VC 16028a, VC 16028c no insurance

VC 16028a, VC 16028c

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If a police officer asks, you need to be capable of presenting evidence of legitimate insurance, indicating proof of financial liability. Failing to show proof of financial liability, as defined in vehicle code VC Section 16028 (a), results in a $900 fine.

In order to evade a hefty penalty, it is crucial to make an effort to demonstrate that you possessed legitimate insurance (evidence of financial responsibility) on the day of receiving your ticket, even if you did not have the insurance documentation in your vehicle at that moment. However, it is imperative to note that you were indeed covered by valid insurance when you were issued the ticket.

Important Things to know about VC 16028(a) – Driving a vehicle without proof of car insurance

  • The fine for driving without car insurance or proof of financial responsibility is around $900, as driving without proof of car insurance (VC 16028(a)) is one of the priciest traffic violations you can receive.
  • The fine for driving without insurance (VC 16028(a)) is a $200 base fine plus penalty assessments which comes out to approximately $900.
  • If you are able to demonstrate that you acquired car insurance subsequent to receiving the ticket, but are unable to furnish evidence of car insurance on the date of the ticket, the fine will typically be reduced by fifty percent, amounting to approximately $450.
  • If the police officer marked the correctable box on the ticket, you might be able to get the fine lowered to $25 and obtain car insurance afterwards, even if you did not have car insurance on the date of the ticket and the violation written on the ticket was 16028a VC.
  • A breach of VC 16028(a) driving without automobile insurance does NOT place a DMV point on your record.
  • In order to reduce the fine from $900 to $25, you must demonstrate to the Judge that either you possessed car insurance on the date of the ticket or the car’s registered owner had car insurance that was valid for the date of the ticket.
  • The best proof of car insurance is the insurance card sent by your insurance company, which shows the dates of coverage, the make and model of the car, and the year.
  • If you have received a ticket for 16028 VC and you have failed to appear in court, you are facing a fine of a substantial amount. Please contact GC Services to schedule a call.

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    The legislation in California: (refer to http://leginfo.Legislature.Ca.Gov/faces/codes_displaySection.Xhtml?LawCode=VEH&sectionNum=16028.

    16028. (a) Upon the demand of a peace officer pursuant to subdivision (b) or upon the demand of a peace officer or traffic collision investigator pursuant to subdivision (c), every person who drives a motor vehicle upon a highway shall provide evidence of financial responsibility for the vehicle that is in effect at the time the demand is made. The evidence of financial responsibility may be provided using a mobile electronic device. However, a peace officer shall not stop a vehicle for the sole purpose of determining whether the vehicle is being driven in violation of this subdivision.

    VC 16028 c – Accident with no insurance

    vc 16028 c

    The Consequences – One-year license suspension

    If you got into an accident and you did not have insurance at the time, you will face a one-year license suspension even if it wasn’t your fault (VC 16028 – proof of financial responsibility).

    Get a DMV Hearing

    In the event of lacking insurance and being involved in a collision, you are subjected to a suspension of your driver’s license for a period of one year. Therefore, to make an attempt, if possible, to obtain a limited license and retain the ability to drive for employment purposes, it is crucial that you submit a plea for a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Hearing.

    The legislation in California: (refer to http://leginfo.Legislature.Ca.Gov/faces/codes_displaySection.Xhtml?LawCode=VEH&sectionNum=16028.

    VC 16028(c) If a peace officer, or a regularly employed and salaried employee of a city or county who has been trained as a traffic collision investigator, is summoned to the scene of an accident described in Section 16000, the driver of a motor vehicle that is in any manner involved in the accident shall furnish written evidence of financial responsibility or may provide electronic verification of evidence of financial responsibility using a mobile electronic device upon the request of the peace officer or traffic collision investigator. If the driver fails to provide evidence of financial responsibility when requested, the peace officer may issue the driver a notice to appear for violation of this subdivision. A traffic collision investigator may cause a notice to appear to be issued for a violation of this subdivision, upon review of that citation by a peace officer.

    After an accident, you must exchange insurance details, and not doing so can lead to a charge of Hit and Run under VC 20002.

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