Top 35 Men’s Hairstyles from The 1980s

Making an impression is always difficult and it is easy to miss the mark when it comes to retro styling. What sets it apart is its understated and simple approach, which is a deviation from the rest. Whether it’s improvisation, length, or styling, you can see if it stands out. Undeniably, one of the most striking features of the 80s hairstyle is its exaggerated appeal, especially for men.

In case you are keen on sporting the hairstyles of men’s 80s, here is a quick lowdown on the most striking options.

What distinguishes these styles is the fact that despite the passage of time, they have maintained a certain enduring characteristic.

1. Styling Long Hair with a Bandana

Do you remember Brett Michaels, who famously made the iconic look? Are you trying to emulate this rocker style with long hair in the 80s, using bandana accessories? Are you growing your hair long?

Damp hair, apply curl cream to achieve curly hair. It’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality deep conditioner and conditioner to condition your hair biweekly or weekly, especially when caring for longer hair.

2. Crisp and Neat High and Tight

The sleek and polished appearance, one of the trendiest 80s hairstyles for African American men, remains legendary thanks to Will on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Customize the fade on the sides of your head to complement your facial structure, consult your barber to personalize it. An elongated or oval face shape is ideal for a lofty undercut. Curve your hairline to maintain authenticity to the era.

If you desire a more sculpted appearance, consider adding a hint of facial hair to create balance in your facial structure.

3. Vintage Feathered Shag

The ideal candidate for this men’s 80s feathered hair is the romantic individual, as opposed to the clean-cut one. It exudes a youthful and slightly artistic vibe, so if you are drawn to a gentle and appealing charm, there is no need to search any further. Shags continued to be fashionable, but they also became slightly shorter after the 70s, with hair lengths being trimmed a bit.

Ask your stylist to bring down the hair below your ears to help shape your overall face and frame your jaw. A feathery shag with a round shape softens the square line of your jaw. Side-swooping bangs beautifully frame your eyes.

Clearly, this hairstyle suits any hair color, but it gives off a completely beach-like atmosphere on sandy blonde hair.

4. Curly Shag

Are you looking for a truly unique style that you’ll love, the curly 80s mullet for men? This party is in the back, eternal mood of yours, but it’s not for everyone in the front, if you know what I mean.

Use a hydrating mask once weekly if your hair tends to become dry. To achieve equilibrium and add a soft touch, sporting a beard is beneficial for men with a square facial structure.

5. Brief Window Treatment Design

For gentlemen, accentuate stunning eyes and bold eyebrows with a curtain hairstyle reminiscent of the 1980s. This style complements individuals with oval-shaped faces, although not everyone may suit a middle part.

Discreetly tousled hairstyles help to create a refined look, and you can achieve this by using your favorite pomade. The short sides of this hairstyle are actually tightly styled and high, which is currently a very popular trend.

6. Voluminous Ringlets

For the curls to maintain their form, they require sufficient length as this hairstyle is most suitable for medium to long hair. A fantastic option for gentlemen desiring a hint of 80s fashion and individuality would be a voluminous curl.

To achieve this appearance, begin by utilizing a curling iron to generate compact ringlet curls throughout your hair.

7. Semi Up Semi Down

For men, this hairstyle involves pulling back a section of your hair from the top and gathering it into a secure ponytail or man bun, using a hairband or elastic.

To achieve a more polished look, you can also add a bit of wax or pomade to the remaining hair before pulling it back and letting it hang freely down to the left.

8. Curly Hair Styles from the 80s

The hair was styled with an abundance of hairspray, mousse, and gel, transforming tight curls into a remarkably daring and fashionable 1980s look for African American males.

The waves would then be teased and backcombed to generate a substantial amount of volume and plumpness.

9. Styled Mullet

Men who sport this hairstyle desire a distinctive and unconventional appearance. Typically, the sides are trimmed and blended to achieve an eccentric look, while the back and front showcase a lengthy and undulating mullet.

10. Multi-layered Shaggy

A 1980s tousled layered haircut is a fantastic choice for gentlemen seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle for their lengthy locks.

The lengths of the sides of the face should be long enough to cut the layers to frame the face. This vintage style is achieved by cutting the hair into layers that gradually become longer as you move down the sides.

11. 80s Tall Flat Top Haircut

To achieve this look, start by getting a proper haircut with even and short length on the top, while the back and sides are faded or tapered. Then, dry-blow your hair and use a strong-hold product to brush it back and up into place.

12. Undercut + Mullet Combination

The hairstyle for men that has been popular for decades is the classic 80s style mullet with an undercut, which involves longer hair at the top and gradually cutting the hair into layers on the sides.

