‘The Voice’ reveals its newest winner in a somewhat shocking finale

As per “Entertainment Tonight,” Carson Daly, the host, mentioned that it represented the narrowest margin of triumph in the history of the competition. Singer Gina Miles, who was a member of Niall Horan’s team, emerged as the Season 23 champion instead.

Miles, the runner-up from West Grace, looked visibly shocked when the show declared her the winner and called out her name, surpassing Shelton’s team.

Following the victory, Miles shared with “Entertainment Tonight,” “I never anticipated this, it was unbelievable.” “Being in this moment, I am incredibly thankful.”

The vocalist, who is 19 years of age, stated that her primary focus is to relax, dine, and reconnect with her father.

Horan, in the meantime, expressed that his association with Miles will not cease solely due to the conclusion of Season 23 of “The Voice.”

It’s not easy for any of us, but I’m trying to make sure Gina gets what she sees and feels in her heart and write it. I’m going to try to make sure she gets the right rooms, but it’s tough out there. He told us tonight, Entertainment.

Who is Gina Miles on ‘The Voice’?

Katy Perry’s victory in Miles’ “Away Got That One The” audition is especially impressive because she had only two coaches and they were blind to her performance.

Miles noted that Kelly Clarkson and Horan picked her following the performance, particularly impressed by the fact that she had a lot of character in her voice. He also noticed that Miles seemed nervous, but he could sense that she had the ability to tell a story.

“Great job,” he praised the vocalist from Illinois, “This is extremely thrilling. I believe you have immense potential to offer. You will surely excel in this competition.”

Although Clarkson said she was ultimately Miles’ biggest fan, she opted to join Horan’s team where she could improve her vocal techniques and help Miles enhance his voice.

Isaak personally captured the interest of the audience with his performances on the show, including songs like “Wicked” by Chris Isaak, “Want” by Kodaline, and “Know” by Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

“Wow! My chair is now turned, Gina Miles!” Isaak exclaimed on Facebook. “Excellent job.”

Gina Miles performances on ‘The Voice’ 2023