Watch Pedro Pascal Sweat His Face Off Eating Hot Wings

Pedro Pascal, the actor known for his roles in Game of Thrones, Narcos, and The Last of Us, recently revealed some gory details from a recent episode of Hot Ones, where he was seriously enjoying some spicy chicken wings while sharing his thoughts on Mexican food in New York City.

He mentioned prior to attempting some spicy chicken wings, “I used to have a strong tolerance for spicy food when I was younger and had more resilient internal organs.” “We’ll see. I’m not sure if I can handle it as well as I used to.”

The actor admits that during his time working with a puppet in The Mandalorian, he got his eyes gouged out during a fight scene, similar to what happened to him while working on Game of Thrones. He also reveals that he was asleep during the incident and thought he was dead.

The scene was filled with fake blood pooled around him, and artificial pieces of flesh were placed all over him. Pascal said, “This stuff was so hot and cooling to the touch.” “I went into the deepest sleep I’ve ever been in, and it was a very cathartic experience.”

Maybe he wants to do something different with his sleeping habits, so he ordered a Starbucks quad iced espresso, which has approximately 384 mg of caffeine. Okay, he said that maybe I’ll finally get a good night’s sleep, and now I realize that I’m not a very good sleeper because I need to lay out pieces of my cool-to-the-touch, gelatinous flesh with blood pooling and meat-like face.

I confess that I despise milk, and then I swallowed it while reaching for a glass of milk that was made with Beyond Insanity Bomb hot sauce, which has a Scoville level of 135,600.

Host Chris Evans inquired, “What sets Captain Crunch apart as the leading contender among breakfast cereals for you?”.

While placing ice on his forehead, Pascal replied, “Captain Crunch is extremely delectable.”

He jokingly remarked, “At this moment, I can’t go back to anything, but thinking about your childhood brings it to mind,” as he lightly patted his head with a napkin. He is definitely not sure about the Mexican city’s food, but he is familiar with the local restaurants in New York. Pascal was born in both Southern California and Texas, which are famous for their regional Mexican cuisines.

“There’s no great Mexican cuisine in New York,” Pascal stated. “Join me.”

Towards the conclusion of the episode, the interview took a different direction – and not due to the spicy wings.

During an interview with NME, Evans was asked to reveal a tidbit, and he referred to Pascal, asking, “What song would you most want to hear at your funeral? ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince, why?”

I consider the song “Purple Rain” by Prince to be the most musically sophisticated and emotionally cathartic. I was raised without going to church, but Pascal noted that it is a significant part of his spiritual routine. He said, “It’s the most moving song, and it’s my favorite.”