This 3-Year Cruise Will Visit 148 Countries on All 7 Continents

Recently, Sea Life-based Cruises at Florida’s Port 148 announced a three-year cruise where guests will visit every continent and stop at 375 ports across 148 countries.

The vessel will depart from Turkey Istanbul on 1 November 2023, allowing passengers to embark in Miami and Barcelona as well, where they can explore many countries including Europe’s coastal areas, the western and southern parts of Africa, the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, Australia, the South Pacific, the northern parts of Asia, Alaska, Washington, Hawai’i, California, Central America, the Caribbean, Antarctica, and much of South America. The ship will also make additional stops before reaching its destination, totaling more than 1,000 days of travel.

During that period, the sailing will transport passengers to numerous iconic and UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Great Wall of China, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, and the Taj Mahal in India.

While other around-the-world cruises typically spend two or more nights in larger cities like Shanghai and Singapore, this cruise has the advantage of spending seven nights in each port, allowing for much longer sailing times.

The organization has subsequently transitioned to the MV Lara, which permits 1,266 individuals, however, because of the high request, the voyage was initially scheduled to occur on the MV Gemini, which had the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 1,074 passengers.

Interior cabins feature a twin bed, a restroom, and a work area and have a cabin size range of 145 square feet, whereas balcony suites offer an extra sitting area and a cabin size range of 220 square feet.

The cost of staying on the boat for a year is divided among those who are on board, and it is possible to go with friends and family in one room. However, there is no option to have shorter legs. The company also offers a matchmaking scheme where passengers can co-own a cabin with another group. The pricing includes all meals, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, as well as port fees, housekeeping, gratuities, Wi-Fi, and laundry. The pricing starts at $38,513 and can go up to $98,226.

Additionally, there is a spacious corporate hub (replacing a former casino) featuring conference rooms, exclusive workspaces, a library, and a relaxation area for individuals who prefer to work while at sea. As per the cruise line, the medical team “even possesses the ability to carry out specific surgical procedures.” The ship boasts various facilities including a swimming pool, a sun deck, a golf simulator, a fitness center, and a medical facility staffed with healthcare professionals and a dentist, equipped with a pharmacy and medical apparatus such as X-ray and ultrasound machines, as well as defibrillators. Travelers have the option to dine at either of the two main restaurants, visit the café located on the pool deck, or avail room service for their meals.

Beginning in 2024, Storylines recently revealed intentions to introduce a residential cruise vessel, MV Narrative, which will embark on an open-ended voyage. Oceania Cruises, another cruise enterprise, observed remarkable interest in global sailings, as one of their 180-day routes was completely booked within 30 minutes last year. As travelers have eagerly returned to the ocean after the temporary halt in global sailings caused by the pandemic, cruise companies have been encountering exceptional demand for around-the-world voyages.