13. 1980s Shag

To achieve a shag haircut style, start by using your fingers to tousle your hair into the desired shape. Then, use a blow dryer to comb through your hair from the top while applying a small amount of wax or mousse product. Finally, begin drying your hair with a towel.

14. Colored Mullet

The front of your hair is colored in a unique shade of red, giving it a distinct appearance. This hairstyle features a classic mullet cut on top, while the back and sides are shaved off for a more edgy look. The mullet hairstyle with shaved sides is a modern take on a traditional classic.

15. Comb Back + Highlights

Begin by applying a bit of hair cream and gently drying it with a towel, then proceed to cleanse your hair. If needed, seek assistance from a skilled stylist or consider incorporating highlights using a highlighting kit as your first step.

Afterwards, utilize a hairdryer to generate thickness by directing the airflow upwards and brushing the hair in an upward and backward motion.

16. Glide Across

This hairstyle from the 1980s is defined by lengthier layers on the upper part that are brushed to either side.

It is great for guys with thicker hair, as volume and texture will be added. The bangs may be swept to the side or kept short, while the back and sides are usually kept long.

17. Medium Hair with Bangs

In order to attain a fringe and angled swept-back appearance with a hairstyle of medium length, the hair ought to be divided to the side using a comb.

Next, use a blow dryer while combing the hair in an angled upward direction. Keep the fringe hanging down on the forehead.

18. Straight with Front Sweep

To achieve this look, gather and comb the hair from the center of the head down, then use a flat iron to straighten the hair. This 80s hairstyle is excellent for men with thick hair, as it adds extra movement and texture to the hair.

After straightening the hair, utilize a circular brush to bring the hair towards the front and brush it across the brow.

19. Brief Faux Hawk with Facial Hair

The sides of your face near the temples don’t grow long and thick, so don’t be afraid. A men’s hairstyle from the 80s, like a faux hawk, works best with a clean, short beard. It never looked good with pepper and salt hair.

If you prefer a sleeker appearance, consider keeping your beard longer on the side. Although your hair doesn’t have a gray color, a longer beard in an ashy gray shade can still work with this style, giving it a chic and polished look.

20. Legendary Pompadour

Embrace maximalism and let a larger-than-life pompadour hairstyle inspire a more tamed style. Not everyone is walking the runway to show subdued couture, but focus on sleek gelled locks is perfection.

This hair has a texture that makes it much easier to naturally straighten and mold. To create an elevated and sophisticated style, you will need lots of patience and hair gel.

21. Bouncy Curls

Are you interested in trying out an 80s curly hairstyle with a weave to see how it complements your personal style? If you’re not ready to fully commit to a style from another decade.

Wearing a wig can often be easily recognized, as they conceal a fake hairline and add curly bangs to frame the face. Springy curls with a short fringe are ideal for a man with a vibrant personality.

22. Hairstyle with a Side Part

Don’t worry about your hair looking too perfect, whether it’s falling over your forehead in two locks or in a single, well-combed greaser hairstyle from the 80s. If you prefer a sharp and slick look, you can try combing it over or wearing a suit that suits your style. Greaser styles are perfect for boys who want to achieve a bad boy chic look.

Additionally, this option is truly beneficial for guys with naturally straight hair, as it helps soften certain aspects of their face shape, particularly the side part, and is ideal for those with oval and square faces.

23. Stylish and Bold

Enhance your well-defined characteristics with a 80s rock hairstyle for males. Consider Elvis or even James Dean as your muse.

To add a seductive flair while styling, it is advisable to allow a few strands of hair to cascade over the forehead. If you have naturally curly hair, it can be effortlessly smoothed out using a straightening tool or a relaxer. However, achieving a sleek look is undeniably simpler on straight hair with some texture.

24. Beard with Long Hair

This gives a modern twist to a new brand of styling. It is often considered a statement in itself, with beautiful layers and highlights that are suitable for guys looking for blonde hair. In the past, long hair was more common in the 80s, but this is a departure from the typical blast from the past.

It is cool, sophisticated, and decidedly retro in every conceivable manner. Its key factor is that it sustains styling sensibilities and appeals to generations across timeless ways in many ways.

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25. Hairstyle with a Flat Top

The influence of Bobby Brown is unmistakable in 80s hairdos, as it was a time when music dominated fashion and the hairstyles for men in the 80s cannot be fully appreciated without acknowledging their musical source of inspiration.

It is easy, elegant, refined but at the same time exudes a complete masculine allure that is difficult to resist.

