Watch Jokester Perform ‘Vladimir Must Die’ Rap Before City Council

A viral social media personality has sparked controversy by calling for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a highly popular rap performance.

Alex Stein, from Dallas, Texas, can be seen rapping in front of a televised city council meeting in North Texas. This is not the first time he has performed a musical act at a meeting. Putin needs to die, “and,” Put a bullet in Putin’s brain “include lyrics songs’ The.

Stein, a satirist and comedian who describes himself as a journalist, has gained fame by posting videos of himself making a spectacle at political meetings. He has been accused of transphobia in the past. Stein also appeared briefly as a contestant on the reality competition show “The Glass House” on ABC in 2012.

In the town of Plano, and you know you just got discovered, and I’m buried underground, whether it’s a light or dark shade, bury him underground, I’m a pimp, I own a large airship. Putin is a terrible bigot. Putin despises all African Americans. Against vaccination, I’m the evidence when I’m in the recording booth rapping into the microphone. Stein performed a supportive rhythm and started singing, “I’m the evidence when I’m in the recording booth rapping into the microphone.” Wearing a navy blue suit with a yellow pocket square and tie—resembling the colors of the Ukrainian flag to some extent—Stein played a supportive rhythm and started singing, and I’m in the recording booth rapping into the microphone.

A North Texas man named Alex Stein performed a rap song against Vladimir Putin in front of the city council of Plano, Texas. Pictured, a screen shot from the event. Twitter screenshot

“Do my sexual orientation matter, whether I’m gay or straight? You can say whatever you want, but oh, did someone pass gas? What’s that smell? You’re so intelligent, Zelensky Volodymyr. I love him. I would die for Putin Vladimir. Gas prices are way too high. I’m Stan Zelinsky. You know the plan. Putin’s strategy is to brainwash me. I’m going crazy and Ukraine is suffering. Zelensky is considered a very important person.,” He continued.

He thanked the mayor and mentioned the name of his Instagram account. Then, Graham Lindsey said, “We love you Putin Vladimir, like Graham Lindsey said, we need to take you out, “I said into the microphone at the end of the rap.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, made a reference to Jill Stein’s suggestion of assassinating someone in order to put an end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to a tweet from Steven Monacelli, a self-employed journalist, it was mentioned that Stein has a track record of creating “transphobic content” on online platforms in reaction to the footage of his rap performance before the Plano City Council.

In a video posted on Stein’s Twitter account on March 15, officials from Marin County, California informed Stein that they did not cite any specific statements while referring to a video in which Monacelli did not cite any specific statements. Stein identifies a 9-year-old child as a lizard and openly gay. “That lizard identifies as a racist and non-inclusive,” Stein stated in the video posted on her Twitter account. She also mentioned that every time she takes the child, who identifies as a lizard, to a public park, they are all called monkeys.

He instructed the officials that since politicians refer to Rachel Levine, a transgender woman who serves as the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health, as a “woman,” they should refer to his daughter as a lizard.

In the October 2021 Dallas City Council meeting, “Stein Alexandria,” a transgender woman who identified herself as Stein Alexandria, was dressed in a red bonnet and cape, similar to those worn by oppressed women in the dystopian drama series The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

“I feel just like children taking puberty blockers and undergoing gender reassignment surgery before the age of 17. Newsweek told Stein, ‘I love all trans and gay people with utmost sincerity.'”

“I ridicule everything beneath the sun,” he remarked. “As a comedian and satirist, I greatly admire the LGBTQ+ community and the transgender community. I have a deep affection for my gay relatives.”

You shouldn’t hesitate to get vaccinated in the Lone Star State. Mona, don’t wait. Don’t hesitate to get vaccinated against corona. During a meeting of the Dallas City Council, Stein also performed a rap, waving his face masks and wearing medical scrubs, to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

He continued, “Ouchie, that gives me a feeling similar to what Dr. Fauci might consider wrong or right. I desire to be vaccinated while wearing a thong. I am unable to hear my own song, but I desire for you to get vaccinated. Oh, Mother, tell me where you are. I want to stick it deep in your arm. I want you to get vaccinated, Mom.”

In September, a press release was issued announcing the death of Stein, a graduate of Highland Park High School in the affluent neighborhood of Dallas, due to COVID-19.

According to the press release, it was mentioned that Alex also experienced the terror attacks on 9/11, which were orchestrated by individuals within the United States government. Sadly, his life was taken by the dreadful virus, and we deeply regret his views on it. Alex was a leader who believed in the anti-vaccine and anti-Stein movement, thinking that a vaccine contained a nano-particle causing Myocarditis in young people.

The press statement included a photograph of Stein holding a cake that read, “COVID is a deception” in icing.