Two women still sedated and in serious condition after Tel Aviv terror attack

Six people remained hospitalized Wednesday the day after a terror attack in Tel Aviv, including two women who were in serious condition.

In a statement, Ichilov Hospital in the city declared that both females were under sedation and intubation.

One of the females was expecting and lost her baby because of the harm she endured in the assault.

The medical facility stated that two additional individuals who sustained minor injuries were receiving medical care in its neurosurgery and orthopedics divisions.

The two victims of the attack remained at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, where they reported an improved and longer-lasting condition, which was not life-threatening.

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Among them, a man in his thirties experienced stab injuries to his abdominal area and underwent surgical intervention on Tuesday.

Another gentleman, aged 76, received medical attention for knife injuries to his chest and is currently in critical condition.

A 66-year-old gentleman who had facial injuries was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday evening.

On June 4, 2023, in the northern part of Tel Aviv, authorities and emergency personnel were present at the location of a vehicular assault carried out with the intention of causing terror. (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90).

Upon receiving news of the assault, Simcha Kuzai, whose daughter Rebecca Shinfeld is currently receiving medical care at Ichilov in a critical state, informed Channel 13 news that she had attempted to contact her.

“I had a negative sensation,” Kuzai recollected. “She didn’t respond to the phone call, and the sensations intensified.”

According to the police, after others had stabbed and departed, individuals on a sidewalk along Tel Aviv’s northern Pinchas Rosen Street forcefully collided their pickup truck with the Palestinian attacker.

At a bus stop, the assailant forcefully collided with pedestrians as evidenced by the surveillance camera recording. Exiting the automobile, he was observed hastily approaching and piercing individuals who were walking by and individuals enjoying their time outside at a nearby café, shortly thereafter.

He was fatally shot by an armed civilian.

Shin Bet identified Abed al-Wahab Khalaila, a 20-year-old individual hailing from the town of as-Samu in the South Hebron Hills area of the West Bank, as the perpetrator. According to Israel’s security agency, he did not possess the necessary authorization to enter Israel.

The military attack carried out by the Israeli forces in the northern West Bank city of Jenin was said to have come from a hotbed of terror, according to security services.

On Monday, in the Bnei Brak suburb of Tel Aviv, a Palestinian teenager allegedly carried out another suspected act of terror by stabbing an Israeli man, resulting in minor injuries.