The Truth About Senior Legacy Life Insurance

It’s remarkable, isn’t it, that while there are many life insurance providers on television, Senior Legacy Life Insurance is not even a reputable insurance company!

It appears that Senior Legacy Life is a marketing company that endeavors to gather your information with the intention of selling it to life insurance agents.


Some states may impose restrictions. Not all states offer the same benefits. Policies may be terminated without premiums being paid. Policies may contain provisions for termination, exclusions, and limitations. Insurance pricing and termination provisions may affect the benefits. SAL Life American Senior, DBA of MU Ventures, LLC, is not an insurance agency or company and does not sell insurance. It is a referral network branded under American Senior Life.

In this article, we will examine Senior Legacy Life Insurance more closely and understand why it should always be your primary option when purchasing life insurance.

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  • What is the issue with the Senior Legacy Life’s Burial Insurance Program?
  • What Is The Best Way To Buy Burial Insurance?

    A better way to purchase burial insurance is to work with America’s Funeral Funds, where you can get pricing from many companies and compare rates to help you get coverage on the first day.

    We are a self-sufficient life insurance agency representing numerous companies to provide you with the most affordable rates.

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    What Happens When You Submit Your Information On The Senior Legacy Life Website?

    According to Senior Legacy Life, your contact information and phone number will be sold to insurance agents or companies.

    To buy life insurance from them, entry-level insurance agents call you daily, who often sell your personal information to companies like this.

    Instead of using a lead generation website such as Senior Legacy Life, the most effective approach to receiving professional assistance is to collaborate directly with a trustworthy organization like Funeral Funds of America.

    What Is Senior Legacy Life Burial Insurance Program?

    “Few cents per day” refers to rates that make absurd assertions about affordable monthly premiums, offering life insurance program details to seniors whom the company attempts to persuade to enroll.

    The Life Legacy Senior program targets individuals aged 50-80. It offers insurance coverage that can be used for final expenses, with a promise of up to $30,000 for burial insurance. This includes outstanding debts, funeral costs, and other final expenses.

    The commercials of Senior Legacy Life guarantee you the following:.

  • Your prices will never go up.
  • Your advantage will never diminish.
  • There is no medical examination.
  • You will be eligible even if you have a pre-existing condition or ailment.
  • Their single-page website promotes the idea of securing rates by filling out the application via telephone with a representative.

    There are two methods to obtain a quotation for funeral insurance:.

  • You can contact them (not advised!).
  • You can obtain a quote form by selecting the link located at the bottom of the page (not advised!).
  • What is the issue with the Senior Legacy Life’s Burial Insurance Program?

  • They do not disclose to whom, where, or when they will trade your data.
  • They do not mention the frequency of contact after providing them with your information.
  • They do not specify their products (coverage from the first day or a policy with a waiting period of two years?).
  • Don’t be deceived by this type of advertising; their television commercials promote coverage at “a few cents per day,” but they cannot guarantee it.
  • They do not permit immediate communication with an agent (only once a company or agent has acquired your details).
  • What Is Senior Legacy Life?

    Senior Legacy Life is neither an insurance company nor an insurance agency.

    It seems like they are a lead generation website that sells your personal and confidential data to insurance agents.

    We came across Agents and IMO (Independent Marketing Organizations) insurance that connects consumers with Life Legacy Senior Insurance Brand professionals when we stumbled upon their page, prompting us to conduct further research.

    Life Legacy Senior seems to be a direct response TV producer specializing in producing television commercials to sell consumer data to independent marketing organizations that specialize in selling burial insurance products.

    From Senior Legacy’s Website:

    Currently, our commercial TV expense is generating thousands of inbound calls per week. These calls are from agents, IMO’s insurance, and consumers who are requesting coverage and final expense information.

    Is Senior Legacy Life A Scam?

    Many people feel scammed because they believe they were dealing with a legitimate insurance company when in reality, they were dealing with a company marketing their personal information.

    Although their advertisements and promotional campaigns might mislead numerous individuals, it should be noted that they are not an insurance firm… And Senior Legacy should not be regarded as a fraudulent scheme.

    DO NOT be fooled by advertisements from marketing firms that trade your data for financial gain.

    From Senior Legacy’s Website:

    If your IMO sells insurance expenses in multiple states, they are prepared to tap into one of the largest TV advertising campaigns. It is not uncommon for our average call to exceed 20 minutes, which is a testament to the quality of our rates that are close to 5 in 1.

    Legacy Senior Life clearly states that their TV commercials for insurance indicate that their agents will sell you life insurance “close” (meaning, convince) in over 20 minutes of conversation to get information and make a sale.

    The nationally broadcasted insurance company purchases television advertisements to promote their burial services. The leads generated from these commercials are directed to the independent marketing organizations (IMOs), and consumers who watch their advertisements can call the 800 number to inquire about their services.

    From Senior Legacy’s Website:

    TV Life Legacy Senior has managed and created TV commercials to help your organization fulfill its “promotional” element in the marketing of insurance products, targeting seniors in the IMO’s calls of thousands of hundreds drive, as a leader in direct response TV advertising, specializing in reaching the market of adults aged 50+.

    How Can Funeral Funds Help Me?

    Funeral Funds, an independent life insurance agency, can assist you in finding and collaborating with more than 20 life insurance providers to fulfill your requirements for the optimal policy. They offer the ability to compare rates and policy attributes of various companies.

    If you’re seeking burial insurance, our assistance is available. We will furnish quotes from multiple companies to facilitate the comparison of rates and policy features. We will aid you in identifying the most suitable policy for your requirements.

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