USA vs Portugal highlights: How USWNT survived to advance to World Cup knockout rounds

Through and advancing through Group E in second place was enough for the USWNT, but it should have been much closer. The team had been beaten in each of its meetings, but managed to squeak through with a scoreless draw against Portugal, who are four-time World Cup champions.

In order to continue their participation in the tournament, the USWNT was rescued when Ana Capeta from Portugal struck a fantastic shot that hit the post during the early stages of stoppage time in the second half. Without the intervention of the near post, they would have been eliminated. In reality, their performance does not resemble that of a team prepared for a successful campaign. The unfavorable information is that the USWNT will probably encounter their long-standing rival, Sweden, in the round of 16. However, this can also be seen as a positive aspect.

In the early second half at Park Eden, when a fire alarm sounded, it seemed like a metaphor for the USWNT squad. Instead of finishing their chances and making passes into empty spaces, they were lackluster, just like they had been in their first two games. Despite starting Trinity Rodman and Lavelle Rose for the first time, the USWNT barely had any spark, replacing Lynn Williams.

WORLD CUP CENTRAL: Live Scores, Schedules, Standings, Bracket, and More for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The Netherlands secured the top spot in Group E by defeating Vietnam with a resounding 7-0 victory. Prepare the coffee. Their upcoming match, probably against Sweden, a well-known rival, will start at 5 a.M. ET on Sunday, Aug. 6. This implies that they will claim the second position in Group E, resulting in The Americans progressing to the knockout stage of the World Cup after their goalless draw against Portugal.

US-Sweden game: Will we see it in Round of 16?

It’s likely that Americans have a lot of history with Sweden: however, the USWNT’s next opponent will not be set in stone until Wednesday morning.

The USWNT was humiliated in that match with a score of 3-0. The teams faced off in the first game, marking the ninth encounter between them in a significant global tournament, at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Sweden is a common adversary of the USWNT. Italy, positioned second in the group, will conclude group play on Wednesday against Sweden, who is currently leading group G. The USWNT will compete against the victor of Group G at 5 a.M. ET on Sunday as the second-place finisher of Group E.

Next USWNT game? Americans must fix lack of urgency

What the women from the United States are expressing openly should not be what they are experiencing privately.

The appearance and the method of arrival appeared irrelevant. They have progressed to the knockout stages. The response to yet another underwhelming World Cup showing was mostly unaffected, despite making similar errors as in the past two matches.

If this is not what they truly believe, then this team is not really confident at all, even if the USWNT is doing an excellent job in acting.

“Why she anticipates anything distinct in the future,” Alex Morgan stated when questioned after Tuesday’s goalless stalemate with Portugal, “because I am acquainted with this team and familiar with our potential.” “The suitable athletes for the task are not the ones failing to score and perform consistently; it simply hasn’t fallen into place yet. The self-assurance exists. Now we only need to substantiate it on the field.”

Unless yeah, well, the USWNT finds a very different kind of history making here, intending to turn things around fast – Nancy Armour.

USWNT vs. Portugal score, highlights

Despite the absence of goals in the match between USWNT and Portugal, you can find the highlights here.

Women’s World Cup groups, standings

Here are the full rankings for the competition.

Group E standings

These are the standings for Group E in the World Cup.

USWNT head coach Vlatko Andonovski responds to Carli Lloyd

This is the statement made by Vlatko Andonovski, the coach of the United States women’s national team, in reply to Carli Lloyd’s criticism, a former team captain.

I know how this team feels. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and they can say whatever they want. I’ve never seen this team step onto the field, not trying hard and not competing. I think it’s insane to question their willingness to compete and their willingness to win. I want to say that the mentality of this team is to compete and win. They could put everything into the preparation for this tournament. The one thing I want to say is that this team wants to win this game more than anything else.

Nancy Armour — moving forward. We have advanced to the next round. Our performance made us happy, but we are aware that it was not good enough. We acknowledge that we have room for improvement.

USWNT vs. Portugal replay

You have the choice to watch again any full game at this venue. Additionally, Fox Sports will air a rerun at 5 p.M. ET on Tuesday.

