“We Had to Get Rid of Chris”- MrBeast Admits He Kicked Out Chris Tyson in Alleged Leaked Messages

Additionally, there is another clip going around on MrBeast’s official channel where Chris, who has reportedly leaked DMs, has already been let go. According to reports, during a live stream, someone stated, “Unfortunately, we had to kick him out.” I know I’m going to hate, but the truth is, we had to get rid of Chris.

We may have not received any official message yet to let the crew go for various reasons why Chris might be. However, defending Chris from transphobic comments could indicate a complete U-turn from MrBeast. Many believe that the live comment stream is legitimate, although the leaked DMs have not been verified yet.

Choosing not to make the ‘woke’ decision, MrBeast can expect to face criticism from numerous individuals. While a significant number of people may express joy, it is highly probable that there will also be extensive discussions surrounding the news of Chris being dismissed from MrBeast.

The decision seemed right to me, even though I hate MrBeast so much. I felt bad for him because others left him with no other choice. “Christina and Chris got rid of him, and we can say that Chris got rid of him too. Another user added, “He’s probably going to be a goofy a** bro.” The video where Chris discussed his transition has been a topic of discussion. Let’s take a look at what some users had to say.

Chris can likely imagine that one reason behind getting fired from the channel is that many people surmised the news. He also stopped using his alt account and deactivated his main Twitter account well as a result. It appears that Chris is taking an extended break from social media, which is the most likely reason. There were previous rumors that Chris had reportedly unfollowed Mr. Beast on Instagram.

Recently, MrBeast and his crew were spotted filming their latest video, seemingly confirming that Chris, who many believed has officially left the team, is still with them. What do you think? Has Chris really been keeping away from the limelight, blowing over the drama until now?