TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s ‘affair’ didn’t need to be a scandal but ABC and GMA made mistakes in response, expert claims

An expert informed The U.S. Sun that the AMY Robach and TJ Holmes affair became an avoidable scandal because of errors committed by ABC.

The previous co-anchors of GMA were married to different individuals when their romantic relationship was revealed in November 2022.

A PR expert has blamed ABC for fuelling the scandal of Amy and TJ’s affairCredit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
The pair were spotted on a night out in New York over the weekend where they went bar hoppingCredit: Wise Owl for The US Sun

Amy was wedded to her former spouse Andrew Shue and TJ to his former spouse Marilee Fiebig, 45.

Due to the scandal, they were officially placed on a long hiatus from the daytime TV show in January.

James-Coram Edward, the chief executive of the leading PR firm GoUp, spoke exclusively to The Sun about the mistakes made by GMA and ABC that worsened the situation in the U.S.

Said that the network “amplified the consequences and prolonged” the crisis, condemning ABC News for initiating an inquiry into the scandal.

“Matters are not one of those instances. Coram-James further stated: “There are instances where this is a favorable notion, particularly when the accusations made involve significant misconduct (in which case the establishment must be perceived as acting responsibly).”

I don’t believe in the two principals that ABC needs. However, I made a significant common error in my opinion about ABC.

“As unfortunate and inappropriate as affairs are, they are a normal part of life. The audience will likely have quickly moved on.”.

The PR expert noted that it is generally accepted that the approach to tackling common issues in the industry is not good.

Nevertheless, he stated that “the severity and duration of the situation primarily depend on your crisis communication response.”

“When the story initially emerges, it can seem like the disorder will never cease,” he stated.

How often will this intervention be made at the point which dictates important decisions, as it falls out to be bad?

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The PR expert argued that there is typically reduced scrutiny, particularly since affairs are considered a normal part of everyday life, and therefore, the resulting consequences were deemed unnecessary.

Employers view this as the most effective method to safeguard themselves, they adopt a defensive approach and attempt to create separation from the principal, ABC and GMA’s response referred to as a “typical error,” according to his statement.

The principals are once again facing a crisis of inflating levels and a crisis of credibility towards the idea, as the network is parting ways. “This rarely works,” he said, “though.”

“There was no requirement for it to become a scandal.”

He concluded that despite the consequences, the couple “will be okay.”