USWNT starting lineup vs. Portugal

The complete roster was as follows: Lynn Williams began as a forward in place of Trinity Rodman. Additionally, Rose Lavelle, the emerging sensation from the 2019 World Cup, initiated in the midfield. Her performance against the Netherlands in Game 2 last week was pivotal, despite being hindered by a knee ailment for the past few months.

  • Goalie: Alyssa Naeher.
  • Defenders: Crystal Dunn, Julie Ertz, Naomi Girma, Emily Fox.
  • Midfielders: Lindsey Horan, Andi Sullivan, and Rose Lavelle.
  • Forwards: Sophia Smith, Alex Morgan, and Lynn Williams.
  • USWNT vs. Portugal stats

    Here’s a glimpse at the team statistics from the goalless draw.

    StatUSAPortugalPossessionPossession lost in defensive halfPossession lost in middle thirdDuelsDuels success rateAerial duelsAerial duels wonSuccessful dribblesFouls wonOffsidesCorner awarded

    USA vs. Portugal player ratings

    Ana Capeta’s shot hitting the crossbar during the final moments of added time brought an end to the game’s most promising opportunity, demonstrating Portugal’s continuous challenges for the U.S. Team. Nevertheless, the U.S. Adversary failed to produce any shots on target throughout the match, and the statistics might indicate that the USWNT dominated with a 17-6 shot advantage against Portugal. Anyone who witnessed the game would readily confirm this fact.

    This has to be their most disappointing performance of the tournament. The USWNT is aiming to make history as the first team to win three consecutive World Cups. Despite being given a platform to showcase their best, none of the players seemed to be at their peak. It was a disheartening and underwhelming display.

    Here’s a breakdown of the ratings for the players in a game where no one appeared particularly impressive.

    – Jason Anderson, ProSoccerWire.

    Rose Lavelle yellow card

    Lavelle Rose received a yellow card in the 39th minute of Silva Dolores Portugal’s trip. Lavelle will miss the 16th game of the round due to the accumulation of yellow cards. She also received a yellow card against the Netherlands.

    USWNT yellow cards

    The first yellow card of the tournament is for her. Smith’s knee came high from the forward of Portugal, bonking the head of the player. Naomi Girma, the defender, received a yellow card in the 81st minute, and Sophia Smith, the forward, also received a yellow card in the 52nd minute, against Portugal for the U.S.

    Why Naomi Girma is essential to the USWNT at 2023 World Cup

    Despite making her first appearance just 15 months ago with the USWNT, Naomi Girma has become indispensable to the team with her unwavering vision and composure, making her a crucial asset to the defense.

    Girma started and played the full 90 minutes in the World Cup opener on Saturday, which impressed coach Vlatko Andonovski. With three World Cup titles under her belt, she appeared very at ease.

    Ever since she was a young girl, the game she has been playing remains unchanged, although the venue may now be the World Cup. As soon as the opening whistle blew, she experienced a sense of tranquility and assurance, even though she felt anxious before the game started, which Girma contests. After all, it was her first appearance in the World Cup.

    Nancy Armour expressed that witnessing their daughter represent the United States, the nation they selected, brings immense pride to her parents. They are extremely delighted. All of us are overwhelmed with gratitude,” she stated. “As a sportsman, performing at the utmost level is a constant aspiration. Hence, for me, it is the realization of a long-awaited dream.”

    Carli Lloyd calls USWNT’s play ‘disappointing, uninspiring’

    The No. 2 seed, which is the final path to the knockout rounds, allows the USWNT to move on, even though it will be much harder. The Americans’ tie against Portugal, a 0-0 draw, had some harsh words for Carli Lloyd, the two-time World Cup winner.

    However, as per Lloyd, her previous team is not on track to reach the championship game regardless.

    “The postgame show on FOX Sports mentioned Lloyd, and it is not surprising that both the tactics and the individuals playing are predictable. They do not appear to be in good shape. Today was disappointing and lacked inspiration.”

    Many things are no longer happening as much in the field anymore. Winning doesn’t matter as much anymore as it used to.

    Lloyd stated, “There was a noticeable change after 2020.” Lloyd expressed, “You should never want to take anything for granted.” Lloyd added, “Those who came before you and those who came after you, they all wore the same jersey. They gave everything they had, and it was not inspiring or energetic.” I’m not just seeing the lack of passion.

