Wendy’s offers a man with Down syndrome his job back after his sister alleges his manager fired him for not being able to ‘perform the duties of a normal persons job’

In a Facebook post, Turner Cona revealed that her brother Dennis Peek was terminated from his position at the Wendy’s restaurant in Stanley, North Carolina. She further stated that a manager informed her that he “was incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities associated with a typical employment.”.

In his post on Tuesday, Turner wrote about having over 11,000 reactions, expressing his lack of understanding for not being fired. He mentioned that he retired and someone might have informed him about it, as they were planning a big retirement party for him. He also mentioned that he had been looking forward to retiring and it was a dream come true for him.

Carolina Restaurant Group, the franchisee that owns and operates the restaurant in Stanley, Wendy’s, was consulted about the matter, and they provided a statement. The organization described the incident as a highly regrettable error.

He was going to be dropped off by his caretaker before he was fired from Peek restaurant, the manager at a CBS TV affiliate station in Charlotte, North Carolina, told Turner.

She informed WBTV, “He is consistently enthusiastic about going to his job.” “He thoroughly enjoys engaging with individuals.” “He adores witnessing people enter and converse with him.”

Turner stated her desire to examine instances of unfair termination concerning individuals with unique requirements and conveyed her discontent with the restaurant’s administration.

“They have no clue how they harmed my sibling!” She penned.

In a revision of her original post, Turner stated that Peek was offered the chance to recommence his role beginning the subsequent week.

“The support that you all have given my brother and I has overwhelmed my heart!” Turner wrote.

She made a second update to the post for her brother, adding Peek’s address so that individuals who viewed the post could send messages and letters of encouragement.

“We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers,” Carolina Restaurant Group said in its statement.

This statement said that he will always be welcome to have a home at our restaurant. After an impressive 20-year career, he should choose to retire in a big way, celebrating with his family or we are looking forward to welcoming him back to work in the restaurant. We have been in touch with Dennis and his family, valuing him as a team member; unfortunately, this was a very unfortunate lapse in protocol and a mistake.

In a third revision to her post, Turner stated that Peek would not be coming back to Wendy’s.

“For my sibling, I strongly believe that, at this juncture, I should prioritize what is most advantageous. Wendy’s has extended their assistance for covering expenses and providing any additional support for his remarkable occasion,” Turner expressed. “He has longed for his grand RETIREMENT celebration, and it will indeed come to fruition.”