What to Do if Insurance Company is Stalling ? ***(2022 Guide)***

Article Revised: March 1, 2022.

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I am reluctant to provide any advantage to the company’s insurance as I question its strategic value in prolonging the duration by 90%.

But that implies that occasionally the insurance company is not deliberately delaying in a dishonest manner.

In this article, I will delve into the topic of insurance companies that delay negotiations and provide guidance on what steps to take if you encounter such a situation.

What to Do if Insurance Company is Stalling

Here’s my best list of what I would do if I were not a lawyer and if this guidance gives you some stalling on my claim, hopefully.

However, I must say that it is important to speak with a lawyer in order to get specific guidance on how to handle your claim and not rely solely on this legal advice.

Stop Stalling by Asking for Complete List of Documents Needed

One way to assess your assertion is by composing a letter that solicits a comprehensive overview of all the requirements an insurance company may require from you in case it is delaying.

This will avoid stalling through incremental document inquiries, and will adhere to my second suggestion, directly below.

Stop Stalling by Doing Follow-Ups in Writing

Telephone conversations are recorded in the insurance dossier (if the insurance firm is fulfilling its duties, which it does not always do).

However, relying on my personal encounter, written correspondences carry a stronger influence and offer a more definitive portrayal of the message being conveyed.

The insurance company, which is lacking diligence, does not stall and provides proof. This can be seen as evidence of bad faith, which contacts heavily file the paper to develop a good strategy. This is the reason for it.

Stop Stalling by Asking for Supervisor

Occasionally, you might encounter a solitary adjuster who is not prioritizing the best interests of the insurance companies.

A supervisor can use delaying tactics and escalate the issue to get an extra set of eyes on your claim and keep a more honest and diligent adjuster.

Your assertion regarding the offers may eventually make you angry as the adjuster’s choice of weapon is not appropriate.

Stop Stalling by Contacting the Insurance Commissioner

Each state has an insurance commissioner who can report and investigate companies that engage in unethical practices, including but not limited to, delaying claim settlements.

If there is sufficient proof of dishonesty in your case, you can report the problem to the insurance commissioner.

Previously, when I have performed this task, it has led to prompt replies from the insurance provider.

This company’s insurance claim is not valid unless there is a good reason for stalling and the seriousness of the situation justifies it, once more.

Stop Stalling by Filing a Lawsuit

The most effective tool any claimant possesses to prevent an insurance company from delaying is to initiate legal proceedings.

Often, I resolve a claim within a couple of months of initiating the legal action.

This is because filing a lawsuit shows that you won’t sit on your loins and let the insurance company stall without repercussions.

Signs that An Insurance Company is Stalling

Now, let’s examine a few of the factors that insurance companies delay, which suggest dishonest behavior.

Stalling via Piecemeal Evidence Requests

If you speak with the insurance company, the insurance adjuster may ask you for evidence and documents at each instance, as this is a sign of suspicious activity.

Stalling by Asking for Irrelevant Things

Another warning sign is if the insurance provider is requesting evidence that doesn’t truly assist in assessing your claim, it is evident from the inquiries.

These fruitless pursuits are meant to be pointless tasks that occupy your time and exhaust you.

Stalling by Switching Adjusters Repeatedly

It is probable that something is amiss if there isn’t a valid justification. Inquire about the fate of the previous adjuster. Exercise caution if the insurance company is delaying matters by frequently changing adjusters on you.

Stalling With Unreasonably Low Offers

This can be an evidence of dishonesty. The claim process requires more back and forth, drawing out and requiring additional steps, which the insurance companies commonly use to delay and offer lower settlements. This is a common tactic employed by insurance companies.

Stalling via Lack of Contact

Delaying in order to gain a tactical advantage is probable if the insurance company is not promptly communicating with you and addressing your inquiries within days or weeks.

This pattern of extended time is commonly problematic, but it could indicate that the adjuster is busy due to understaffing.

How Long Can Insurance Company Stall Your Claim

There is a similarity when it comes to determining the duration an insurance company can delay a claim, without delving into the intricacies of the laws in each state.

That is the principle of honesty or, if it is not adhered to, dishonesty.

The insurance firm must evaluate your claim in an impartial way, otherwise it could face allegations of deceitfulness.

In certain states, a bad faith allegation holds weight. However, in other states, it is merely a superficial claim without much chance of recovery.

It would not make sense to set a hard time limit on that, and in a complex case, it may take a much longer time for an insurance company to evaluate it. Claims are flexible because the definition is flexible.

The postponement, the causes for it, and the assertion will differ based on the location and the duration that an insurance company can prolong a claim.

Stop The Insurance Company from Stalling

If you are the one needing to hire a lawyer, it might prove extremely challenging to find one. Ideally, the insurance company has not managed to delay the process for such a long time that you are now in a difficult situation with imminent deadlines.

Demonstrating the strength of your argument is the sole foolproof method to halt an insurance company from delaying, as I assert that your words carry weight.

How do you handle the situation when you are faced with empty threats, particularly those involving legal action, where individuals are brandishing their swords?

If you’re exhausted from the insurance company pulling your strings, hire a lawyer and obtain the assistance you are entitled to.


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When Insurance Company is Stalling Call a Credentialed Lawyer for Help

Reasons An Insurance Company Might be Stalling

In order to gain a strategic advantage, it is necessary to initially outline the various factors that could cause an insurance company to delay. Subsequently, we can identify the specific reasons that indicate the insurance company is stalling.

Some of the factors comprise:

Stalling to Conduct Due Diligence

The insurance adjuster has to collect evidence in order to make a decision on a claim or file. This is the insurance company’s way of conducting due diligence, perhaps.

Bad Adjusters Stall

There are people in every profession who are lazy and not good at their job, including adjusters and insurance companies. Let’s not make any exceptions.

Busy Adjusters Stall

Your adjuster may be overwhelmed by the many claims they have to juggle. Insurance companies are in the business of squeezing people, and their own employees have to do it too.

Stalling as Company Policy

If you lack any additional information, the insurance company is essentially engaging in stall tactics in your situation. Certain insurance companies employ strategies of delaying and prolonging claims to support a stalling system.

Stalling to Burn Your SOL.

By dragging out your claim, you are starting to expire your statute of limitations, which is your filing deadline. The adjuster may get lucky and stall long enough that you no longer have a valid claim and miss your statute of limitations. This is a dirty move, and the insurance company will play every trick they can on you.

Stalling to Discourage Claims

The insurance company knows that stalling is a viable business model for them, as a percentage of people will give up and not pursue the claim by dragging things out and making you jump through hoops.

Stalling to Fade Evidence

From a standpoint of presenting evidence, the adjuster may strategize to weaken your claim. Specific evidence, like tire tracks on the road, unphotographed bruises, and other types of evidence, may no longer be available if the insurance company intentionally delays the process.

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