Toyota’s New Land Cruiser “250” Makes World PremiereLand Cruiser “70” Return to Japan Also Announced

Presentation by Simon Humphries

Good day, everyone.

The story of the Land Cruiser is the story of Toyota itself.

Allow me to transport you to precisely 72 years ago, when the birth of the Land Cruiser legend occurred.

It was during the era of Kiichiro Toyoda, the creator of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The organization was just 14 years old, a disruptive “start-up” in the automobile industry.

The Corolla and Crown, were yet to arrive, and Toyota was barely recognized beyond Japan.

Moving ahead to the present day, the Land Cruiser is available for purchase in 170 countries and regions across the globe…

Essentially, the Land Cruiser made Toyota famous.

Our customers have often formed lifelong bonds with the Land Cruisers, experiencing a life of extremes and demanding circumstances alongside them.

Land Cruiser has experienced history in other aspects of life beyond just automobiles, spanning from the South poles to the North, and from deserts to prairies.

Sludge, frozen water, grains, sodium chloride…

Across the globe, there are numerous treacherous highways…

At Toyota, we enjoy stating “the roadway shapes the vehicle”.

With the Land Cruiser, “the vehicle transforms the road”.

These roadways link communities and facilitate invaluable lifestyles.

In rural Africa, a physician hurries to a patient amidst floodwaters.

In the Australian outback, a senior woman embarks on a two-day roundtrip to the closest town.

In Antarctica, a team of observers works in a blizzard with a temperature of minus 45 degrees.

…In fact, a Land Cruiser 40 Series was one of the initial vehicles to successfully navigate Antarctica.

Transitioning to one of the most sweltering destinations on the globe can present substantial challenges.

The initial shipments of Land Cruiser were sent to the Middle East in the mid-1950s.

Thanks to Jameel Abdul, the local distributor of Saudi Arabian car, you can now get these dunes over you with a camel or a Land Cruiser, as folklore says.

However, it was in Japan, in a region that can only be reached by horse, that the narrative started.

In 1951, at the behest of the Japan National Police Reserve, the Toyota BJ, the initial iteration of the Land Cruiser, was initiated on the rugged volcanic inclines of Mt. Fuji.

This seems like the ideal narrative, but in actuality, it didn’t secure the position.

However, similar to any skilled newcomer, it embarked on a mission to demonstrate its worth.

And became the initial automobile to arrive at the 6th station of Mount Fuji, positioned at a height of 2,700 meters.

The primary objective of the commission was to safeguard people’s means of living, and it achieved this goal by establishing the first-ever police patrol unit dedicated to ensuring the paid resilience of individuals.

You can observe numerous instances of Land Cruisers from various years in front of you.

What unites them is simple: their ultimate mission is to take you wherever you need to go, and always bring you back.

If a Land Cruiser breaks down, it is not just a matter of inconvenience… It can become a threat to life itself.

The Land Cruiser can be summed up in one word…


The confidence to entrust my life into your care.

The Toyota BJ, which established the basis of trust, has a direct successor… The 70 series.

This might be a hardworking entity, but it has transformed into a symbol… The tale itself.

We received numerous remarks from supporters on social platforms, imploring us not to release it…

“Don’t alter anything!”, They said.

Well, we listened… And today I am pleased to reveal that we committed to updating the 70 to keep that legend alive.

When looking at this rejuvenated Land Cruiser 70 alongside its predecessors, there is no doubt about its unwavering commitment to its origins….

It is proud to be unprocessed and practical.

With the modified exterior, we only implemented the necessary functional updates.

A new, more effective motor and transmission… And cutting-edge safety characteristics.

If the 70 is the core of the Land Cruiser….

Then the leading Land Cruiser 300, is the peak.

However, today… I would like to talk about the space that lies between those two realms…

Today is all about determining the central essence of the Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser holds a special significance for our Chairman Akio Toyoda, as his grandfather was the first to introduce this vehicle.

When it came to creating the new central framework, his assignment to us was straightforward… Deceptively straightforward…

“Genten Kaiki”.

Interpreted literally, this phrase signifies “Returning to the Source”.

He didn’t provide thorough information… It was our responsibility to figure it out.

Our initial response was to glance behind us.

Should we revamp the stripped-down 70 Series?

Shall we go old school?

