Trump released on bond after arrest and mug shot in Georgia

Trump, who is accused of colluding with 18 other defendants to overturn the 2020 election result in the southern state, spent less than 30 minutes inside Fulton County Jail in Atlanta before leaving in a motorcade for the airport.

In a unique occurrence for any current or previous US president, the 77-year-old Trump had his photograph taken during the process of being booked, similar to the other individuals accused in the case who have turned themselves in until now.

He scowled at the camera while dressed in a dark blue suit, as captured in the photograph released by the sheriff’s office. He was wearing a red tie and a white shirt underneath the dark blue suit.

Speaking to reporters after his arrest, Trump, the leading contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, expressed that it was a “highly sorrowful day for America.”

“What has occurred here is an injustice,” he stated. “I did nothing incorrect.”

Trump posted his own mug shot on his Social Truth platform with a caption linking it to the “Election Interference” website campaign.

After the January 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol, he was banned from Twitter, which was his favorite platform where he also posted a short message using his beloved bullhorn. This action was taken due to the support he received from a mob of supporters.

Twitter had already posted what was the first post of Trump’s in 2021. However, instead of staying on Social Truth, Trump posted and stayed away. In November of last year, Elon Musk, the owner of New X, reinstated Trump on Twitter.

Trump, the inmate listed by Fulton County Jail, was given the inmate number “PO1135809” and had a height of three feet six inches, a weight of 215 pounds (97 kilograms), and blond or strawberry hair color.

Since April, the billionaire has been criminally indicted four times, as he tries to juggle multiple appearances in court and the White House campaign, setting the stage for an unprecedented year of drama.

Joe Biden, a Democrat, is accused of conspiring to sabotage his 2020 election loss in Washington. He also faces charges of mishandling top-secret government documents. In addition, he allegedly made hush payments to a porn star in Florida. Furthermore, in New York, he managed to avoid being arrested this year, despite having a mugshot taken during his previous arrests. Trump is implicated in all these allegations.

In the surveys, all of his opponents for the 2024 Republican presidential candidacy fall far behind him. His apprehension occurred one day after Trump rejected a televised discussion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, showcasing eight of them.

Despite being a convicted criminal, almost all of the candidates stated that they would endorse him as the party’s nominee, although he still managed to attract the most attention.

An investigation is currently underway regarding the deplorable conditions and numerous inmate deaths at Fulton County Jail, where perimeter security was tight and there was an upset during Trump’s booking.

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, who filed a sweeping racketeering case against 18 other defendants and Trump, had set a deadline for surrender on Friday at noon.

Trump and eleven others have surrendered themselves up to this point.

Mark Meadows, the ex-chief of staff at the White House, turned himself in on Thursday and was freed on a $100,000 bond.

Rudy Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York who acted as Trump’s personal attorney during his time in the White House and strongly advocated the unfounded allegations of Trump’s victory in the 2020 election, was arrested and subsequently released on Wednesday.

A conservative lawyer named John Eastman, who has been accused of drawing up a scheme to submit a false slate of electors from Georgia to Congress, has also been released and booked as one of Biden’s legitimate ones.

Assembled outside the prison were several dozen advocates of the ex-GOP leader, including Sharon Anderson, who stayed overnight in her vehicle.

“I believe this is a political oppression and now it has transformed into a political legal action,” Anderson informed AFP.

Trump is the initial president of the United States to confront legal accusations in the course of history.

The race for the White House election in November 2024, which commences in January, could align with the Republican presidential primary season, provided that his multiple trials occur in the coming year.

Jack Smith, the Special Counsel, has proposed a trial start date of January 2024 for Trump’s charges of conspiring to overturn the last election with a campaign fueled by lies, which culminated in the attack on the US Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

Trump’s lawyers have responded with a proposed commencement date that is significantly after the election—April 2026.

Daniels, the porn star who allegedly had an affair with Trump, is scheduled to go to trial in New York next month. The district attorney of Georgia, Willis, initially proposed the racketeering case to begin in March of the following year.

Trump’s legal team faced an immediate objection when she suggested that it commence in October of this year for all 19 individuals, following a defendant’s request for a quick trial on Thursday.

Trump, who is accused of taking secret government documents, left the White House, refusing to return to Florida where the case is scheduled to begin.