    She added the U.S. Is “playing not to lose versus playing to win — Portugal played to win, and they almost did.”.

    Pressed for details about which non-game activities she was referring to, Lloyd mentioned the pregame dancing of the USWNT.

    “That’s not occurring, succeeding and practicing and engaging in all that you can do to become the finest individual competitor,” she expressed. “We witnessed the dancing. Where is the guidance heading? There’s a distinction between self-assured and conceit.”

    Lindsay Schnell said that Alex Morgan, the star forward, should have been benched before the kickoff against Portugal, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw at halftime, where she ripped into the Americans. This was hardly the first time that Lloyd has been critical of the USWNT in this World Cup.

    USWNT World Cup history

    Here is a comprehensive chronicle of the competition. The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) has emerged victorious in four World Cups in total and is currently striving for their third consecutive victory and fifth overall title.

    Former USWNT star Heather O’Reilly weighs in on criticism of Team USA

    Here’s what the present Fox Sports commentator had to express about the performance of USWNT in the group phase.

    Games three have only been given one goal up. The team is talented. We need this team to get behind us, but Carli Lloyd knows all about the history we made. We made a couple of tactical changes and fought back against the wall. It needs us to get behind the team. The staff, players, and football don’t help. Does this team have it? We are going out early, like we were in 2015. There was so much chatter…We stumbled in our third game and drew in the second game, but we got a good result in the first game. It reminds everyone of what happened in 2015.

    The group is very defensively minded, with a conservative coach, Vlatko Andonovski, so we need to embrace that. Just like this team, they have advanced and survived. And if they don’t care about playing in Sweden, they don’t even care about the opponents they will face next. They are going to take care of business with the next opponent, whether it’s one or two members of the group.

    View her complete remarks here.

    USWNT coach history

    Here’s a look at how each coach in the past fared, with Vlatko Andonovski becoming the 10th head coach of the US women’s national team in October 2019, replacing Jill Ellis.

    Women’s World Cup bracket

    This is how the bracket for the elimination rounds is taking form.

    Lynn Williams: What to know about USWNT forward

    In 2016, she claimed the NWSL championship for scoring, MVP, and league title. During the Tokyo Olympics, she successfully netted a goal and provided an assist in the quarterfinal victory against Netherlands. Lynn Williams suffered from a torn hamstring for a significant portion of 2021. She collaborates with fellow USWNT player Sam Mewis as a co-host on the “Snacks” podcast.

  • Birthplace: Fresno, California.
  • Club: NJ/NY Gotham FC.
  • Age: 30.
  • Height: 5-7.
  • Caps: 52.
  • Goals / Assists: 15/12
  • USWNT press conference

    Here is the commentary from Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Lindsey Horan, Rose Lavelle, and Kelley O’Hara regarding the draw.

    USWNT results

    Here’s a look back at the results of the U.S. Women’s national team’s plays in the group stage of the 2023 World Cup, where they won one game and drew two.

  • USWNT 3, Vietnam 0: How the Americans triumphed in the opening match of the 2023 World Cup.
  • USWNT 1, Netherlands 1: Lindsey Horan’s impressive header and other must-watch moments from the tie.
  • USWNT 0, Portugal 0: How the US Women’s National Team managed to progress to the knockout stages of the World Cup.
  • Is Portugal out of the World Cup?

    Portugal’s World Cup debut was it. After the team fought for a chance to advance, Jessica Silva was sitting on the field between her knees, with her head bowed as Megan Rapinoe consoled her. The Portuguese women were sent home with a draw in Tuesday’s E Group final, while the Americans, although disappointed, were.

    USA vs Portugal highlights: How USWNT survived to advance to World Cup knockout rounds

    Silva expressed, “Kindly acknowledge the accomplishments of Portugal. Remember us and consider our performance against a team that has won the world championship two times in a row. Despite feeling proud of the outcome, we are truly saddened by our performance. … We depart with a sense of bitterness, believing that we were the most skilled team.”

    – Roxanna Scott.

