The Match format 2023: Explaining scoring & other golf rules for Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce vs. Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson

On Thursday, the game is returning, featuring Chiefs’ Super Bowl winners Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes competing against Warriors’ standout players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They will need to uphold their reputation as exceptional teammates, as they have showcased both on the basketball court and the football field.

Additionally, during the game, his teammate will support and rectify errors to ensure that all players are on the same page. Whether it’s a dropped pass or a missed shot, these actions also indicate that Nev is aware of the potential damage that can occur to their position on the course in Paradise. Each player will have the responsibility to place their respective teammate in a favorable position, following the rules of the scramble format in the 8-Match With.

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Here’s what you should be aware of regarding the structure, scoring, and additional details about the upcoming edition of the golf showdown:

The team selects the best player to play the ball off the tees in this format, and each player selects the best ball to play from the next shot.

Whoever has won the most holes at the end of the tournament wins. If a hole is halved, both teams should record the same score. Whoever finishes a hole with the lowest score wins the hole. The process is repeated until the hole is finished, starting from that point.

Therefore, anticipate Klay Thompson to be striking a plethora of Steph Curry golf balls by Thursday.

What does match play mean in the game of golf?

The player or players who win the most holes at the end of the tournament or round are determined by winning a hole over their opponent. Tournaments are mostly won by players who have the lowest overall score, while setting the format for a mano-a-mano match play in golf.

Regardless of the previous score on the hole, Player B wins the hole if Player B has three strokes but Player A has four strokes on a particular hole. Therefore, scoring in the match is not cumulative, and the score resets on every hole.

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How does the scoring system for scramble work?

The team with the lowest score wins the tournament at the end, with the most holes. In a scramble format, where multiple balls are hit and only the lowest score per hole is used, each team only hits one ball.

How many rounds will be played in The Match 2023?

The four players will play just 12 of the 18 holes at Wynn Golf Club, making for a pretty short afternoon of.

In addition to the regular format, there will be a special “challenge” on 12 holes, where a player nets a hole-in-one on any of those holes. For each ace, $5 million will be donated to the charity named after the team, with $2 million being donated for each hole-in-one on holes 12, 8, 6, and 4.