What Is Insurance Twisting

Unfortunately, if you are concerned about getting the best deal on your insurance policy, you should learn about twisting insurance and how it can be an illegal and unethical practice that some agents engage in.

What to Do if You Think You’ve Been Twisted

Most agents are eager to maintain the industry’s reputation and earn your trust, so they want to review your policies for signs of fraud. Before taking any action, talk to an agent to ask them to review both your new and old policies and help consumers who think they’ve been twisted exist protections.

If agents are found guilty, they could pay fines and lose their licenses. The company requires the correct solution to address this problem and will investigate. You can report the insurance company to the state’s Department of Insurance.

If you want to speak directly about a lawyer to seek financial redress, the state insurance commissioner does not represent individuals in lawsuits, but the state insurance commissioner can press charges against them.

What Does the Law Say About Insurance Twisting?

If an agent is found to have violated or broken a law, they can lose their license. The insurance industry is heavily regulated, and agents must adhere to codes of conduct that dictate how they should behave and professional codes and laws.

In order to make the optimal decision, they need to provide you with extensive information. They are prohibited from selling you a policy that goes against your best interests. Typically, your insurance agent is required to take action to safeguard your financial welfare.

Breaching the duty of care by acting in bad faith or providing questionable advice is a serious act with significant consequences. Agents cannot recommend another policy based on their commission or misrepresent and mislead about a policy.

What is “sliding?”

“Instead, the form for riders and addendums is taken. The new policy doesn’t consist of selling entirely because it is a less-obvious part of the insurance sale. It’s called “sliding,” which is an unethical third component of insurance sales.”

An example of when you might need to sell a rider for high-value jewelry is if the replacement cost for pay limits coverage on your core coverage. They might sell additional coverage or products to a policyholder with an agent sliding.

If you didn’t authorize the rider or addendum, the insurance commissioner would also consider sliding premiums increase as something you wouldn’t think about.

What is “churning?”

Selling policies through churning is an unethical practice that agents may engage in, alongside twisting. When churning occurs, agents convince you to purchase your existing policy as a new policy with the same company. In order for the sale to be considered churning, it must not offer improved benefits or other advantages. By selling the policy in this way, agents are able to collect a larger commission compared to a simple renewal.

What defines insurance twisting?

You might simply be adding or refinancing your existing policy, and it’s a good time to review it. After all, you probably went to an agent to get help in shopping for a new policy, just to convince you to replace your homeowner’s insurance policy.

If your best interest is not motivated by higher profit or commission, then the sale of a new policy that twists it makes is not a better replacement for your existing policy. In order to end up buying a policy that is true and not deceived by the “twist,” the agent must be engaged in selling the policy through deception, falling under the definition of insurance twisting.

If an agent is twisting the truth, regardless of their motive, you will not be able to purchase the most suitable policy for your requirements, as twisting requires an element of deception to deceive the policyholder.

What is insurance twisting?

Some insurance agents may be motivated to increase their commissions by selling a policy to someone who doesn’t need it, convincing the policyholder to drop their existing policy and take out a new policy that isn’t in their best interests.

Examples of Twisting in Life Insurance

What would be an instance of agent insurance manipulation with your life insurance policy?

twisting with your life insurance

Let’s say you purchased a whole life insurance policy that has accumulated cash worth.

Your budget for your perhaps may have increased excessively, and the cost of life insurance premiums or the overall cost of life insurance has become more expensive.

You have reached out to an agent for assistance in choosing a more affordable policy that still safeguards your family.

If you cancel your whole life policy, you may lose any cash value of your policy and forfeit the premiums you have paid. The agent may convince you that purchasing a term life policy will save you money on taxes, but they may not inform you of the potential consequences.

In order to complete a transaction, they will not omit any specifics. Trustworthy representatives will elucidate the advantages and disadvantages of each modification to your policy that you are contemplating, encompassing any potential tax consequences.

