Union Station in Washington DC (DC Photo Guide)

Union Station, built in 1908, is a major transportation hub in Washington DC, serving as a stop for the DC Metro, trains, and buses. It is conveniently located in the heart of DC, just a short walk from the US Capitol. Union Station in DC is a truly impressive sight.

At the facade of Union Station, you will encounter awe-inspiring columns, whereas the central hall of the station is decorated with extraordinary golden decorations.

In front of Union Station, there are six colossal statues representing the American Renaissance. The station boasts plenty of classic architectural elements that can be seen.

Front of Union Station

Inside Union Station, you will discover a stunning main hall adorned with gold accents as you make your way back towards the trains, with a small shopping area and court food nearby.

A railway line operated by Amtrak and a metro stop on the red line are situated within Union Station. The trolley system on H street and H street itself are situated to the north of Union Station. Reaching Union Station is quite convenient, as it is merely a 10 minute stroll away from the United States Capitol.

Metro: Traveling on the DC Metro to Union Station is incredibly convenient as it is a designated stop on the red line.

If you need a ride, you can find plenty of taxis in the front. Additionally, if someone drops you off in the off area, there is a large drop-off area in the front. Union Station has a dedicated parking lot for longer stays. Parking near Union Station in the east neighborhood typically has parking spots, so it is not too difficult.

Of course, it is also convenient to hire a Bikeshare bicycle or scooter to reach Union Station.

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Union Station Pictures

Here are my photos from multiple years over in Washington DC, including large Christmas wreaths for the holidays and giant American flags out front for the 4th of July, at Union Station.

I highly recommend bringing a wide-angle lens to capture the grandeur of Union Station’s main hall. In addition to photographing the stunning ceiling or the smaller details, a zoom lens can also assist you.

Union Station Dc Wreaths 2018 1
Union Station DC Parking Garage Sunset
Union Station Dc Christmas Tree 2018 2
Union Station Dc Christmas Tree 2018
Union Station Ceiling

Frequently Asked Questions about Union Station

What is Union Station?

The area for transportation is a major hub, served by Metro DC, VRE, MARC, and Amtrak. Union Station is located in Washington, DC, making it a transportation hub.

When was Union Station in DC built?

Union Station, originally constructed in 1907 as a railway terminal, experienced a significant refurbishment in the 1980s after being reopened in 1988. During that era, it was renowned as one of the most magnificent train stations globally and was skillfully crafted by the architect Daniel Burnham.

What are the hours of operation for Union Station?

The station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, individual businesses within Union Station have their own hours.

Is there parking available at Union Station?

Union Station houses a spacious parking garage that remains accessible round the clock, with parking fees varying based on the duration of the visit.

What amenities are available at Union Station?

Station Union offers a diverse range of amenities, including a food court and various shops and restaurants. In addition, there is also a bike-sharing station located outside the station for those who prefer traveling by bike. Moreover, there are luggage storage facilities available for travelers.

Can I take a bus from Union Station?

Yes, Union Station is catered to by various bus companies, such as Greyhound, Megabus, and BoltBus.

What is the best way to get to Union Station?

Travelers within the city have a convenient choice for reaching Union Station, as the Red Line of the DC Metro halts there. The station is readily accessible by automobile, bicycle, and public transit. The most suitable method to reach Union Station varies based on your initial position.

Are there any hotels located near Union Station?

Yes, there are several hotels within walking distance of Union Station, including the Regency Hyatt on Capitol Hill and the Park Phoenix Hotel in Washington.

Is Union Station accessible for those with disabilities?

Indeed, Union Station is entirely accessible for individuals with disabilities. The station is furnished with lifts, inclines, and conveniently reachable restrooms in different sections of the structure.

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To capture a handful of swift pictures, I usually make a pit stop at Union Station while I am exploring and taking photographs in DC. I trust you found my brief travel recommendation for Union Station enjoyable.