The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys is a 2016 American neo-noir action comedy movie.


Amelia Healy, an unethical enforcer hired by Jackson to intimidate her away, doesn’t wish to be found and accepts the job. However, March realizes that Amelia is somehow involved when he discovers a missing girl named Kuttner Amelia, but he is skeptical of her claim. Later that week, March is approached by Mrs. Glenn, Misty’s aunt, who claims to have seen her niece alive after her supposed death. March, an alcoholic private eye, witnesses the fading porn star Misty’s death in a car crash named Bobby, a boy from Los Angeles in 1977 in the Mountains.

Despite March’s attempts to keep her safe, two individuals are assisting her young daughter. March reluctantly teams up with Healy to find Amelia before the thugs do. Healy manages to ward off the thugs and interrogate them to discover Amelia’s whereabouts. Later that night, Healy is attacked at his home by two unnamed thugs, one of whom is referred to as Older Guy and the other as Blue. They pack dye in Healy’s briefcase after a briefcase named Face hits Healy.

Amelia unintentionally encounters March while searching for Shattuck’s lifeless body, after struggling through the gathering. The two individuals search for the infamous pornographic creator, Sid Shattuck, at the event. The film’s financial backer, Sid Shattuck, is sought after by the two individuals at the gathering, after fumbling through the event. March, who is inebriated, discovers Shattuck’s lifeless body while coincidentally crossing paths with Amelia. However, the film, which was worked on by Amelia, Misty Mountains, and an amateur filmmaker named Dean and titled “How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy?”, Was destroyed in a fire that inexplicably claimed Dean’s life. Amelia collaborated with Misty Mountains and an amateur filmmaker named Dean on an “experimental film” called “How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy?” That delved into the issue of smog in Los Angeles.

After a brief investigation, two high-ranking officials from the United States Department of Justice are greeted by Kim Basinger, Judith Kuttner, the mother of Amelia, who claims that her daughter is paranoid and delusional. They point towards Las Vegas, where the mob is trying to expand their scene of pornography. Holly, the man named John Boy dispatched to hit the boss, reveals that Healy, their family’s boss, has sent him to kill Amelia and March. In an attempt to prevent further witnesses, Face Blue discreetly strangles Healy to death. While chasing them, Face Blue is seriously injured and dying in the middle of the road. Amelia warns Holly, who tries to kill Amelia from inside his car. Guy Older fights Healy and Face Blue, and Holly is tricked into getting into a car with Face Blue. Holly, attempting to investigate on her own, is stopped by Amelia.

After uncovering evidence that Detroit automakers are colluding to suppress emissions by working together in a cabal, Amelia takes John Boy (Bomer) back to her house in March, where she reveals that the people she’s been working for are trying to expose their collusion. However, they quickly retreat from the building and jump into their car to escape, as they witness men being slaughtered by John. This leads them to an airport hotel, where they find a party and a notepaper with the same type as the one given to him by Amelia, which reveals the address of March’s house. Healy is not found at the party.

Trying to hitch a ride, John Boy unintentionally encounters Amelia and causes her death on the street. An impatient Amelia has fled the house while John Boy drives away upon hearing the sirens of approaching police vehicles. March and Healy engage in a shootout with John Boy after he assaults Holly under the disguise of being a family doctor, sent by Tally. The betrayal was a distraction to leave Amelia vulnerable, as the case opens up to reveal torn magazines when March accidentally crashes their car while falling asleep at the wheel. Judith has her assistant, Tally (Yaya DaCosta), organize for March and Healy to deliver a briefcase that supposedly holds $100,000.

Before Holly can kill them, she arrives at the service room pretending to knock Tally unconscious and fights Guy Older, subsequently causing his death while Healy spares his life at Holly’s behest. Only to be intercepted by March and Healy, who attempt to reach them first. Along with a few other thugs, Guy Older and Boy John subdue Healy while Tally knocks Holly unconscious. In the end, the film will automatically be projected from a window of the building, showing the spliced public film for the Los Angeles Auto Show presentation that Amelia had worked on.Output: Prior to Holly being able to eliminate them, she deceitfully enters the service room, feigning Tally’s unconsciousness, and engages in a fight with Guy Older, resulting in his demise as Healy chooses to spare his life as requested by Holly. However, their plans are thwarted by March and Healy, who strive to reach their location before them. Accompanied by a small group of additional criminals, Guy Older and Boy John overpower Healy while Tally renders Holly unconscious. Ultimately, the film, which Amelia had contributed to its production, will be automatically displayed through a window of the building, showcasing the edited public film intended for the presentation at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The agency, known as “The Friendly Fellas,” is established by Healy and March as they opt to carry on their collaboration as private investigators. Judith asserts that she never desired her daughter’s demise and rationalizes her participation by emphasizing that “what benefits Detroit is beneficial for America” during her conversation with March and Healy prior to her trial. The Detroit automotive corporations evade consequences, and despite Judith’s arrest, the detectives hand over the footage to the authorities.