How do Reputable Agencies Guard Against Insurance Twisting?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners developed model statutes to promote the adoption of laws by states. These regulations have been implemented by moral organizations, regardless of whether they are mandatory in your state.

In order to switch policies and monitor the changes, a supervisor at InsuranceProAZ might need to have a robust internal review process to guard against insurance twisting.

The 60-day cooling-off period includes safeguards for policyholders who wish to change their premiums and purchase a new policy within 60 days. Additionally, the agency will also reinstate the old policy. This discourages policyholders from quickly selling their policy, as it allows them time to think and make the best choice without feeling pressured.

Ethical agencies also offer disclosure statements that contain comprehensive details regarding your previous and current policies. This facilitates the process of making comparisons. You will be required to sign a disclosure statement to acknowledge that you have received them.

Examples of Twisting in Homeowners Insurance

Do you need to increase your liability coverage? What about your new pool? It can be confusing to determine if your homeowners insurance policy covers a detached outbuilding or garage.

Home owners insurance policy

A demonstration of twisting in homeowners insurance would be if you constructed a new garage and contacted your agent to inquire about its coverage. It is important to note that while you may need to enhance your coverage if the new garage has a significantly higher replacement value, this does not signify that it is not already included in your existing policy.

Signs of Insurance Twisting

What other things should you be aware of when you are shopping for a new insurance policy?

It’s a cause for concern if there have been no changes in your life when an agent suggests switching policies. Whether you’ve started a new job, welcomed a new baby, or purchased a new house or car, it is usually a significant life event that triggers the need to reassess your current policies.

It might become perplexing if the premiums are surprisingly low and the agent is making numerous commitments. However, if a substitute policy would provide you with improved coverage or equivalent coverage for reduced premiums, it is likely a favorable arrangement. A greater premium frequently (though not invariably) corresponds to a higher level of coverage, and premiums function as a means to secure protection.

Beware of incomplete or incorrect disclosures. The equation on one side shows something different than the other side. What is the maximum coverage? Do you not see the deductible? It is a warning sign on one side, but not the other side when the agent compares your old policy. Does the comparison appear incomplete?

If you have any queries or doubts about the note-taking process, feel free to ask the agents. While discussing money, some people may not feel comfortable, but good agents understand the value of their expertise and are willing to put in the effort and time to help clients find the best policy that satisfies them. It is important to know what commission the agent will receive if you decide to purchase a new policy.

Examples of Twisting in Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage can be costly. It can be disastrous to switch coverage if your health insurance does not cover all your medications or conditions. If you want to lower your premiums, switching coverage could be a potential solution.

Twisting in Health Insurance

Twisting would occur if an agent sold you a policy and intentionally failed to disclose that your new policy excludes one of your pre-existing conditions. Purposefully concealing information to complete the sale is considered unethical and frequently illegal.

Protecting Yourself from Insurance Twisting

How can you safeguard yourself from insurance manipulation?

If you ask for more details, they might not have the best motives, which can make you uncomfortable and resistant to change, especially if your agent is pushing for a policy change. Be cautious and observant of their aggressive sales tactics.

If you ask why you need higher coverage limits for your car, they should have a good answer ready. They should be willing to explain the pros and cons of different policy selections. Good agents know that educating customers is part of their job. Get all the details, even a second opinion if necessary.

If the agent seems hesitant to provide you with the information in written form or give you the opportunity to contemplate your choices, it is advisable to depart. Request a period to reflect on the alteration in policy and examine the disclosure statements, subsequently.

The Final Word on Insurance Twisting

The majority of insurance agents want to help their clients, as they have firsthand seen how important insurance can be – whether it’s repairing a roof or protecting a business, regulations and laws combined can cause much worry about insurance twisting.

Today, you can reach out to InsuranceProAz and contact an agent. This speaks to the satisfaction and trustworthiness of all their customers. They have been in business for over 15 years and have received numerous awards. By working with this highly-rated agency, you can further protect yourself against fraud.

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