What Are Wrinkle Patches, and Can They Really Give You Smoother Skin?

What Dermatologists Say About Wrinkle Patches

Despite the popularity of wrinkle patches, there is little evidence to support the claim that they provide lasting effects. Suozzi says they may leave the skin feeling smoother instantly.

Dr. Sobel asserts that the results of wrinkle-reducing treatments are temporary and will only last a few hours. He also states that facial expressions, which can deepen wrinkles, are exacerbated by the ability of these treatments to constrict and appear as wrinkle patches. Dr. Sobel agrees with the notion that these treatments are more effective than gimmicky alternatives.

According to Suozzi, utilizing the patch as a vehicle for applying products onto the skin is comparable to a sheet mask. Although they can be classified as regional sheet masks, these patches primarily contain various ingredients that aim to hydrate the skin and diminish early signs of aging. Notably, patches such as those made by Natura Bissé may provide prolonged advantages.

Should You Try Wrinkle Patches?

The AAD recommends avoiding this ingredient for pregnant or nursing women as they are more susceptible to the sun and may experience skin patches due to the active ingredient retinol. According to Sobel, these patches may cause redness and irritation, potentially leading to wrinkles. Individuals with allergies to adhesives or sensitive skin may also want to avoid using wrinkle patches. However, in general, wrinkle patches are considered safe.

Sobel recommends, “[Wrinkle patches are] excellent for a significant occasion when you desire to appear at your finest,” however, do not anticipate long-lasting results. These items might assist if you wish to briefly decrease visible indications of skin aging. It relies on your objective as to whether they’re deserving of your funds.