Últimas noticias del submarino desaparecido del Titanic, en directo

Five people were missing in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, after a dive with a submarine that began in Newfoundland, on the Canadian coast, and aimed to visit the remains of the famous Titanic transatlantic, sunk in the year 1912, since June 19th, 2023, last Sunday.

Subsequently, the pilot and the four crew members of diverse nationalities became untraceable, losing communication with the command vessel, during the commencement of the immersion and prior to their arrival at the intended location.

The United States Coast Guard began a race against time rescue operation at that moment, as the crew members had a total of 96 hours of oxygen inside the vessel from the moment of the start of the submersion.

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¿Cómo es una implosión? Esta es la simulación

The effect created by a TikTok user has gone viral on the social network in a matter of hours. It is believed that the sinking and rupture of the walls of the ship occurred due to the interior pressure being lower than the exterior pressure. The submarine Titan, which disappeared on Sunday during a dive to visit the remains of the Titanic, has experienced a “catastrophic implosion,” as stated by John Mauger, the commander of the US Coast Guard, during a press conference.

According to NBC media, Dawood Azmeh, the aunt of the deceased Pakistani young man, stated that Suleman Dawood, one of the individuals missing on the Titan, expressed his apprehensions regarding the journey to explore the wreckage of the Titanic.

Fulfilling his aspiration, he invested $250,000 for himself and an additional $250,000 for his son, all in pursuit of his father’s wish. Shahzada Dawood, a prominent businessman, had always longed to explore and gain deeper insights into the remnants of the Titanic, given his fervent interest in everything connected to the transatlantic voyage.

Así ha sido la trágica muerte de los tripulantes

As per John Mauger, Commander of the First District, the Coast Guard has explained during a press briefing that the submarine implosion occurred as a result of a “devastating loss of pressure chamber”.


Based on preliminary evidence, the unearthed remains suggest an “implosion”. Moreover, this would lead to “immediate demise”, as reported by the BBC.

“It is that pressure helmet that would have to withstand the pressure experienced at a depth of 4,000 meters,” commented Navy David Russel, a former submariner of the Royal Navy, on Sky News. The pressure helmet is the capsule in which the passengers would have been seated.

Localización de los cuerpos

John Mauger, the head of the US Coast Guard, was responsible for delivering updates during the press briefings concerning the vanishing and subsequent recovery of the wreckage of the Titan submarine. Consequently, he conveyed his condolences for the lives lost and expressed gratitude for the prompt deployment of resources upon receiving the information.


Explaining, Europa Press has reported that the collection of information will continue in order to determine the causes of the accident, adding, however, that we are grateful to their personnel as well as to all the agencies, and we appreciate the quick mobilization of the submarine rescue and search experts.

The search will continue to locate the bodies of the five members of the expedition, although it has acknowledged that this will be a challenging task due to the “relentless” natural conditions of the area, the Coast Guard has also reported.

Habla James Cameron, director del Titanic

“I am impressed by the similarity with the actual Titanic disaster, where the captain was repeatedly warned about the ice ahead of his ship and yet sailed at full speed into an ice field on a moonless night,” Cameron, who has dived to the Titanic wreck 33 times, stated to ABC News.

“La idea inicial no sonaba bien.” “Nunca había probado esa tecnología debido a mi suposición de que alguien más era más inteligente que yo, pero ahora desearía haberlo hecho”, pensó que “era una idea terrible” cuando se enteró de que OceanGate iba a construir el sumergible con un casco hecho de fibra de carbono y titanio, pero ha admitido que lamenta la muerte de los cinco tripulantes en sus declaraciones a Reuters.

According to Cameron’s explanation to The New York Times, “it lacks strength in compression” and, therefore, it is not designed to withstand the high pressure reached in this type of dives, even though carbon fiber has been widely used in the aerospace industry because of its lightweight nature.

Los propietarios de Polar Prince envían sus “profundas condolencias”

“Miawpukek Horizon Maritime Services, co-owner of the Polar Prince, the support vessel that helped launch Titan, issued a statement expressing deep condolences and support for the family, friends, and colleagues of the Titan crew.”

“Our safe return of hope, maintaining and working continuously, we have already heard the tragic news that saddens us.”

La empresa lamenta la pérdida de cinco vidas

The Canadian company Oceangate, responsible for the Titan submarine, has deployed a robot that has found the remains of a ship. “We mourn the loss of lives.” In a detailed statement, the company has informed the passengers about the deaths caused by the incident.

Hallan escombros en la zona de búsqueda del Titán

The US Coast Guard has reported that a press conference is scheduled for 15:00 local time (21:00 Spanish peninsular time) to provide a comprehensive overview of the findings uncovered by the Horizon Arctic in the search region of the Titan.

A debris field was discovered within the search area by an ROV near the Titanic. Experts within the unified command are evaluating the information. 1/2

El coste del rescate

La movilización que se ha llevado a cabo de forma internacional para encontrar el submarino ha rondado los 6 millones de euros. Nadie sabe si serán los contribuyentes de los países involucrados, los propios afectados, o algún consorcio de seguros los que asumirán el alto coste.

