VNPT Cloud shares how to manage cloud computing providers

Multi-cloud has emerged as one of the hottest trends in enterprise support technology in the past few years as more and more businesses adopt public cloud multi-platforms to store public volumes. their job.

Plan and manage service providers

Before using any cloud service provider, users should plan and implement the management of service providers. Important factors that must be considered include reliability, security, and cost.

Choosing many different service providers will give users more options to avoid risks, but at the same time make management more complicated.

Use a cloud management tool

Cloud management tools help users manage multiple cloud service providers easily. These tools allow users to manage resources, manage access modes, and control costs.

In the world, there are many Multi-Cloud management solutions used with the goal of expanding cloud management capacity on the current infrastructure of enterprises such as AWS CloudFormation, Microsoft Azure Resource Manager, Google Cloud Deployment Manager .

Using the latest security technologies

Security is an important factor in managing many cloud service providers. Users should use the latest security technologies to reduce risks and protect their data. Some commonly used security technologies include identity and access management, encryption, and surveillance.

Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions help users enhance data management and security when using multiple cloud service providers. Integration between service providers makes it easy to interact and access each other’s data, and allows businesses to scale existing infrastructure capacity appropriately.

Set up privacy rules

Finally, users should put in place security regulations to ensure effective data management and security. Important factors in developing security regulations include what information is shared between service providers, shared access, and ensuring integration between data management systems.

Managing multiple cloud service providers is not a simple task. However, with care and reasonable planning, users can effectively manage cloud computing service providers, ensuring the safety and security of their data.

VNPT Cloud: A reputable cloud computing provider in Vietnam

Among the reputable cloud brands providing in the market, VNPT Cloud is the pioneer in Vietnam to provide Multicloud solutions for domestic users, aiming to support digital transformation for Mainstream customers. government and businesses in Vietnam.

VNPT Cloud has a team of professional and experienced technical experts

Owning 5 data centers (Data Centers) with Tier III (Uptime Institute) certification across the country, VNPT Cloud has been recognized by customers for its modern infrastructure capacity, synchronous investment, and assurance of interoperability. Continuity, fast speed, flexibility.

The service inherits the leading technologies in the world, including the OpenSack platform (which is being jointly developed by more than 500 major technology companies in the world such as: NASA, IBM, CISCO, Rackspace … and trusted by other technology companies such as Ebay, NTT Japan, Yahoo).

Besides, VNPT Cloud has a team of professional and experienced technical experts who are always ready to support customers to solve problems at any time.

With prioritizing technology development and focusing on improving service quality, VNPT Cloud sharing businesses are currently trusted and chosen by many domestic agencies and departments when using the Multicloud strategy, as a platform. Digital infrastructure for the development of applications, helping organizations and businesses access broader markets, better development capabilities.

About VNPT

 Full name: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group 

International transaction name: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) 

VNPT is currently the leading Post and Telecommunication Group in Vietnam.

With the contributions and achievements achieved in the cause of building socialism and defending the Fatherland, VNPT was honored to be awarded the title of Labor Hero in the period of 1999 – 2009 by the President of the State on 22/02. December 2009.
Inheriting 65 years of construction, development and attachment to Vietnam’s telecommunications market, VNPT is both the first service provider to lay the foundation for the development of Vietnam’s postal and telecommunications industry, as well as a focus group. The delegation played a key role in making Vietnam one of the 10 fastest growing postal and telecommunications countries in the world.
With more than 50,000 employees, advanced telecommunications technology infrastructure, service network covering all 64 provinces and cities across the country, VNPT is proud to be the No. in Vietnam, serving more than 60 million mobile subscribers, nearly 10  million landline phone subscribers and tens of millions of Internet users.
In January 2006, VNPT officially became the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, replacing the old corporation model according to the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 06/2006/QD-TTg, with a development strategy according to model of Vietnam’s key economic group, multi-industry, multi-field, multi-ownership, in which Post – Telecommunications – IT is the core.
On June 24, 2010, the parent company – Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group transformed its operation into a one-member limited liability company owned by the State under Decision No. 955/QD- TTg of the Prime Minister.
Business areas

 –  Telecommunications products and services, information technology and multimedia communication;

 –  Surveying, consulting, designing, installing, exploiting, maintaining, repairing and leasing telecommunications and information technology works;

– Research, develop, manufacture and manufacture telecommunications and information technology equipment and products;

 – Trading and distributing telecommunications equipment and information technology products;

 –  Advertising services, market research, organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions related to the field of telecommunications and information technology;

 –  Real estate business, office leasing;

 –  Financial services in the field of telecommunications, information technology and multimedia communication;

Slogan: NPT – True life