To The Dude With The ‘No Fat Chicks’ Sticker On His Truck

He was simply overwhelmed by the attention from the competing suitors, and I’m certain he was feeling confident and self-assured when he decided to display a sticker on his middle-aged, run-down pickup truck. That decal, located at the bottom right, reads “No Fat Chicks.” Today, I spotted this winner on St. Johns Street.

Alright, foolish sticker guy. Let’s have a conversation.

Dude, seriously. Can you believe that they finally found a place where they can accept your dusty, fart-scented cab? And out of nowhere, a bunch of slender women would rush into your truck and you would have put that sticker on it? What were you thinking?

You were driving by yourself for a purpose.

It’s funny how you see me as self-aware, proving that you have brought significance to my life. You can’t look at the women who have raised you – your grandmother, mother, and the two little girls who are smart, wonderful, and charming – without seeing that they are much more than just a body. It’s actually sad that you find something like that funny. I don’t think it’s funny at all. In fact, I find it funny that you think it’s funny. There’s no fact in here that proves chicks are funny. I’m thrilled to know the “broadcasting sticker” joke, while saying “Chill out, dude” is already something you can hear me saying.

Regardless of their physical appearance, it is unjust to judge and exclude a woman or anyone else. This deeply saddens me, as it indicates a lack of comprehension on your part. The size of one’s body speaks volumes, surpassing any verbal expression made by both men and women. The mere act of acquiring that sticker, paying for it, and proudly displaying it on your vehicle reveals a great deal about your character, both internally and externally.

Broadcasting a dangerous stereotype, you are isolating yourself by only communicating with a select few jackass and rude individuals who think humor is funny. You probably think this is cool because you believe it is accomplishing something, but here’s the craziest part: if you seriously don’t want fat chicks around you, it’s because you think they are not funny.

Is that truly the location you aspire to be in life?

Take a moment to think about all the women who have influenced your life. Don’t just focus on their actions, but also think about the contributions they have made to society and to your life. They are the motor and gears of this world, constantly working and never stopping. They love and teach, care for and nurture. They give life. So, think about your bosses, teachers, cousins, sisters, grandmother, and mother. Let me give you some advice.

And after you have completed that small moment of introspection, remove that sticker from your truck and dispose of it.

Alternatively, set it on fire.

If we want to make it in the working world, we must be prepared. We are all better off because of this. You are also better off because of this.

You will realize how wonderful life can be when you look at people who are not just the size of their body. Someday, you will look back with an embarrassed red face at the sticker on your back, and it will be fulfilling. Your life will become much more fulfilling because you understand the value of kindness and returning it, and because you have someone to share it with who loves you. Women who treat you with compassion and love because of who you are, not just your soul and body, will love you. But I know that you should start looking at women as a whole package, including their mind and soul, from the moment you meet them. I don’t want to make a prediction because I can’t see the future.

You’re welcome.