The Life and Death Story of Tommy Smith, Everleigh Labrant’s dad

Everleigh’s mom, Savannah, used to be in a romantic relationship with Tommy Smith, the famous child actor and YouTuber, who happens to be the father of Everleigh LaBrant. Tommy is widely known for his past career as an architect and unfortunately, he tragically lost his life due to a seizure caused by a drug overdose.

Cole LaBrant is currently married to Savannah, an internet personality and YouTuber. He was in a long-term relationship with her. Not much is known about Tommy’s early childhood and his personal life. Tommy Smith, a 29-year-old YouTuber, is the father of LaBrant Rose and Everleigh.

Everleigh and Tommy were the only children who loved birds, but their co-parenting was separated. When Tommy made the assertion “I love co-parenting with Sav,” their claims were rubbished by critics and haters who have talked down on their co-parenting. He wrote, “something needs to stop adding hate in their direction, like a plant or tree.”

Everleigh responded with a smile and asked me if Savannah, like her two dads, raised me and made me feel like one.

Everleigh loved “Tommy” immensely, and our hearts are incredibly heavy after hearing about the sudden demise of dad’s Everleigh. Savannah posted on her Instagram, alongside a photo of her daughter and her ex, wrote Savannah.

His love for living life to the fullest with his free spirit will be greatly missed. He was a friend, family member, grandson, brother, son, and father. “That,” she added, “was also mentioned in Smith’s obituary. Your prayers for Everleigh are greatly appreciated.”

The obituary stated, “Instead of flowers, the family requested supporters to donate a beautiful memorial tree to CHOC Children’s Mission at Saddleback Church in California, in memory of Thomas Smith. Memorial services for Smith were later held at a church.”

When he died, his total assets are approximated at around US$500,000. The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner affirms to PEOPLE that Smith passed away from an unintended overdose caused by severe fentanyl intoxication. As the partner of Savannah and the parent of Everleigh, he had accomplished this accomplishment by amassing more than 97,000 supporters on Instagram. Tommy Smith will be deeply remembered by his loved ones and acquaintances.

What was the cause of Tommy Smith’s death?

The specific cause of Tommy Smith’s death, according to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner, was an accidental overdose resulting from severe fentanyl poisoning.

What was Tommy Smith’s profession?

Tommy Smith was an architectural designer. He worked for design firm called Khandroo Designs. Before joining Khandroo Designs he worked Inter-Sky Engineering.

What was Tommy Smith’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Tommy Smith was an American, although his ethnic background remained undisclosed.

What was Tommy Smith’s age, height and weight?

Tommy Smith, aged 29, succumbed to a seizure and cardiac arrest, which were connected to his substance abuse. The precise measurements of his height and weight were undisclosed.

Who was Tommy Smith married to?

In 2012, she was born. The pair were in a committed relationship and they have a daughter. Tommy Smith was single but he was in a serious romantic involvement with teenage girlfriend and partner Savannah LaBrant.

Did Tommy Smith have kids?

Everleigh LaBrant is the offspring of Tommy Smith and his adolescent paramour Savannah LaBrant. Everleigh is the child prodigy, blogger, and content creator. Tommy and Savannah had Everleigh when they were merely 19 years old.