    More late subs for USWNT, including Alyssa Thompson

    Substituting Crystal Dunn and Alex Morgan, Alyssa Thompson, the least experienced player on the team, and Kelley O’Hara, one of the veterans of the US Women’s National Team (USWNT), entered the field during the additional time. O’Hara has participated in four World Cups, while Thompson is making her debut in the tournament.

    Trinity Rodman, Emily Sonnett sub in late for USWNT

    In the 84th minute, the United States Women’s National Team finally made some substitutions.

    Trinity Rodman and Emily Sonnett replaced Lindsey Horan and Lynn Williams as substitutes for the U.S.

    Naomi Girma hit with yellow card

    Portugal is still level at 0-0 with the U.S. As defender Naomi Girma received a cautionary card in the 81st minute, intensifying the game for the USWNT. The game became even more challenging for the USWNT.

    Megan Rapinoe subs in for USWNT

    In place of Sophia Smith, Megan Rapinoe came on as a substitute for the USWNT in the 61st minute, the standout of the 2019 World Cup and one of the most adored athletes in U.S. Football history.

    Rapinoe, who plans to retire at the end of this season, is making her 201st appearance for the USWNT. She is an experienced and skilled player, and she sets off dangerous attacks. However, in this World Cup, she has a different role for the U.S.

    Yellow card for Sophia Smith

    Sophia Smith, the head player of Portugal, was hit with a yellow card in the 52nd minute after a high knee collision from the forward.

    False alarm at the 2023 World Cup

    After a few minutes, everyone in the stadium ignored the sound and play continued. It turns out that it was a false fire alarm, but it started sounding in the second half of the early game at Eden Park stadium.

    USAWNT 0, Portugal 0: Instant halftime analysis

    Vlatko Andonovski answered the fans’ demands by replacing Trinity Rodman with Lynn Williams at forward and starting midfielder Rose Lavelle. However, despite an initial burst of energy, these changes had minimal impact.

    The USWNT was as lackluster as the two other games they’ve been, unable to finish chances and making empty passes to empty spaces, turning over the ball.

    If the USWNT participates in a round-of-16 match, Lavelle acquired her second yellow card, implying she will be absent for the USWNT’s round-of-16 game. As though that was not unfortunate ample.

    – Nancy Armour.

    What happens if USA loses to Portugal?

    Group E presents a notably more challenging route as it consists of the second seed. If the Stripes and Stars were to tie with Team A, they would not advance to the knockout round. The USWNT’s World Cup journey will come to an end if they lose to Portugal on Tuesday.

    If the USWNT were to cause upsets against Portugal, it would be a historic moment for the U.S. Team, as they have never made it to the knockout round or the semifinals of the Olympics since 1996, and they have not started playing in the women’s World Cup since 1991.

    Rose Lavelle gets yellow card — again

    She received a yellow card against the Netherlands as well. If they advance to the knockout rounds, Lavelle will be unable to participate in the round of 16 match due to accumulating yellow cards. However, it is uncertain if they will make it through, especially with a 0-0 tie in the latter stages of the first half. This situation is quite harsh for the US Women’s National Team as they will be without Lavelle. In the 39th minute, Lavelle was cautioned with a yellow card for tripping Dolores Silva from Portugal.

    Netherlands vs. Vietnam score erases USWNT goal differential

    It will be very difficult for the U.S. To win that group, even if they defeat Portugal. The critical stat to consider when figuring out seeding for the knockout round is the goal differential. Unfortunately, the USWNT’s advantage in goal differential has evaporated. Yes, even that stat is reading that the advantage the USWNT had in goal differential has evaporated, when it comes to figuring out seeding for the knockout round. This is evident through the Vietnam-Netherlands match, where the Netherlands is up 5-0 midway through the first half of the other Group E match.

    USWNT game tonight

    The Americans compete in their last group stage match on Tuesday at 3 a.M. ET. They confront Portugal.

    Where to watch USA vs. Portugal

    Telemundo will provide coverage in Spanish. The Fox Sports app and FoxSports.Com enable streaming. Both its primary channel and FS1 will air all 2023 World Cup matches in the United States, thanks to Fox.