Many individuals who sport this fashion effortlessly garner admiration and appreciation. It establishes a distinct impression and is suitable for both professional meetings and formal events; it truly is a versatile style.

26. Mullet Haircut

From football celebrities to music legends, the mullet hairstyle is so distinctly 80s that it is difficult to distinguish the two.

This is one of those vintage hairstyles for men that exudes the same type of esoteric charm that it had almost four decades ago, but with a contemporary touch that gives it a sophisticated and retro style adaptation.

27. Bangs Hairstyle

Fringes, which can be either for women or men’s hairstyles, are a key concept that beautifully introduces a certain degree of variation in overall styling.

For those men sporting a clean-shaven appearance, these fringes also contribute to showcasing the understated masculinity of their character.

The concept is to create a stunning appearance by incorporating these fringes with short-cropped hair, which is known for its timeless appeal, as a remarkable styling choice that accurately represents that.

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28. Japanese Pompadour with a Punk Twist

This hairstyle is arranged in a contemporary punk-like fashion, giving a current and spike-like twist to the traditional back comb. The hair is shaped like a pompadour instead. The aim of these hairstyles is to bring a light and musical inspiration to the lilting style.

Maintaining this style is quite simple. It’s characterized by short spikes. It will always help you gather praise and win eyeballs to manage this type of style. The abundance of admiration it receives makes this style a definitive statement of timelessness.

29. George Michael Inspired – Textured Quiff

Even in the present day, this textured pompadour is one of those distinctly 80s hairstyles that consistently earn admiration. How can we overlook George Michael when discussing 80s hairstyles?

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours fixing the spike. The textured hair makes the quiff stand out in a stylish and practical way, which is meaningful.

This also adds a subtle masculine assertiveness to the overall styling, in many alternative and timeless ways. The textured hair effortlessly falls and maintains the quaint quiff in place.

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30. Julius Caesar Haircut

In fact, this is one of the few hairstyles that manages to transcend time and appeal to a wide range of people. It is both popular and trendy, as well as practical.

The smooth descent, convenient upkeep, and the relatively uncomplicated design make it one of the most preferred choices among men.

31. Bob Hairstyle with Airy Bangs

Adding a touch of maturity and some definition to your beard can really enhance your look! Our inspiration for the 80s dream is Ferris Bueller. Give off that charming schoolboy vibe with a short 80s hairstyle, guys!

Longer fringe that slopes the most in the center adds shape and harmony to a circular facial structure. This look is suitable for both naturally wavy and even curly hair textures, although it is commonly observed on those with straight hair.

32. Haircut with Medium Layers

Enhance the prominence of cheekbones and incorporate into the facial structure, numerous jagged tiers that outline round faces instantly appear attractive with organic texture, while trimming hair to a medium length accentuates the stunning 80s layers that are popular in this era.

If you have thick hair, then this style will be a dream for you. It will benefit round faces from one side, making your facial hair visible yet sparse, giving you a restful look.

33. Ethereal Punk

Guys who want to show off their unique style can turn to this spidery bleach blonde highlight, which is a pretty punk rock look that started to emerge alongside 80s music during this decade, but not every boy is into it.

This particular style will add volume to your hair if it is thin or fine. Consider trying this spiky hairstyle for your next look. By dyeing the outer layer of your hair blonde, you can enhance your features and attract light, while maintaining a natural brunette color underneath.

34. Two-Level Design

This medium-length hairstyle, known as a bi-level or shag or mullet, was considered pretty iconic in the 80s. It was ideal for thick hair with lots of texture, giving it a professional yet voluminous look.

This style is great, especially for guys with oval or long face shapes, as it adds a slight center part, reduces puffiness at the top of the head, and tapers down to the shallow cut part. The hair is worn down behind the ears, thanks to its sufficient length.

35. Long and Wavy Bangs

This hairstyle highlights the voluminous front of the head, especially for those with curly hair types. The rest of the hair is cut closely to create a framing effect around the head. The focus of this style is on the bangs.

This is the perfect look for younger guys who are searching for a cool touch. Let some locks fall down over the bridge of the nose to achieve a brooding attitude.

Commonly Asked Questions

In the 80s, this guide on 80s hairstyles combines cool elements from a modern perspective. What sets it apart is the balance between retro elements and modern trends, which adds a timeless quality to the top 35 men’s hairstyles from that era.

So, this is also a much-needed adaptation in some ways. It’s a modern interpretation of the retro fashion statement, whether you see it as punk style or the mullet.

Despite the passage of time, these hairstyles maintain their enduring popularity and distinguish themselves with a unique quality. The styling adaptability and versatility of this feature aid in preserving its timeless allure.