No, that was overly apparent…

He was giving us a chance to hit the reset button.Output: He was providing us with an opportunity to start afresh.

An opportunity to reconsider the true significance and principles of the Land Cruiser within Toyota’s collection…

And an opportunity to develop a vehicle that captured those principles so that they could serve as a foundation for the future.

The team utilized their collective skills to achieve the desired outcome.Output: The team employed their combined abilities to accomplish the intended result.

And put them into a form that would transcend trends… A product in which ALL our customers could place their unconditional trust.

When everyone witnessed our proposition, they were equally resolute.

“Let’s get it done.”

Dear ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new essence of the Land Cruiser, the SOUL.

So what are your thoughts?

As a member of the development team and a proud Land Cruiser owner for a considerable period, it was a dream come true for me!

We completely redesigned it from scratch to embody the core principles of the Land Cruiser for the present era, and thoroughly evaluated every previous element of the Land Cruiser to determine its significance.

It’s truthful. It’s streamlined and nimble. It’s suitable for its intended use.

Allow me to guide you through the five essential aspects that embody the genuine essence of the Land Cruiser model.

First… Ability.

At the core of this is the GA-F platform.

The built-in reliability and durability, along with its performance on rough terrain, are comparable to that of the flagship Land Cruiser 300.

This ability is now more feasible and attainable than ever before.

This is the initial Land Cruiser to feature Electric Power Steering, instead of hydraulic.

This enhances convenience and relaxation while driving, and decreases recoil during off-road travels.

Number 2… Choice.Output: Second option… Decision.

The powertrain selection reflects various regional needs.

For the initial instance, this incorporates a hybrid powertrain, in a Land Cruiser.

This proven technology enhances fuel economy, as well as overall performance, without sacrificing durability.

Allowing customers from all corners of the world to participate in the journey towards carbon neutrality was an incredibly challenging task.

Number 3… Intuitive operation.Output: The third… User-friendly functionality.

Controlling the vehicle is essential for establishing trust between the driver and the machine.

We designed the cockpit controls to be easily recognizable and operable solely by touch.

Here we sought the expertise of Akira Miura, a Dakar Rally champion who is familiar with operating vehicles in high-pressure scenarios in demanding environments.

He notified us that it is crucial for the interfaces to aid the driver, with utmost accuracy, and minimal effort, regardless of the situations.

That leads me to the fourth point.

Function is the essence of beauty.

The entire design is founded on the principle that attractiveness arises from practicality.

Ratios are computed for agility in challenging conditions.

The edges are maintained slender.

The eaves are shortened, and the edges are intricately carved.

The low waistline, slim A pillars, and geometric design are intended to enhance visibility and facilitate effortless, precise orientation.

Customers also emphasized the significance of minimizing harm and ensuring that products can be easily repaired.

The headlights positioned at a higher level are designed to elevate over obstacles – including tall grass found in savannas.

The divided front bumper is designed to be simple to fix.

However, the objective perspective on design and functionality does not encompass the entire narrative…

A significant amount of effort was dedicated to establishing a subjective sense of confidence…

The driver’s trust in the vehicle’s ability is determined by the sense of power and steadiness that the wheel to body offset provides, for instance.

It has to “appear” the part.

Every single thing possesses a narrative and a rationale…

Lastly, we have number 5.

The latest Land Cruiser will appeal to a broader audience…

That’s right,.

The Land Cruiser is making its return to America!

So, we returned to the source and we emerged gazing ahead to the future.

This journey of Genten Kaiki was a profound exploration in various aspects.

Being a company focused on mobility, we strongly believe that the freedom to move is a fundamental right for everyone.

One to be enjoyed by individuals worldwide, regardless of their location.

The Land Cruiser’s development process reminds us that mobility is not just a luxury, but a lifeline in many parts of the world.

Our clients rely on us to ensure that the Land Cruiser remains relevant and prosperous as we move forward.

This could indicate anything from carbon-neutral methods…

To ensure that the Land Cruiser brand is more accessible and affordable to a wider audience worldwide…

Exploring new approaches to mobility may mean that the Land Cruiser further enhances the freedom and experiences of people, but it is not the only way to do so.

To put it simply, there are numerous thrilling avenues to alter the future of automobiles.

Let’s change the future of cars.

Thank you so much.