Tom Brady gives curious answer when asked about unretiring and playing for Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady has concluded his professional journey, and the Miami Dolphins have entered into a binding agreement with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for the next two years.

Several years ago, after both sides flirted with the possibility, Brady hasn’t stopped fielding questions about whether he’ll join the Dolphins. Still.

The query, presented by a host for the occasion, failed to provide a conclusive response to Brady, the featured speaker at the international technology summit eMerge Americas in Miami on Thursday.

“Is there any possibility that you will come out of retirement and play for the Fins?” One host inquired.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion, Brady, stated, “I really do have some friends on the Dolphins, but even though I have strong ties with a couple of teams, I will now say that I am not affiliated with any team anymore.”

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I root for several Miami teams and enjoy playing with my friends, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I root for them all the time.

It was not a yes. And it was not a no.

Instead, Brady obstructed the best he could.

Even though Brady has retired for the second time, speculation still lingers among the Dolphins due to a friendly question asked during an interview keynote.

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Despite suffering at least two concussions last season, the Dolphins have committed to Tagovailoa for the next two seasons by agreeing to honor his fifth-year contract option for the 2024 season.

TAGOVAILOA: Contemplated retirement from the NFL following several concussions.

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During a news conference, Tagovailoa said, “It would really be difficult for me to walk away from this game, as I have always dreamed of playing for as long as I could and knowing what my dad was watching. I think I considered having those conversations and sat down with my wife and family.”

My well-being. My physique. This is the optimal choice for both myself and my loved ones, I believe. I have a deep affection for the game of football. If it had been in the past, I would have given up a long time ago, wouldn’t I have?

Due to an NFL investigation last August, it was discovered that Miami tampered with both Brady and the new coach of the Denver Broncos, Sean Payton. As a result, the Dolphins will not have a third-round pick in 2024, and they will also be without a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft in 2023.

In January 2022, the Dolphins reached out to Yee regarding Payton. Miami also reached out to agent Don Yee, who represents both Brady and Payton. The Dolphins improperly reached out to Brady in 2019 while he was a part of the New England Patriots, and in 2021 while he was a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady, after leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a win on Jan. 1, 2023.

The NFL discovered that Miami and Brady had conversations about him potentially becoming a partial owner of the Dolphins and potentially taking on a role as a football executive. However, there were moments when they also explored the idea of him joining the Dolphins as a player.

However, none of that occurred due in part to the legal action initiated by former Dolphins coach Brian Flores, who filed a lawsuit against the NFL and multiple teams claiming racial bias in their hiring procedures.

Stephen Ross, the owner of the Dolphins, allegedly offered to pay Brian Flores, the NFL’s investigation did not find evidence to support this claim, $100,000 in order to lose games during the 2019 season in an attempt to improve the team’s draft position.

If Tagovailoa’s concussion problems continue or another situation arises, maybe both Brady and the Dolphins will explore their options jointly.