The Swifties Are Unionizing? Excuse Me?

I’m feeling conflicted and betrayed about my love for her music. It’s awful to hear that Matty Healy, who is a terrible human being, has said some sexist and racist things. It has made it extremely hard for me to be a fan lately, especially if the rumors about Taylor Swift dating him are true. Unfortunately, it seems like there is a connection between two of Taylor Swift’s songs that I listened to the most in 2022. I’m a Swiftie, but I need to come clean and reevaluate my friendships.

Seriously, a union is being initiated. Certain individuals are deeply affected by this act of betrayal by Healy and are taking proactive measures rather than reducing their fandom and decreasing their consumption of her music (if at all), as Swift has promoted a one-sided relationship with her fans. Nevertheless.

I have transcribed the contents of the announcement above the included Tweets. Should we analyze the manifesto? Therefore, as you can observe above, it is circulating on Reddit and Twitter, the Taylor Swift Fan Union (TSFU), for which I am unable to locate the primary source.

Fans do the vast majority of promotion and marketing for Taylor Swift without being compensated.

Yet we, as fanworkers, still have no formal bargaining power in the musical direction or brand identity of the celebrity we collectively created.


This means that achieving success and fame is not necessarily dependent on someone else’s validation. It is possible that this is the initial indication, but let’s objectively examine if this seems absurd.

The Taylor Swift Fan Union offers fan workers the ability to collectively bargain for a creative vision of Taylor Swift that better aligns with our shared values.

The TSFU also demands the recognition of our labor through compensation and health benefits.


Personally, I would love to listen to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, as it is another hint that this creation is the result of a disgruntled fan who wants to bring attention to Matty Healy’s worst qualities. She clearly wants to push him over the line and publicly disavow him, which is why she made the fans stay even more explicit in the next part. However, the “TSFU” acronym of this is yet another hint that she wants to bring attention to it and bring her billionaire status into the spotlight. So, clearly, she could spare the money and finish the tour, which would have health benefits and paid benefits for those who love listening to Taylor Swift.

Recently many fan workers were harmed by Taylor’s unilateral decision to date an alt right extremist without union consultation.

The TSFU unequivocally stands against hate and will work towards a future where this kind of workplace violence never happens again.


Here’s the prize for playing the TSFU game. There was always bound to be backlash for that kind of relationship. In this case, when she aligns herself with that kind of relationship, she will naturally have an intense reaction, which will, of course, foster a close parasocial relationship with her fans for a long time. In this case, when she aligns herself with someone associated with the alt-right, she will naturally have an intense reaction, which will, of course, foster a close parasocial relationship with her fans for a long time. “Miss Prince,” she sang herself in Heartbreak & Americana Miss, “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.”

To maintain accountability to fan values, we propose a seasonal meeting between Swift, her management, and elected TSFU representative to come to a collective agreement on matters relating to her future musical output, social life, touring schedule, commercial endorsement, and fan availability.


If you had any uncertainty now that this was not serious, the aforementioned should push you into the realm of satire.

As fanworkers who’ve dedicated countless hours to studying and constructively criticizing Taylor’s celebrity, we are uniquely well positions to offer creative suggestions for her career moving forward.

Who better than fanworkers to determine what fanworkers want and need?


Taylor, what are you thinking?! Matty Healy hangs out with a lot of people who have harmful views and says terrible things about a lot of people. I absolutely believe that my mother and Taylor have had awful conversations and Matty Healy’s advice here would be to dump them.

The TSFU also seeks remuneration for previously uncompensated promotional labor.

This includes fanworkers’ fair share of revenue for album sales, streams, merchandise, and concert tickets—none of which would be possible without the labor of the TSFU.


It will never happen. (Voice narrator: It will never happen.) As I said, Taylor Swift was the top artist streamed by me, if this ever happens, I’m being selfishly so.

Many fanworkers are still processing the trauma of Taylor’s associations with the alt right despite her previous commitments to BIPOC and LGBTQIAA2S+ allyship.

The TSFU looks to establish emergency mental health services for all of those still suffering, including therapy and hospitalization costs.


Demonstrative and vacuous, this exemplifies white female feminism at its peak. She is still actively attempting to present herself as a supporter while being in a relationship with Healy, who clearly is not. During her Chicago concert on Friday, Swift declared that the concert is a “secure environment” and recognized the significance of Pride month.

The manifesto concludes with this statement.

By joining the United Musicians and Allied Workers, the TSFU looks to become the first formally recognized fan union in history—revolutionizing labor relations between fanworkers and the celebrities they’ve labored to create.

Now if our moment to end exploitation and create equitable representation for Swifties everywhere.


There was bound to be a lot of backlash, as many people and views (especially those of the alt-right, who are often associated with hate and fascism) find it very uncomfortable when someone aligns themselves with Taylor, whom they perceive as going too far. Naturally, a vast majority of her fans feel betrayed by this kind of relationship, so it is widely acknowledged that Taylor’s statement about this situation is something I’ve said throughout, but the demands of TSFU are absurd.

Comrades, in order to foster solidarity, it is important for TSFU to expect and encourage open communication. It is crucial for both sides to actively participate and not rely solely on the guidance of Healy. Perhaps, she needs to consider taking her own advice. As the lyrics of her song suggest, “A none to friend is all to friend a,” meaning that everyone should be treated as a friend, without any exceptions.