    USA women World Cup schedule

    The potential adversaries and match schedules are as listed: The game times and potential opponents are presented below. In the event that they secure second place, they have the possibility of playing on Sunday (provided they emerge victorious in Group E) or Saturday (should they progress to the Round of 16). This particular match will mark the end of the group stage for the American team.

  • Saturday, August 5th: Winner of Group E versus Runner-up of Group G, 10 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Sunday, Aug. 6: Second-place team from Group E versus the winner of Group G, 5 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • Group G is presently headed by Sweden and Italy, who will conclude their group stage matches on Wednesday.

    USA vs. Portugal predictions

    The United States Women’s National Team emerges victorious with a score of 3-1, however, Portugal manages to score a goal in the second half. The USWNT efficiently scores quick goals against Portugal, similar to Australia’s performance against Canada on Monday night. According to Nancy Armour, a columnist, the USWNT displays an impressive level of energy and enthusiasm.

    The team is determined to convey a message. They will embark on a mission to suppress any discussion regarding whether the World Cup is overwhelming for them, and utilize their frustration to ignite an intense beginning. I anticipate a final score of 4-1, with a potential halftime lead of 2-0, or perhaps even 3-0. Lindsay Schnell, the journalist, reports that the USWNT is furious, primarily due to their performance against the Netherlands.

    USWNT scenarios

    How can the USWNT advance in the knockout round with a draw or win against Portugal? Can you think of every possible scenario?

    USWNT needs to be Portugal. It’s no ‘gimme’ opponent.

    AUCKLAND, New Zealand — The third group-stage game for the United States women is usually focused on displaying their fashion, instead of struggling to stay in the competition.

    Not in this World Cup.

    In every sport, whether it’s men’s or women’s, a disastrous situation for a team that boasts one of the highest levels of success globally is equally significant. Despite the simplicity of the USWNT’s route to progression – simply winning or drawing guarantees their qualification – they enter the last group match still requiring confirmation of their position in the elimination stages. This is the first occurrence since 2007.

    Portugal will almost certainly lose to the four-time World Cup champions, and it will happen on Tuesday night. The USWNT has never failed to reach the semifinals at a World Cup, whether it be the Olympics or the World Cup. They have also never bowed out in the group stage.

    Read the complete column of Nancy Armour here.

    USWNT fans take over New Zealand

    AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Did anyone remain in the United States?

    Prior to the match, scheduled to begin at 7 p.M. In Auckland, the city was filled with enthusiastic supporters of the USWNT. With painted faces and wearing attire that clearly displayed their loyalties, they could be seen throughout the downtown area. The trains heading to the stadium were packed with these fans. Even the concourses at Eden Park were bustling with excitement before the game.

    The cheer that erupted at Eden Park during warmups would have been strong enough to blow off the roof, if there was one.

    – Nancy Armour.

    Meet the USWNT kids: Charlie, Marcel and Madden steal the spotlight

    The kids of the USWNT may be even more renowned than the squad that is equally as well-liked.

    Crystal Dunn, Julie Ertz, and Alex Morgan have been extremely successful, with their children sometimes receiving more attention and generating more headlines. They have accumulated a total of six World Cup titles, six Olympic medals, and four U.S. Soccer player of the year awards, all combined on the field. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the USWNT has never before included three mothers on their roster for a major event, making the 2023 World Cup a significant moment.

    Access the complete article of Lindsay Schnell here.

    Megan Rapinoe, USWNT are ‘exactly where we want to be’

    AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Megan Rapinoe thrives on these kinds of occasions.

    The USWNT can advance to the knockout rounds of the Olympics or win a tie on Tuesday in Portugal. However, they would almost certainly be knocked out in the group stage, and the four-time World Cup champions would lose for the first time ever in a World Cup or Olympic tournament.

    Losing this team would forever change the way people see it − the pressure of anxiety, the most people would want to make it puke.

    For Rapinoe, it’s a powerful source of inspiration.

    Sunday, with a sparkle in her eyes, expressed, “Being a part of the World Cup is the best feeling, and every single game is filled with intense pressure. This tournament is all about embracing the pressure and making the most out of every single moment.”

    Read the complete column of Nancy Armour here..

    What time is it in New Zealand?

    The game between Portugal and New Zealand will kick off at 7 p.M., Which is 16 hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States.

    How old is Sophia Smith?

