Toddler who lost both parents in Highland Park parade shooting was found under dad’s body

According to the Daily Beast, a fleeing passer-by found their son beneath the body of his fatally injured father.

Lauren Silva, 38, remembered, “My partner gave me this young child and informed me that he was beneath his father who had been wounded in the leg.” “Therefore, I took the boy downstairs to the garage where they were attempting to halt the bleeding.”

“He continuously inquired about the return of our parents,” she expressed.

Aiden McCarthy, in pictures being circulated on social media when people were trying to reunite him with his parents
Aiden McCarthy was found under his mortally wounded father.
Irina McCarthy, 35, and her husband Kevin McCarthy, 37, were killed in the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.
Irina McCarthy, 35, and her husband, Kevin McCarthy, 37, were killed in the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

On Tuesday, the page generated over $1 million. Irina’s friends established a GoFundMe page in the child’s honor.

The fundraiser declares, “We prayed for the safety of his family and united to find his grandparents, brought him to safety under heartbreaking conditions, and the North Shore community gathered to assist a boy who we had no knowledge of following the Highland Park, IL shootings on July 4.”

Sadly, I need to mention his name… Aiden McCarthy. He requires more assistance from us. Unfortunately, his parents, Kevin and Irina, were tragically killed during the July 4th shooting. This has left two-year-old Aiden in an unimaginable situation, having to grow up without his parents.

The fundraiser stated that the child is currently being taken care of by Irina’s parents, Misha and Nina Levberg.

The GoFundMe explained that “as he develops, he requires all the resources he has to guarantee that he is surrounded by the available resources, love, and support of his extended family and community friends. As an orphan, he will have a long road ahead to navigate through life and ultimately find stability and healing.”

I am establishing this fundraiser to support him and his family, as caregivers who will be tasked with supporting and caring for him, with their permission, and embark on this unforeseen journey.

Steven Straus, 88, has been identified as the third victim of the Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting.
Stephen Straus, 88, has been identified as the third victim of the Highland Park, Illinois, parade shooting.
Cynthia Strauss/Facebook

Angela Vella, a friend of Irina, posted on Facebook that she feels extremely anxious.

Vella expressed, “I have many positive memories with her. Irina was a genuine soul, and such a fun person. I can’t believe this happened.”

I am still in shock and incredibly hurt over the tragedy that happened to her, along with the rest of the whole. So, if you are able to, please donate. My prayers and thoughts are with her sweet little boy and her sweet family, especially.

Another victim was identified on Tuesday as Stephen Straus, an 88-year-old financial adviser who still took the train to his office in Chicago every day – described by his relatives as gentle and sweet.

When contacted by The Post, Tobias Straus, the grandson of Straus, conveyed his amazement, mentioning that he struggled to find the appropriate words to articulate his emotions.

“[He was] energetic, incredibly active … Considering his age it was quite remarkable,” Tobias said over the phone about his grandfather.

“He was in excellent condition, particularly considering his age. He certainly could have lived much longer.”

Tobias mentioned that Stephen, despite being of advanced age, would travel to the office every morning using the train and continued to work as a financial consultant in downtown Chicago.

“He was constantly cycling and strolling, and he voluntarily commuted to work every day,” the devastated grandson expressed.

Cynthia Straus, Stephen’s niece, posted a heartfelt homage to her uncle on Facebook, stating that “no one should depart in such a way.”

“My Uncle, Steve Straus, was killed in the tragic and senseless shooting at Highland Park on July 4th, which was the darkest day imaginable for my father’s brother.”

She continued, “He is like a protective Oak, towering over our family. With his keen wit, great intelligence, and a sense of humor, he possesses a gentle and sweet soul. He is an integral part of our kind and loving family.”

Follow Steve to the other side of the Sun, where only those who have left this world know what awaits. I can only say that if there are bells chiming and cheering for you at Heaven’s Gate, it means you lived a good life, served your soul well, and lived a good life, served your soul well, for me, for you.

Three additional casualties have been identified in the calamity thus far: 78-year-old Nicolas Toledo, 63-year-old Jacki Sundheim, and 64-year-old Katherine Goldstein.

Farid Amirouche, who lives across the street from Goldstein, was shaken to learn that his neighbor was killed when a shooting broke out during a parade, with his daughter and wife.

Jacki Lovi Sundheim
Jacki Lovi Sundheim was identified as the second victim in the Highland Park July 4th parade shooting near Chicago, Illinois.
Nicholas Toledo
Nicolas Toledo was another victim at the Highland Park parade shooting.
Family Photo

“I’m sitting here in disbelief,” Amirouche informed The Post over the phone, mentioning that Goldstein was a “very pleasant individual.”

My residence is directly opposite my neighbor’s dwelling, and this circumstance truly annoys me. We’re unaccustomed to witnessing such occurrences.

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