs in this incredibly vast forest.

Tweeting about The Last of Us, I constantly fail as Joel Miller, over and over again. It’s a never-ending cycle of failure that I experience every time. That’s all there is to it. I’m failing even in my sleep.

Have you not heard the name Tommy before, Marlon? No, I haven’t. What are the Fireflies all about? In the summer, we encounter those bugs. However, the people do not. Are there actually people who are associated with fireflies, Florence?

7. Left Behind‘It ends this way for everyone sooner or later, right? Some of us just get there faster than others. But we don’t quit. Whether it’s two minutes, or two days, we don’t give that up.’ – Riley Abel (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet

Depart. Depart. [While he’s experiencing bleeding] Miller Joel: Be quiet, Joel. Williams Ellie: Obtain the firearm. Miller Joel: Joel, be silent! Williams Ellie: You depart. You depart. You proceed towards the northern direction. You go to Tommy. You depart.

Keep acting like a grunt to get ahead in life. There are two paths ahead of you. Let me help you out. Can’t you see where this is going? Ellie, you’re both stupid and smart. After the flashback, Bethany beats herself up. Kwong: Cpt.

You can choose and select what is important to click on Abel Riley’s tweet (the most recent one). You cannot fight against everyone and everything.

When you become an officer, you will get your own room and a nice bed. We patrol in the winter to keep warm and in the summer to stay cool. We don’t go on patrol all the time, so you can relax and enjoy the best of Bethanys. Just make sure to follow the rules and take pride in your role. Remember, there’s no other path like yours to tell the world about.

We can all be just poetic and lose ourselves together in our minds.

Or perhaps not. Your opportunity may come someday. And there is a leader within you. That is something I am certain of. If we fail, the people in the zone will either kill each other or suffer from starvation. We are the sole force keeping everything intact, regardless of what others may say or think. I am invested because I genuinely care. Why do you also care? Ellie Williams: Cpt. Kwong:

8. When We Require Assistance.

‘So you went from teacher to preacher because, what? It f***ing rhymes?’ – Ellie Williams (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

James: I continue to have faith. David: Not from them. James: They’re simply afraid. They haven’t lost trust in you, David. I detected uncertainty in their words.

David: You’re an impressive hunter. We didn’t even hear you approaching. Ellie Williams: [as they’re about to take the deer she’d killed] Don’t! Put down your rifles! Immediately face me. Slowly. If you make any sudden movements, I will aim directly at your eyes. The same goes for your friend.

“There is no such concept as luck.” – David (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet.

Additionally famished. I hail from a substantial assembly as well, Ellie Williams. We’re all exceedingly famished and we belong to a bigger cohort, females, youngsters, David.

David: [to Ellie] Is that your dad’s weapon? Is he the one who is sick? Is that why you’re out here alone?

9. Look for the Light‘Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hope. You can feel like you’ve come to an end, and you don’t know what to do next. But if you just keep going, you find something new to fight for.’ – Joel Miller (The Last of Us) Click To Tweet

Ellie, tell them. You f***ing tell them. Yeah, oh, hey. [Flashback, after she’s attacked by an infected and gives birth] Anna Williams.

“Joel Miller has always been out there, something bad has always been far, but maybe there’s nothing there.”

Marlene: I am unable to comply.Anna Williams: [referring to her switchblade knife] And I desire for you to bestow this upon her. She goes by the name of Ellie.Marlene: I am unable to perform that task.Anna Williams: [after it’s revealed she’s been bitten by the Infected] I wish for you to accompany her to Boston, locate an individual to raise her, and ensure her safety.

After we’ve all been through it, I can’t do anything for Ellie Williams – nothing can be clicked on.

Please! Please, pretty please. Please! Anna Williams: So you fetch her immediately, and then you eliminate me. Marlene: [as she takes Ellie] I cannot eliminate you. Anna Williams: How many years have we been acquainted? Marlene: Our entire existence.

I will follow you wherever you go, Ellie Williams. Whether it’s to the moon, Tommy’s sheep ranch, or anywhere else you desire. I know you want to keep me safe.