La cámara hiperbárica para reflotar a los tripulantes

It would be essential to have a decompression chamber or hyperbaric chamber in order to carry out the decompression process quickly in the event of locating the five crew members of the missing submarine.

The operation is greatly complicated by the fact that they are already at a depth of 3,800 meters. In order to perform the rescue, the ship would have to rise to the surface, but Titan does not have an opening or hatch. However,

El oxígeno ya se ha acabado en el submarino

The oxygen inside the ship is limited, as the race against time continues to find the five crew members alive in the submarine. The rescue teams from the United States and Canada have not ceased their efforts during Thursday’s operation.

The hours and days pass as a certain amount, about four days, has progressively decreased inside Titan, with a total of 96 hours of oxygen the crew had when the expedition began last Sunday, in this way.

On this Thursday, specifically, the approximate threshold had been set at 07:08 local time (13:08 Spanish peninsular time) on this Thursday, at which point the five individuals aboard the Titan would run out of oxygen, although these calculations are an approximation. Therefore, experts believe that the capsule ran out of oxygen.


“John Mauger, the person in charge of this search, has promised that they will continue searching for the missing individuals ‘as long as there is any chance of survival’, in an interview with CBS News.”

Los sumergibles continúan la operación de rescate

In the depths of the sea as well, the search continues to be conducted by several operatives, with the Coast Guard indicating that the information regarding the rescue has been updated, despite the fact that estimates indicate that the oxygen has already been depleted in the submarine. Indeed.

The Canadian vessel Arctic Horizon has already deployed a submarine to the bottom of the sea, starting the search for the missing submarine, as specified in the Operations Search communication on June 22nd.

Search operations for June 22.

Just deployed their submarine “The French ship L’Atalante” reported that the French ship L’Atalante is preparing its submarine to go into the water, and at 1:30 PM they updated the information. On the other hand,

La responsabilidad de OceanGate

Expedition the Titanic provides OceanGate, a company, and the Titan submarine to explore the remains of the sunken ocean liner. Before signing the contract, contractors are required to sign a ‘release’ document consisting of multiple pages, which explains the potential risks involved in conducting this expedition to the ocean floor.

Mike Reiss, a writer for ‘The Simpsons’ who personally witnessed the Titan, informs the BBC that upon embarking on the journey, you are required to sign a document stating the various potential causes of death. The document explicitly mentions death three times on its initial page, ensuring that it remains constantly on your mind.

La tataranieta de la famosa pareja víctima de la tragedia del Titanic

Among the various curiosities that revolve around Titanic and Titan, one stands out: the disappearance of Isidor Straus, a magnate retailer, and his wife Ida, as well as the pilot of the submersible, Wendy Rush Stockton, who vanished during the sinking of the Titanic.

Wendy’s ancestors became famous for their tragic love story, which ended in the transatlantic crash of the Titanic, where they were aboard as the richest couple.

El barco español que se hundió en la misma zona que el Titán

In 2022, the capsizing of a Spanish fishing vessel, Villa de Pitanxo, resulting in the death of 21 crew members and the survival of only three individuals, is one of the various incidents that have taken place in the identical region of the Canadian shoreline subsequent to the sinking of the Titanic.

The ship was located at the depths of the ocean by a robot deployed by a search vessel.

¿Dónde están los restos del Titanic?

(Canada) Newfoundland is a point on the northern Atlantic Ocean, about 600 kilometers of coastline. The Titanic sank in 1912, but these remains were not discovered until 1985 when they collided with an iceberg in the area. These remains are located in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, at a depth of 3,800 meters.

Última rueda de prensa de la Guardia Costera

The United States Coast Guard held a press conference to provide the latest updates on the rescue operation on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 21st, one day before the estimated time for the oxygen inside the submarine to run out.


The estimated time period in which the crew of the Titanic will run out of oxygen ends that few hours to participate in the search for the rescue operation that all active members join during the past night in the waters of the Atlantic.

El club de exploradores asegura haber visto “signos probables de vida”

The Guardian has reported that the Explorers Club has conducted an investigation into the submarine rescue, where search efforts are focused in the area where probable signs of life have been detected. The organization assures that they have found reasons for “hope” in their findings, according to statements from the coast guard.

Los “ruidos raros” detectados en el fondo marino

These signs of life are related to the “noises” captured by active underwater search for signals, which were repeated every half hour and are a sequence of “hits”.


According to the Coast Guard, Press Europa gathers that the precise source of the sound remains unidentified, although these noises have helped to narrow down the region of operation and search, which was previously quite vast.

El fabricante del Titán fue demandado en 2018

According to Europa Press, the maker of the submarine that cannot be found was taken to court in 2018 by a previous staff member, a legal action connected to the inadequate safety measures of the ship.