    Smith netted a pair of goals and notched an assist in her inaugural World Cup appearance against Vietnam. The 22-year-old USWNT striker will celebrate her 23rd birthday on August 10th.

    How many World Cups has Alex Morgan played in?

    Four. Alex Morgan has been a constant presence in the USWNT since her first appearance on a snowy day in 2010.

    Victoria Hernandez, a native of Southern California, has been appointed as a captain for the upcoming tournament, where the team will strive to create a historic milestone by securing their third consecutive championship. Since then, she has netted a total of 121 goals for the American national team and has achieved consecutive triumphs in the World Cup. Her first goal was scored during that autumn season.

    USWNT World Cup wins

    The USWNT has triumphed in four World Cups overall and is presently striving for their third successive and fifth overall win.

    Is Alex Morgan playing tonight?

    Yes, the forward is looking to add a total of 121 goals to the USWNT’s starting lineup as Vietnam’s opener kicks off with a missed penalty by Morgan.

    USWNT jerseys and merch

    Are your friends envious of all of them and do they collect our favorite item, the clip bag player? We recommend visiting the official U.S. Soccer online merchandise store. Are you looking for the official World Cup kits worn by Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and others?

    USWNT suits

    The Americans headed to the Portugal vs. Group play game in Las Vegas, with Becky Hammon, the coach of the Aces, styling Julie Ertz in a manner that suited their “business” menswear-inspired custom blazer and hoodie suits once again.

    USWNT watch parties near me

    Take a look. If you are close by, you can use a nifty map to find a convenient location to watch the U.S. Women’s national soccer team play against Portugal.

    USWNT World Cup roster

    You can learn more about each player from the U.S. As well as some standout international stars. The 23-player roster will be playing in their first World Cup. This year marks the passing of the torch as a new generation of talented soccer players make their debut in the World Cup. The 2023 World Cup roster is one of the most diverse in the history of U.S. Women’s soccer, if not the most diverse.

  • Goalkeepers: Alyssa Naeher (Chicago Red Stars); Casey Murphy (North Carolina Courage); Aubrey Kingsbury (Washington Spirit).
  • Alana Cook (OL Reign); Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns); Emily Fox (North Carolina Courage); Naomi Girma (San Diego Wave); Sofia Huerta (OL Reign); Kelley O’Hara (NJ/NY Gotham); and Emily Sonnett (OL Reign) are the defenders.
  • Savannah DeMelo (representing Racing Louisville); Julie Ertz (playing for Angel City); Lindsey Horan (competing for Olympique Lyon); Rose Lavelle (part of OL Reign); Kristie Mewis (representing NJ/NY Gotham); Ashley Sanchez (playing for Washington Spirit); Andi Sullivan (also playing for Washington Spirit): All of them are midfielders.
  • San Diego Wave: Alex Morgan; OL Reign: Megan Rapinoe; Washington Spirit: Trinity Rodman; Portland Thorns: Sophia Smith; Angel City: Alyssa Thompson; NJ/NY Gotham: Lynn Williams.Output: Alex Morgan represents the San Diego Wave, Megan Rapinoe plays for OL Reign, Trinity Rodman is a member of the Washington Spirit, Sophia Smith represents the Portland Thorns, Alyssa Thompson is a player for Angel City, and Lynn Williams plays for NJ/NY Gotham.
  • World Cup bracket

    This is the arrangement of the bracket for the 2023 World Cup.

    How many groups are in the Women’s World Cup?

    The categories are organized in the following manner: with the highest two rankings from every category proceeding to the elimination stage, there are a total of eight categories, consisting of four teams each.

  • Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, and Switzerland.
  • Group B: Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland.
  • Group C: Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, and Zambia.
  • Group D: China, Denmark, England, and Haiti.
  • Group E: Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam.
  • Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica, and Panama.
  • Group G: Argentina, Italy, South Africa, and Sweden.
  • Group H: Colombia, Deutschland, Morocco, South Korea.
  • Where is the 2023 World Cup being played?

    Australia and New Zealand are set to host the first-ever women’s World Cup tournament in history. (Japan and South Korea co-hosted the 2022 men’s World Cup, while the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will be hosting the 2026 edition.)