Want tickets to Taylor Swift’s new tour dates? These tips will help you score seats

Taylor Swift has recently announced a North American tour in 2024, which is expected to be the largest tour ever. This tour will include cities such as Toronto, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Miami, and getting tickets for this tour is expected to be a challenging task.

After nearly five months, the current round of Taylor Swift’s U.S. Eras Tour has filled stadiums in Los Angeles with over 2 million fans.

The initial on-sale of Taylor Swift tickets was fraught with frustration for many devoted fans who couldn’t snag tickets, as Ticketmaster, a program fan verified, controlled the rollout employing a controlled system.

Here’s what you should be aware of when purchasing tickets for Swift.

What makes Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour so remarkable? A setlist of 44 songs is just the beginning of this enormous production.

Taylor Swift. shown at a July date in Santa Clara, California, will return to the U.S, in late 2024 after taking her Eras Tour worldwide.

October 18-20: Miami, Hard Rock Stadium.

October 25-27: New Orleans, Caesars Superdome.

November 1-3: Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium.

November 14-16 and November 21-23: Toronto, Rogers Centre.

How to get Taylor Swift tickets

The Fan Verified registration is now open until 5 p.M., As recently announced. It doesn’t matter when you register, as long as it’s before the window closes. Fans can register at ticketmaster.Com.

If there are still tickets available in the future, you will be added to a waitlist and notified. Within a designated time period, you will be given a distinctive access code to attempt purchasing tickets provided that your Ticketmaster account is confirmed and you have been chosen. If you were chosen at random for the sale or put on a waitlist, you will be sent an email on August 8th to notify you.

Make sure to sign into your Ticketmaster account with your current credit card information before trying to purchase tickets, if you have selected any.

Keep in mind that even if you receive a code to access selected tickets, it does not guarantee availability due to excessive demand for those tickets.

Taylor Swift performs at Nissan Stadium in Nashville , Tenn., Friday, May 5, 2023.

How does Verified Fan work?

Before signing up for Verified Fan, you should create an account on ticketmaster.Com.

You will be given two options to select your preferred shows/cities – once registered. Please provide your phone number and email. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received. To ensure that you are not a bot and that you are a real person, Ticketmaster will vet your account.

Next, stay patient and keep your fingers crossed to be chosen at random for an access code.

When do tickets go on sale for the new Taylor Swift dates?

The VIP Fan Verified Packages and Fan Verified onsales will have tickets purchased separately for each date, and the receiving date for each ticket will be rolled out individually. Prices for the tickets are to be announced (TBA).

Miami: August 9th.

  • Night one (10/18): 11:00 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • The second night (10/19) will begin at 1:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Evening two (10/20): 3:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • August 10th in New Orleans.

  • The first night (10/25) starts at 11:00 a.M. Central Time.
  • Second night (10/26): 1:00 p.M. Central Time.
  • Evening three (10/27): 3:00 p.M. Central Time.
  • Indianapolis: August 11th.

  • On the night of November 1st, the time will be 11:00 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • Second night (11/2): 1:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Evening of November 3rd: 3:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Toronto part 1: August 9.

  • Night one (11/14): 11:00 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • Second night (11/15): 1:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Toronto part two: August 10th.

  • Evening three (11/16): 11:00 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • For the fourth night (11/21) the time is 1:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Toronto part three: August 11th.

  • Night five (11/22): 11:00 a.M. Eastern Time.
  • Evening six (11/23): 1:00 p.M. Eastern Time.
  • Are there other pre-sales for Taylor Swift tickets?