The company sued David Lochridge, an employee of OceanGate, after he expressed his concern about the safety of the Titan, claiming that he had breached his contract by disclosing confidential information to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and OceanGate terminated the employee.

Lochridge claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed and that his actions aimed to ensure the safety of the passengers in the submarine in response to the lawsuit.

The document indicates that the former employee observed that the company could “expose passengers to significant potential risk in an experimental submarine” because clients “would be unaware” of this design and the absence of testing.

El Titán se controlaba con un mando de PC

In 2005, the control panel of the tool has been converted and launched video games with a Logitech controller to control this submarine, which has been able to be checked.

You can literally buy a 2005 controller for less than 40 euros, even though it appears to be made with the most advanced technology.

Historial de “incidentes” del Titán

According to the ancient crew members and as reported by the BBC, during a dive in the year 2022, the passengers of the Titan witnessed issues with the ship’s thrusters: “Oh, no. We have a problem,” said submersible pilot Scott Griffith at that moment.

David Pogue, a CBS correspondent, witnessed an “aborted” attempt when he saw a launch from the floating platform last year. There were also other incidents with the submarine.

El periodista David Pogue fue testigo de los fallos

Written, “…I was on board when last summer the submarine that you remember also lost itself to the Titanic, surely”, the story that he himself has shared through his social networks, the journalist himself has been.

You may remember that the @OceanGateExped sub to the #Titanic got lost for a few hours LAST summer, too, when I was aboard…Here’s the relevant part of that story. https://t.co/7FhcMs0oeH pic.twitter.com/ClaNg5nzj8

The crew was missing, and they found it, and it was lost at sea, and I wanted to say that the submarine was lost in the marine depths, during the last year, for a few hours. When I tweeted clarification: “The Titanic could not communicate with the surface ship and did not know where it was and did not know where it was lost, the submarine was lost in the marine depths, and I wanted to say that during the last year, for a few hours, I lost it when I tweeted clarification: “He has qualified the situation in which he lived in his own words”.

Quiénes son los cinco desaparecidos

After the initial investigations in the rescue operation, it was possible to identify the five individuals who are inside the Titan.

According to the authorities and as reported by Europa Press, Shahzada Dawood, a Pakistani tycoon who lives in the United Kingdom, set sail on the submarine alongside his son, Suleman.

Rush led the creation of the Titan. In fact, he holds the position of CEO of OceanGate, the company that offers this type of expedition to visit the remains of the Titanic. Stockton Rush, an aerospace engineer who worked for NASA, is present inside the capsule.

In a recent Facebook post, Hamish Harding, the fifth and final member, can be observed standing in front of Paul-Henry Nargeolet, the French explorer. Hamish Harding, the president of Action Aviation company and a British magnate, shared a post revealing his involvement in the Titanic Expedition.

Cómo es el sumergible Titán

The fact that it is made of carbon fiber and titanium is among the curiosities surrounding the submarine nicknamed Titan, belonging to the company OceanGate.

OceanGate’s own website explains that the observation portal, which has a diameter of 21 inches, allows passengers to see the depths of the marina. There are few facilities available, as it is narrow and confined to the interior. In other words, it has the possibility of reaching a depth of 2.5 miles, or approximately 4 kilometers, and a length of 6.7 meters.

The air inside the spacecraft is constantly being renewed, while a cylindrical capsule similar to a spaceship seals itself in Titan, allowing the travelers to enter from the outside.

‘Titanic Expedition’: precio de 250.000 dólares

La empresa OceanGate ofrece diferentes expediciones, como la conocida Expedition Titanic, en las que aventureros contratados siguen en paradero desconocido en medio del Atlántico.

At least 250,000 dollars is the cost of this journey in which the experts set off. The wreckage of the Titanic lies at a depth of 2.4 miles, which is nearly 4 kilometers beneath the ocean’s surface. This package includes a 10-day expedition, with eight of those days spent at sea, to reach the remains of the Titanic.

¿Quién participa en el rescate?

The search efforts have been joined by members of the Coast Guard from the area, experts from the United States Navy, the Navy, and the Canadian Army.

Private commercial ships and two P-8 planes, as well as C-130 planes searching from the surface, are collaborating from the sea in the investigation to locate the missing individuals alive.

The French government has confirmed that they will send a ship, the Atalante, to assist in the search for the device, at the request of the US authorities. On the other hand.

Las publicaciones de Instagram de Hamish Harding

Harding, a British entrepreneur, was among the initial team members of the Titan to be recognized as part of the group that could not be located, as he posted on his social networking platform revealing his upcoming expedition to witness the remnants of the Titanic.

I am proud to announce that I have finally joined OceanGate Expeditions as a specialist on a mission aboard the submarine that will be directing the publication’s Instagram account about Titanic RMS.

In 2023, the manned mission to Titanic is likely to be the first and only one. This expedition also provided more details about the worst winter in Terranova, which occurred in the last 40 years. Additionally, it is worth noting that.