The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley: How Elvis’ only daughter suffered the early death of a parent, failed marriages and the grief of losing a son

She was only nine years old when tragedy struck her life, including the loss of her legendary musician father.

On a fateful day in 107, Nicholas Cage would enter into marriage, including the singer Michael Jackson, and she would also experience four high-profile separations.

Misfortune at the age of nine.

Marie’s Lisa, the traditional princess, was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968, marking the conclusion of the “Elvis-mania” era.

However, her family life would soon be shattered by unfaithfulness.

After claims of affairs on both sides, Priscilla’s affair with her karate teacher proved to be the final straw in the already tumultuous marriage of the couple.

The couple eventually parted ways later that year, in 1972.

Lisa Marie, then aged four, would spend her childhood between her mother’s Californian home and her father’s estate of Graceland in Memphis.

Marie Lisa Edwards, who would later enter into a relationship with the actor Michael, accused her mother in a 2003 interview of coming into her room while she was drunk and behaving inappropriately when she was a teenager.

After experiencing a cardiac arrest, her father passed away at the tender age of 42 when Lisa Marie was merely nine years old, misfortune befell her once more.

During her school years, she started experimenting with drugs, which prompted her mother to enroll her in a series of exclusive schools, including a boarding school at one stage.

“(I) was somewhat of a recluse, a somber and peculiar child,” she mentioned, discussing her academic years in a 2003 conversation with the LA Times.

“I went through a period of intense self-destructive behavior for a while.

“I never truly belonged in school. I didn’t really have any guidance.”

Unsuccessful initial marriage and ill-fated subsequent relationship with Michael Jackson.

After dropping out of high school in her junior year, Lisa Marie was sent to the Celebrity Scientology Drug Rehabilitation Center, where she would first meet Danny Keough, her future husband and a musician.

The couple got married in 1988 and had two kids; Riley, who is currently an actress and model, and Benjamin.

After accepting his proposal through a phone conversation, Lisa Marie married the vocalist Michael Jackson a mere three weeks after her divorce from Keough was officially concluded in 1994.

The pair soon went to the Dominican Republic, where Lisa Marie filed a quick divorce to Keough, then wed Jackson in private.

Several weeks ago, in a foreign country, I had a private wedding with Michael Jackson. I revealed my new name, Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson, to the public when I made the announcement about our marriage.

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However, their marriage was shaken by the emerging accusations of child maltreatment against Jackson.

The vocalist allegedly became reliant on Lisa Marie for emotional assistance, while she grew worried about his consumption of sedative medications.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Lisa Marie later expressed her hope to “rescue” the troubled singer.

The theories dogged the marriage of the pair who had an asexual relationship, as Marie Lisa appeared in a suggestive video with him, implying that “You Are Not Alone.”

However, a year later, in 1996, the couple ended their marriage.

A 107-day union with Nicholas Cage.

In the year 2000, Lisa Marie embarked on a fresh romantic connection with vocalist John Oszajca. Nevertheless, the pair endeavored to reestablish harmony during the subsequent four years.

However, she abruptly ended their engagement after encountering actor Nicholas Cage at a social gathering.

The couple wedded in August 2002. However, a mere 107 days later, their matrimony concluded in separation.

Comparable upbringings, comparable circumstances. “It appeared appealing, as if I could be on equal footing,” she expressed to Larry King during their conversation about the marriage in 2003.

“So we bonded, we had a great rapport.

Before what was troublesome, everything that was happening was emphasized, you know, or it will stabilize [my life] hoping someone you wed where things those of a similar nature was it.

“So it sort of accomplished the latter, that’s all.”

Acrimonious marital separation conflict.

Marie Lisa later married Michael Lockwood, a former music producer and guitarist serving as the best man at the couple’s ceremony, after four years.

The couple welcomed twins, Finley and Harper, in 2008.

In spite of a prenuptial agreement, Lockwood tried to assert ownership over a portion of Lisa Marie’s sizable fortune during their bitter divorce in 2016, effectively terminating their decade-long marriage.

Following a contentious struggle, Lisa Marie’s inheritance was safeguarded and their divorce was concluded in 2021.

Walking in her father’s path.

Lisa Marie experienced more joyful moments in the past.

To Whom It May Concern, her debut album: starting in 2003, she pursued a music career by following in her father’s footsteps.

Now What, released in 2005, also reached the top 10 on the US Billboard album chart, just like its predecessor.

Fans had to wait seven years for her third album, Storm And Grace, which received favorable feedback upon its release.

The album is thought to have been partly inspired by her son Benjamin, whose middle name is Storm.

In 2018, Presley released a new record titled “Alone Stands No One Where”, which featured 14 original performances by him and celebrated her father’s love for gospel music.

The main song was a recreated duet, in which Lisa Marie’s singing was showcased alongside her father’s.

The passing of her son.

Nevertheless, her life persisted to be afflicted by sorrowful turns.

Lisa Marie expressed feeling “devastated” by the news of Jackson’s passing, at the age of 50, in 2009.

And in 2020, her son, Benjamin, tragically ended his life at the young age of 27.

Last year, she penned an article for People magazine regarding his demise.

“I have experienced death, sorrow, and bereavement from the age of nine,” she stated.

“I have experienced more than my fair share of it in my lifetime and somehow, I have managed to come this far.”